Common Sense Media Polls Finds Fear of Violence Running High

The Youth Counselor

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Sep 20, 2008
DataSnake said:
Andy Chalk said:
Also interesting is that after seeing video of both, 84 percent of parents said that an advertisement for the M-rated game Hitman: Absolution "is inappropriate to show on TV at a time when children are watching," while only 63 percent said the same thing about the R-rated movie Gangster Squad.
Was it the nun ad?
Yes and no. A snippet of the Attack of the Saints trailer was shown with nuns in sexy outfits but we do not see 47 violently killing and maiming the women.

Aardvaarkman said:
The Youth Counselor said:
Incorrect, that may seem like common sense, but projectionists generally don't take Marketing 101 classes.
What do projectionists have to do with it? They aren't the ones who decide what is shown in cinemas - they are told what to show. Of all the targets you could have chosen, this is absolutely the worst one. Projectionists are under-appreciated, underpaid, and fast-disappearing.

Projectionists are the people who care about how a movie is presented to you, and they are being phased out in favor of automation. In no way do they have any say in what you see, but a good projectionist helps ensure that what you see is seen clearly seen and presented well.
Sorry it came off as an attack, that wasn't my intention. I gather from your post you either you worked as a projectionist or know people personally who have done that job.

It's just growing up when my friends worked in the movie theater in the days where 35mm film was still the norm and needed to be manually cut and worked by projectionists instead of the 4K ETX video projectors we have now, I was fed Fight Club like stories of projectionists sneaking frames of pornography and oral history passed on by older people in the field who saved sex scenes back before home video and pornography was commonplace. I understand that advertisements are probably decided by management positions, but I just assumed (maybe incorrectly) it would be the projectionists job to load them in or review whether they are appropriate.


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Oct 1, 2012
Real guns don't kill people, fake guns kill people.
But really, it seems kinda small sample pool for the entire country of the United States of America. It is annoying how no one is pointing out the drop of crime. And why it isn't ringing any bells to the parents when their favorite form of media was under attack. It seems like every form went under this, I am starting to doubt that we can learn from history at this rate.
"Last time was a mistake, it wasn't D&D, it was those kids playing Call of Duty, even if it didn't exist at the time!"