295: Gifted Youngster


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Feb 2, 2011
An Amazing Article! I became a fan of the X-Men many years ago for Similar reasons as you and I can honestly say that I can relate to this Article completely!

Paladin Anderson

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Nov 21, 2011
This was a great article.

I use to be extremely shy in high school myself. Geeky, awkward, bullied to no end. The cliche. But then I went to college and... my dorm happened to be located in a Pittsburgh ghetto called Homewood.

So, I found myself in a situation where I HAD to break out of my shell. I learned to just... stop caring... about everything.

Now, I LIKE broadcasting my weirdness. I make my own ultra geeky hats and t-shirts and smile when people uncomfortably turn their gaze away.

Every time I make someone uncomfortable or break the monotony of their boring little lives I get some small crumb of revenge against the norm for the hell my weirdness put me through back in the days when I cared about what people thought of me.

Bitter? Angry? Cynical? Hell yes. To be anything else seems ludicrous to me at this point.