A Question for all you Global Warming skeptics


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Mar 28, 2009
Donnyp said:
TheRealCJ said:
Okay, so first of all: I think global warming is absolutely happening. But I also respect those who have a strong opinion contrary to mine (Well, those who aren't arses about it anyway).

But my question is thus: You may not believe it's truly happening, but why are you so against preventative measures to stop it happening in the future? Surely you'd agree that to stop it from happening 100 years from now, which is entirely plausible, there should be some preventative measures taken now.

I've got people here in Australia, prominent people, people in Government, saying things along the lines of "Global Warming has not been proven as fact, so just keep right on doing exactly what you're doing now, because it's not causing immediate and noticeable damage."

That seems unnecessarily reckless to me. After all, doesn't the old idiom read "A stitch in time saves nine"?

EDIT: I feel that people are taking "global warming" point slightly too literally. I'm also talking about pollution in general. But that doesn't have as many obsessive back-and-forthers.
Don't mean to sound like a complete Douche but your wrong. Global Warming isn't happening. Canada Just saw one of it's longest winters in 20 years. Now what your talking about is Global Climate Change. That is happening.
"global warming" is just the phrase I grew up with. Of course I mean climate change.