Deathmatch Multiplayer Coming to XCOM: Enemy Unknown


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Feb 10, 2008
Frankster said:

Also Noooo.jpg

Why the bloody hell must devs insist on shoving multi into things? Xcom single player has a lot to live up to as it is, without ressources being diverted from it.
Assuming that that'll happen. It's been proven before that successful singleplayer franchises can suddenly produce really good multiplayer modes. Assassin's Creed and Splinter Cell for instance.

-Extremely limited squad size (which is a big deal when you go from 24 peeps to friggin 4)
You can get it up to 8, but I'm more than happy for it. Why? Less pointless padding, more emotional connection to your troops and it'll probably be more difficult to boot. Now you actually have to be careful and use proper tactics. Every lost soldier really counts this time.
-Small tight maps from what we've seen, possibly related to small squad sizes
Good. Less pointless space to traverse. Requirement of course is that they make sure the maps are tactically interesting.
-Fancy cinematic effects when people do stuff, another factor in limiting squad sizes i'd imagine as having had long animations for 24 xcom troops+twice that in aliens would be too much for the poor modern gamer who needs an awesome button where things go whoosh and stuff.
Then turn it off. Because you can.


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Mar 13, 2009
Cowabungaa said:
And it's been proven singler player franchises can be greatly affected by a tacked on multiplayer, what's your point? I've played xcom deathmatch via mods and dunno about you, but isnt why i bought the game (in which case might i interest you in dedicated multi tactical strategy games?)

-I don't agree with you full stop about "pointless padding", I handled 24 peeps just fine, not that I was ever obligated to deploy that amount, rather that was left to my decision ;)
It lead to more satisfying battles, led to more complex plans and tactics (there's only so much you can do with 4) and meant human soldiers could die easily and in large numbers if you fucked things up and you'd still be in the game. You had the tactical freedom to organize fireteams, send scouts with low life expectancy, have multiple specialists (and not cos game assigned them an arbitrary class, rather their skills developped through actual use and experience)
Don't agree with less people=more emotional connection as i have no trouble remembering more then 8 names.

LOL if you think game is seriously going to be more difficult :p I can only wish.

Actually from here on it's clear we will not be able to agree on much, especially when you say things like "Now you actually have to be careful and use proper tactics". So what having less peeps=more tactics eh? That is just lamest defence of this change i have seen yet in my eyes.

As for every soldier counting his time...We will see (assuming i even pick this up).

As for good maps being "less pointless space" to travel through. Unless we are talking about xcom terror from the deep which had obnoxiously large levels, then won't be agreeing with you here at all. Part of xcoms awesomness was it detailed and interactive levels, and only got too large in the sequel.

And for the last part regarding cinematic mode you didn't get what i mean. Its that its mere presence was a factor in reducing overall squad and enemy unit sizes as if you have a fancy cinematic system when someone does an action, it works better with less units rather then more or player spends an ungodly amount of time watching those cinematics.
Having players turn the option off due to waiting too much (and modern gamers aint famed for their patience) would defeat the whole purpose, so was a factor in reducing squad size (along with other stuff), you see what im getting at?
Telling me to turn it off in game isn't going to bring me back my large squads so not the point i was making ¬¬

Anyhows nice exchanging views, but its clear we could not be of any more different opinion on this matter. Glad you're still excited for the game, but i'm officially adopting a wait and see approach till game comes out i think. Maybe i'll be pleasantly surprised :)

Eric the Orange

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Apr 29, 2008
Eh that sounds cool, not that I'd have anyone to play it with other than the computer, but still cool idea all the same.


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Sep 18, 2008
Well, I won't be playing it, because I outgrew multiplay about 10 years ago. However, theres a couple worrying things already noted in this thread, so I'm just going to go back to keeping all of my appendages crossed with one another until the first release reviews hit.


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May 29, 2011
Holy crap, this actually sounds pretty darn fun. It probably won't blow any minds, but I have some fellow XCOM junkies that I can duke it out with, so I'm excited.

Also, it's a potentially good feature that wasn't in the original game. I don't want this reboot to be exactly like the original because 1) As awesome as it was, XCOM had some issues that Firaxis could address, and 2)I already own it. Why drop 30 bucks or however much it will be on a re-skin when I already own the freaking game?

Let's see them try something different, and if we don't like it, we can always go back to the original.


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Jul 15, 2009
I look forward to it, they have only just announced it so I would imagine it has had no affect on developing the single player at all.

For the naysayers, no one is making you play the multiplayer, so you don't have to.

Also, for those wanting hot seat, I can see why they don't have it here. Opposing players will know where your hidden units are etc. So it wouldn't work on that level.