Dark Knight Rises Shooting Leaves 12 Dead


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Nov 27, 2010
Korolev said:
Gun control won't work - you've already got the guns on your shores. You've already got the culture of using guns to solve problems. The US fetishizes guns, holding them up as a symbol of power and masculinity. The willingness to use guns, the sheer enjoyment that comes with using guns, the feeling of power that comes with gun ownership is too rooted in US culture to be removed.

I would be in favor of passing US gun laws.... if I had a time machine and I could go back 150 years to do it. Back then, it would have made a difference. Now, however? It makes no difference at all. The guns won't stop coming in, the criminals already use them, the public still wants them.

I'm glad my nation, Australia, has avoided such a mess. Surprisingly, we've remained a democracy even with very low levels of civilian gun ownership! That's right, we haven't had to fight off our government, and almost certainly will never have to. We're not paranoid about "government-takeover", unlike Conservative Americans who believe that anytime the government does something they don't approve of, it's evidence of the death of liberty itself!

But on the shooting - terrible. Terrible tragedy. You've got to wonder why such things happen with more frequency in the US than in Australia... UK... Japan... Ireland... Norway... Belgium... or most of the developed world. That's not to say that we don't have mass shootings in other countries - I'm just saying that they are a whole lot rarer, even when taking into account population differences.

Look, America, I love a lot of things about you. Your constitution is still one of the greatest, if not THE greatest political documents in all of human history. I marvel at your size, your achievements, your science and your universities. I love the sense of optimism that some Americans still retain. I love many aspects of your culture and history and I can safely say that I wish to never see America fall. I wish you success and continued prosperity.

But that doesn't mean I agree with everything you do, nor does it mean I think you're perfect. On gun culture, the US has something very, VERY wrong with it. Why are guns so widely used? Why are your people so angry? Few other developed nations have this problem. Your culture, previously orderly and optimistic, has turned sick and cynical and angry. And it hurts me to see that - to see a nation of people who looked up and forward, a nation which believed in civility and civilization (at least at home if not necessarily abroad) turn into a nation of angry, angry people who hate each other over relatively minor things. A nation full of people who feel so insecure, so pathetic, that they seek refuge in the power that holding a gun can give them. That feeling of raw power, the feeling that their gun makes them a "badass". You can't deny it - even among responsible gun owners, there is a allure of the "power" of a gun. Just see those photos of men and bikini clad women posing with their assault rifles, trying to look as menacing and "badass" as possible. You've created a culture in which people feel powerful with guns, and feel that they have to use them to feel powerful and "respected". That culture is poisoning you, America. Your culture of violence is your worst enemy.
Pretty much this.

I can see how the US is too far gone to ever deal with the gun issue, and I respect their need to exercise their constitutional rights.

As long as they acknowledge that there is a 100% chance of this happening again in the next year or so.

Asuka Soryu

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Jun 11, 2010
"The casualties included a four-month old baby who was released after being treated"

I know this is tragic and all, but why was the baby so important?


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Feb 15, 2011
A word of warning: This may offend people; if you think this man should be locked away, please skip the rest of this comment.

This... is it even fair to call it a person? that would assume at least SOME civilized qualities, some of the most basic human qualities that we have come to expect from all the people we meet.

I hope this person has had a ventilation hole forcefully installed in his head, he doesn't even deserve to be on this planet.


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Oct 4, 2007
A tragedy. And all those conservative nutcases are running around now claiming that we could only have averted this if only eveyone in the theater had been armed so it could have turned into a massive firefight. Yeah, that woulda saved people. NRA FOR THE WIN!

Im being sarcastic but said nutcases were on the VERY FIRST PAGE of this thread claiming more armed people shoulda been in the theater as opposed to...say...one trained and armed professional at the podium to stop the guy who walked in trying to hide...let me check that other article...a shotgun, a knife, at least two pistols, a gasmask, teargas grenades, and a rifle with a 100-round drum magazine.

Although you know what woulda also helped? Not allowing unstable 20-somethings the purchase 100-round magazines. I grant that that would make it hard for me to purchase a Calico, and those guns are cool, but it might also save lives. Other peoples right to live comes before my desires as a collector of exotic firearms.

On the baby: I agree...who the fuck takes a baby to an action movie premier?! Were they trying to troll the whole theater with its crying?

On killing the SOB that did this: An all you can eat buffet and a quick painless death? No...no im not that nice. I would rather we fork over the tax money to keep him alive on gruel in the worst hellhole prison we can find for him until he dies a broken old man after decades of imprisonment. Death is the easy way out.