Cardboard Tube Samurai To Appear In Tekken 6


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Jul 29, 2008
Ack. Its just a costume after all.


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Nov 28, 2007
Hmmm, well I have nothing against joke characters. No worse than Gon when you get down to it. Penny Arcade is good enough where they deserve the credit, though arguably I'm still waiting for Yahtzee to show up in a video game. :)

As far as skill vs. Button Mashing it's a matter of debate to be honest, since people tend to call anyone they lose to a button masher. For example I'm not a great player, but I was accused of being a Button Masher because I was able to dominate a lot of people who thought they were good because they could pull of highly technical moves and combos, simply by knowing how to sidestep and land basic attacks at the right time. "OMG you trashed me with two basic attacks, your a button masher".

I had roughly a 50% win rate in SC IV even with soooo many disconnects and poor sportsmanship complaints.

The thing is that unless your dealing with a kid who is playing for the first time there is no such thing as a button masher. Simply you have guys who get really technical and try and play it as a mental exercise outthinking their opponents, and guys who master a few basic things and then learn to adapt them to differant circumstances.

Now granted the best players tend to do both of these things, but most of the people who THINK they are on that level really aren't.

I mean you can say pwn a lot of self declared "masters" by simply spamming two of Sophitia's basic attack buttons and timing your sidesteps more (only throwing in something differant to mix it up a bit). You can do this with a lot of characters (though I was using Sophitia before she was considered 'high tier' or 'overpowered' I like to think I'm partially responsible from when the game first came out).

The problem I have with fighting games though is that they tend to make some of the characters too powerful or too easy to use without enough testing, and I mean this for real. All comments about "practice more" and "learn to play", in like SF IV I simply found it annoying to see soooo many Kens, Ryus, and Sagats. If Sagat had any more priority he would put Fed Ex out of business. In SC IV it was bloody Kilik, Nightmare, and Siegfried. It's not that there is no skill involved in those characters (or can't be) it's just that the way they are designed they are just so bloody overused in multiplayer that it's unreal.

Before I got bored I was using Zangief in SF IV, but I guess he's considered overpowered now too. :)


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Jul 5, 2008
Therumancer said:
It's not that there is no skill involved in those characters (or can't be) it's just that the way they are designed they are just so bloody overused in multiplayer that it's unreal.
SF4 Ken is proof that a character doesn't even need to be that good to be overused. Ken's antics are highly punishable (and surprisingly some of the same moves with Ryu aren't) and to beat a good player with Ken usually means you're really good at the game yourself since just about everybody and their mom knows how to punish a shitty Ken.

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Jun 9, 2009
At first I thought "Jo säkert" ("Yeah, right") but then I remembered Gon who I read comics about as a child and realized that this might actually happen and thus add to my ever growing longer list of things I think would be awesome if they ever would happen and then do happen.


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Feb 7, 2008
According to advertisements on Penny Arcade and PVP, it's not an outright Character Cameo, but an Outfit for the character Yoshimitsu given as a Pre-Order bonus.


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Dec 22, 2008
This just sold me this game. I wish to platy as this character. And only this character. And maybe Yoshemistzu


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Feb 26, 2009
Indigo_Dingo said:
HardRockSamurai said:
Sweet. The best part is it doesn't feel TOO out of place, you know, like...
Tekken 6 currently features a morbidly obese individual, a kangaroo, two giant robots, a demon, a panda, a grizzly, a wooden doll, and whatever the hell Yoshimitsu is. What the hell would feel out of place?
A 50ft teddybear *nods*