Bethesda Announces The Elder Scrolls Online


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May 14, 2008
Zydrate said:
Given that WoW's been slowly dying on its own since Cata,
Ahaha. Everyone keeps saying it's been slowly dying since [Insert Expansion Here]

True enough lol, everyone has been saying that. But what I'm talking about is the fact that they have been consistently loosing subs since cata, I wasn't blaming cata (Although I personally think its easily the worst expansion, but thats opinion not fact) I was just using it as a time reference.

Cid Silverwing

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Jul 27, 2008
Why won't they take the hint?

You do not, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE, challenge World of Warcraft to a subscriber fight. You WILL lose!

Vampire cat

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Apr 21, 2010
I'd want to play Elder Scrolls at most with my close friends.. I could see that being fun. But an MMO TES will more than likely sacrifice the awesome combat mechanics. The quests are likely to be much blander as there must be loads more of them, and the traditional MMO aproach is to NOT voice the characters (not that TES has the best history of great voice acting, but I can't imgagine it getting better in an MMO version) so that'll annoy me a lot, and leave the characters feeling less alive and more dull... I also tend to not actually read what NPCs are saying while playing MMO's with my friends, only when alone and only when it's interesting enough do I actually follow the plot of the quests (and the poorly justified reason that you have to "thin out" the boar population in that particular area is never tempting to read trough, especially considering that you won't ACTUALLY thin out ANYTHING!.

One of the things that made Skyrim wonderful to me (after installing the "shut up wolves!" mod of course) was the occasional feeling of being all alone far into the wild. I could journey over a desolate mountain pass and feel like a true adventurer. I've tried getting into this mood in MMO's but it's always spoiled by 15 bunny-jumping idiots in the exact same clothes as you skipping about the mountains.

If they'd give me a "host private server" option for free with the subscription fee so that only me and my friends could play, maybe I'd enjoy myself... I won't in an MMO setting though ,and that makes me sad. What makes TES games brilliant isn't the setting so much as it is the Bethesda guys making the damn thing (and not just gluing their names onto another companys product).

Azuaron said:

I don't want to play Elder Scrolls online. I want to play Elder Scrolls BY MYSELF.

*grumpy old man*
I'll join you on that...

*equally grumpy old woman*


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Jul 11, 2008
If I'm honest, Skyrim felt like a (admittedly very good) single player MMO as it was, with the massive number of quests in my log at any one time, the alchemy and blacksmithing, and a few other things that made me feel I was playing a more advanced, Hi Def, WOW.

I'm sure it's possible, but... does it have to 'kill' WOW? Or would anyone really mind if it was just very good, enjoyable and successful?

Seems we allow pop music even tho it's not all as good as the Beatles, and movies keep getting made after Citizen Kane and Godfather. Why can't people try for a new MMO?


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Sep 1, 2011
Enter the ugliest and most bug-riddled MMORPG ever created.

At the very least, I hope they're influential in terms of gameplay. The wRPG needs more influence on the MMORPG. As in having more content that has absolutely nothing to do with grinding.

Though, Bethesda, can you please hire Tecmo or Namco or someone like that to design your characters? Please? Please?
rembrandtqeinstein said:
the combat in bethesda games is fundamentally terrible
And that's just one of the problems!

Well, I hope they can better sort out what they do wrong, and bring something new to the MMO table. Because Elder Scrolls games are sure as heck different than most MMORPGs. For starters, they don't really do the grinding thing. I'm not really interested in the game, but if they can pull us out of the grinding mould, that would be a good thing.


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Sep 26, 2010
LilithSlave said:
Enter the ugliest and most bug-riddled MMORPG ever created.
Considering it isn't being made by Bethesda why would you expect it to be buggy?

Also the game doesn't look that bad