City of Heroes Players Outdo Developer


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Dec 12, 2007
RonHiler said:
Hmmm, no thanks.

This just cemented it, I will never return to CoH (and I played there for a couple of years and had good times before it got old).

I prefer my content be made by those who know what they are doing, i.e. the professionals. I don't want to wade through 5,000 dungeons worth of crap to get to the one decent one made by a fan. Same reason I don't play player-made dungeons for doom, half life, et al. Been there done that it was one pile of junk after another.

I sincerely hope the MMOG I play now NEVER goes down this path. Nothing good can come of it.
It was previously mentioned that there ARE "Dev's Choice" maps to pick from. And while randomly picking something to try out is no doubt going to end in tears and WTF, I can easily see joining a CoH/V community dedicated to making missions and picking from the people who post about their genuine efforts at entertainment.

The option to wade through the sewage is there, but it seems avoidable to me.

And uh, guys? When you keep saying "Oh man we can't put this in any other game because people will give themselves epic lewtz", um... the CoH/V guys have given ALTERNATE loot for doing these missions. It'd be easy-peasy for the devs of another game to do just that. Parallel awards for parallel missions. Nothing abusable.