CD Projekt Details Cyberpunk 2077


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May 26, 2011
Jack_in_theGreen said:
I have a snip-bit of more information... :p Since a fan has been translating some Polish interviews...

1) "CYBERPUNK: 2077" will be a close continuation to the 2020 setting (so they will skip the V3 version). Everything that you can find in 2020; handbooks, the game mechanics, the atmosphere, "Soul in the machine", "Running on the edge" - all this will be included in the 2077 game. Definitely expect a combat system as deadly, dinamic and realistic as the original was.

2)The setting will have some retro elements.

3)CDP is specially working with Mike Pondsmith on filling the time gap between the 2020-2077 years with believable back-story and events.
As an example, Pondsmith mentioned during Thursday's conference the fact that the famous Arasaka Towers have been nuked in the last stage of the Fourth Corporate War, and the wasteland that emerged from that would be in dispute by a number of different gangs.

4)They are also focusing on balancing out the classes in a better way than in the PnP game (i.e. apparently Solo was too OverPowered).

5) Character customization is suposedly going to be HUGE.

6) The game is going to be a TRUE "sandbox". So no chapters, no mission hubs, just total freedom. You will be able to go wherever you want. Two other games have been mentioned in reference to this; C2077 will be much more open ended than "Deus Ex: HR" and closer to "Fallout".

7) "Night City" in the game will definitely include Cyberpunk's iconic locations like the Afterlife club; the game will also include tons of other little details and flavours for the PnP system fans, like past events references, etc.

It has been underlined and stressed a few times in the interviews (and I include it here as there could be some worries from the original game UBERFANS); THIS IS GOING TO BE A CYBERPUNK GAME AS CLOSE TO THE SOURCE AS IT GETS, NO COMPROMISES.

Thanks to Gregski who is an awesome Polish fan of CDProjektRED. :p
I imagine the gameplay in this is going to kick my ass six ways to Sunday, but I'm sure as hell interested in it, even as a person who isn't a fan of P&P RPGs. The Witcher has a great pair of games, and if they're working closely with the original creator of Cyberpunk it'll hopefully do a great job of truly bringing the setting to life in video-game format, which is wonderful for people like myself (the aforementioned "not a fan of P&P" thing) and fans of the P&P RPGs alike.

Now to hope the PC version is well optimized...