2020 - the new decade, the new era, new games. whats your most anticipated ones?

Nov 28, 2007
The main ones I'm looking forward to that I can think of are:

Cyberpunk 2077- I enjoy RPGs quite a bit, and I like cyberpunk RPGs, judging by Shadowrun. CD Projekt Red, in my experience, has at least made solid games, so I see no reason to not look forward to this.

Doom Eternal: The 2016 reboot was just a brainless shooter, perfect for letting off some steam in a violent (but safe) manner. It seems that Bethesda knows how to make a good mindless shooter, and I'm ready for more.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX: I've always wanted to play a PMD game, but the one on the 3DS sounded like it wasn't as good as the older ones, making this a good option for me to try one out.

Final Fantasy VII: I really shouldn't be looking forward to this as much as I am, but my nostalgia just won't let me not want this to be good.

Halo Infinite: I was let down by Halo 5, but it really sounds like 343 Industries learned what not to do, and how to improve from those missteps. As long as they bring it back to what makes Halo games good, I'm ready for more.

Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines 2: I don't care if all I've seen is a teaser trailer. I LOVE the original, warts and all, so getting any more out of this series is something quite nice.

Little Hope: What can I say? I actually quite enjoyed Man of Medan, and got my $30 worth out of it. I'm hoping (pun unintended) that I can do the same again.