Criticisms of video games you are tired of hearing


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Nov 30, 2012
"You like (insert EA/Activision/Ubisoft game here)? You sheep/idiot/casual"

Fuck you you fucking elitist ****.

"Game is too much like/not enough like the first game"

I'm sorry that a game isn't tailored exactly the way you desired it to be.


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Oct 25, 2012
PoolCleaningRobot said:
MrHide-Patten said:
That's what it feels like. At the end of the day it just makes primary PC players look like smug assholes.
So true. One of my bosses at my job could be the poster boy of the pc master race. Computer expert, has 3 separate networks in his house and runs his own gaming server off one, owns 7 computers including gaming laptops and a monster rig, uses a Linux OS to manage all the Internet traffic in his house, and has logged over 1,000 hours in FT2 and only plays classic style fps's and Valve games. You know what he asked me? Which of the new consoles would be right for his son. Its amazing how the Internet completely ruin a person's empathy to point where can't understand why someone would want a different gaming device

Jasper van Heycop said:
That's just like... your opinion man.

I definitely see the difference between 60 fps and 30 fps, 30 fps is choppy and makes it look like the game is lagging, to me. I understand 30 fps on last generation consoles, as they're prehistoric in terms of tech, but on current gen consoles or the PC it is simply inexcusable.
I won't argue that there's a difference, but face it: you only know the difference because 60 fps games have spoiled you. I was playing dungeon defenders at friend's house and we were using a good pc for the dungeon master and a kind of good pc on tv for everyone else. My friend was complaining that frame rate on the tv wasn't good enough and I didn't understand until I was the dungeon master and used his good 60 fps computer. Then the difference was night and day. But that was one day and hasn't stopped me from playing games on my ps3 and pc with lower frame rates. 60 fps won't be necessary until a lot of people use it. Hell, most movies are still 30 fps
What kind of argument is this? Spoiled? You've also been spoiled by higher definition, 16:9 format, ergonomic controllers, rumble feature, savegames instead of password systems, etc. When a new game or system comes out that lacks any of these features, sure you could get used to it. They aren't necessary. But the criticism would be justified.


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Mar 18, 2012
TreuloseTomate said:
What kind of argument is this? Spoiled? You've also been spoiled by higher definition, 16:9 format, ergonomic controllers, rumble feature, savegames instead of password systems, etc. When a new game or system comes out that lacks any of these features, sure you could get used to it. They aren't necessary. But the criticism would be justified.
Yeah because those technologies became accessible. Why is 60fps necessary but not 120? Why is 1080p necessary but not 2k or 4k? 1080p became necessary when most people had HD tv's in their homes. Same with all the other technologies. Name one group of people who've been exposed to 60fps content. Because the only group I can think of is pc gamers. Besides, just because new technology exists doesn't make the old stuff unenjoyable. I'll happily play SD games and enjoy them as much as HD games. I'm not saying the criticism isn't valid, but there are plenty of people don't care and don't need care because 30fps creates the illusion of motion and that's good enough

Though you're right about 16:9 and save games. I don't know how we lived without those

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Jan 24, 2012
Elijin said:
Framerate and resolution.

Obviously not the valid complaints like 'This game runs at 5 fps and is nigh unplayable.'

Im talking the high end stuff, with the same people coming back to tell us we should be offended by one framerate, and another perfectly playable framerate is unplayable, etc etc.

In fact, broaden this whole rant to anyone who argues about tech once it hits the higher ends. Go to a tech forums. Gamers in general probably dont care about the finer points of your debate, so long as the game is playable.
Count me in on this one aswell, people call me weird for accepting 30fps actually. 60 is nice to have but not a standard imo. Same for resolutions, since (again imo) doesn't change anything about your gameplay experience.


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Jul 10, 2010
"A juvenile and stupid game came out! I thought this industry wanted to be taken seriously, so games like this shouldn't exist anymore."

The apparent logic here is that because because Citizen Kane exists, The Naked Gun shouldn't. Because forrest gump exists, star wars should not. If movies are to be taken seriously, then no comedy or fantasy is allowed. We need to keep things all dramatic, all the time. More noire and artistic explorations of the human soul and no more action or comedy movies ever.

I don't get it. I really don't. Because one game was serious and dramatic that means all other games that don't take that route automatically make the industry worse off. I don't buy that. Where would the industry be without diversity? Now all of a sudden everyone has to make the last of us or the walking dead telltale adventure games or just piss off? That doesn't make sense.

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Nov 14, 2011
While I don't have any particular review statements that piss me off, the one thing that really rustles my jimmies is when a reviewer criticizes a feature that is common in ALL games of a particular genre.

For example, criticizing Diablo-esque games of being grindy or too focused on loot mechanics.

Criticizing pure FPS games in the line of Quake or Doom 3 of being linear.

Really now, that's like playing NWN2 or some other D&D game and being surprised that it uses the dice system for damage calculation.

If all traditional FPS games are linear, calling it "linear" is hardly a legitimate criticism, because ALL traditional FPS games are linear to one degree or another.

Alex Mac

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Jul 5, 2011
Derivation in art style when it comes to independent games. Just because you think something looks like Mother 3 doesn't mean the game is trying to be Mother 3. A retro style is not merely there for nostalgia or for the sake of ape-ing a successful game from the past. There tends to be more happening on the design side of things than people realize.


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Apr 24, 2014
AntiChri5 said:
TopazFusion said:
I'm gonna go real meta with this and say I'm sick of people criticising those who have criticisms.

I'm so sick of people dismissing and hand-waving away legitimate criticisms as nothing more than "whining", "fanboyism", and "entitlement".

I can't even discuss my (legitimate, not whiny) criticisms of Mass Effect 3, without people raining on the parade all ready to label me as being a whiny entitled fanboy.
I am kind of on both sides of this issue. Yes, Mass Effect 3's ending was a massive fucking mess. There is an extremely fucking long list of issues with it and it is right to call them out on it.

But, on the other hand, i absolutely love almost all the rest of the game (notable exceptions like Kai Leng notwithstanding) and am well and truly tired of the way the ending debate takes over all discussions on the topic when the point was well and truly made years ago. Im going to have to quote a post i made in a different forum a while back.

"It was shit, they changed it to be a little bit less shit, it's not as shit as it could be and not as shit as some other shit i have smelled. But most importantly this shit was shat a year ago, i stopped being able to smell it long ago."
The thing of it is Mass Effect 3 certainly has flaws but I still consider it to be one of the best games I've ever played(and yes I've played quite a few games).

There are very few things that irk me especially when it comes to video games but one of those would be that people can't discuss or bring up mass effect 3 without only talking about the ending or at least bringing up how terrible the ending was. For me the ending without a doubt could have been better but I actually liked-not loved-but liked the ending and was fairly satisfied with it(extended cut version that is, which I didn't play me3 until after that dlc had been released admittingly.) I chose control and felt like it was a pretty solid ending.

You also have to take into account that at the time I was going through really hard times emotionally and mentally and ME3 actually pulled me through those times and allowed me to move forward a lot quicker then I would have normally. Never has a game done that and I think that is at least part of the reason that I get a little annoyed when people try to downplay the whole game especially since most people can't argue that the game before the ending was really good if not great.

Kind of reminds me of Xenogears although not to near the extent of ME3(although people still talk about it to this day) and that is the second disc of Xenogears. I get that the second disc is for the most part very different then the first disc but that game is still one of the best rpgs I've played to date and it seems you can't bring the game up without someone saying "oh man that second disc..". The second disc had its tedious moments for sure and the pacing at times was way off but for me that didn't take away from the overall game experience. One of the most epic games I've ever played if not the most epic especially in terms of story.