Aches and Pains


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Oct 11, 2009
Well lets see I'm a chef by trade so here goes...

My back and neck are under constant strain and I'm in frequent visits with a chiropractor so I don't curl up like a pretzel.

Being on my feet for hours on end has worn out my Knees and my Feet are buggered - although I will say the heels spurs on both my heels have worn away so that's nice.

Right Shoulder and arm always in pain due to the repetitive nature on my work and every now and then I get pins and needles in my fingers and toes.

I bruised the rib cartilage on my right side playing indoor soccer once. Never been the same since.

I have an issue with a tooth - I think I cracked my filling.

Last year, around about this time, I had a nervous breakdown of a sorts, caused by the extreme levels of anxiety working at my previous place of employment. Eventually got out end of January this year, and didn't get back in the game till about September. So mental health is a little sketchy as well.


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Jun 17, 2009
Pallindromemordnillap said:
Sorry to hear about this. I'm no doctor but it sounds like you'd benefit from adding a little muscle mass and strengthening those joints. I don't know what special considerations you would have to take into account but I hear something like what you're describing and can only imagine some extra support structure would do you good.
For the last three years my work has involved digging holes for eight hours a day, the extra muscle I've gained from that hasn't really helped any. Sorry but in this case "Do you even lift, bro" doesn't make for particularly viable medical advice XD
Fair enough, hope I didn't offend.


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Mar 22, 2009
I had a heart attack about 6 months ago, it required a stent to save my life. Additional coronary arterial disease required me to have a triple bypass surgery (CABG) in August.

Still have some issues from the CABG, open heart surgery is not fun...
I hope to get feeling back in my left thumb soon, as the scaring on my left arm heals (where they took the graft artery from).
In a couple of months I will be allowed to lift more than 5 Kgs again and the pains in my sternum should stop.

When they did the CAGB they found I have a cyst on my larynx which they suspect might be throat cancer. I have a biopsy on that this Wed.