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Jun 9, 2009
As the spirits continued their exploration of the world, they touched and molded their environments. Each made their mark upon man as their mark was made upon them.

The spirit Gyll studied humanity with the aid of his guide and caretaker. Though blunted in his initial attempts to understand the ways of humans, he still felt a gratitude to the old woman who had watched over him for the long years before his awakening. For her aid and guidance he rewarded her, remaking her home from its humble and crumbling state to a finely furnished, stately house. The sudden transformation caught many residents of the Blessed Garden off guard. Word soon spread of the generous and mysterious benefactor who remade the ruined house, and the wonder worked there.

Neither was Evander idle in his study of humanity and the potential they contained. The defender watched, unseen, as his follower Narses took the gifts the spirit had given him and brought peace to his community. Under the warrior's watchful eye the Blessed Garden soon became a well-protected hamlet, safe from the dangers of the outside world. Satisfied with this progress, Evander returned to Narses and offered to expand his gift, redoubling the blessing he had given to Narses to a select few amongst the warrior's followers that he trusted with so great a gift. The chosen soon felt a new power flow into them as the spirit's strength joined theirs, creating a peace keeping force that warded off all threats from without.

Off in the Dreamer's Den, San'regel followed her own path into humanity. Hers was a dark knowledge and it made itself plain on that day. Fascinated with the more destructive acts of man, the sad barbarism that dwells within the human soul, she sought to mold that part to her own ends. She identified with death, and so made an instrument of death. Plunging a knife through her own flesh the blade drew her blood, but strangely did no harm to the spirit. Instead, it was the blade that was marked, made worse, or perhaps better. It grew a wicked edge and a thirst for blood that any wielder could feel deep within their very soul. But who the intended victim for this dark weapon was had yet to be known...

The dreaming goddess, Seras, sought to expand her domain. She looked to open a pathway, after a fashion, between her realm of the ephemeral and illusory, to the concrete and static. She took the largest structure in the town of Dreamer's Den and remade it in her own image. It became known to all as a waking portal to the dreaming world, shown to all by Seras's chosen prophet Hazel. Many wonderous and terrible things were given brief life in that fantastic place, that slice of the unreal made real. However, the portal, while enhancing the mystique and renown of both the town and the goddess who crafted it, did have some drawbacks. Those who fell asleep within that blessed hall were often left with the distinct impression that their minds and wills had a strong impact on reality, an attitude that lasted varying amounts of time given the inclination and attitude of each person. Also there were more than a few injuries until the townspeople finally hauled the anchor out and fixed the floor under which it fell.

Nadur followed the hunters he had previously attempted to bless. He wished to show them that his power was not so feeble as it first appeared. He offered their leader the power of his blessing once again, the power to become a great predator, a hunter beyond the natural ability of man. Seeing no reason to refuse, the leader accepted Nadur's blessing, carried over to him by means of a spirit-crafted bow. The man soon became feared and famed as a hunter that no beast could avoid or best. Many came hoping to join the great hunter who took them on his chases, many of them tracking the wildest and most dangerous beasts. Those who survived such hunts were inspired by a firm conviction to stay on the hunter's path, however there were those who called the hunter mad and cruel, more a beast himself than a man.

In the Blessed Garden though, Farenal sought to bring more attention to his cause, to inspire more to join his quest for a just society. To that end he bent his power, pushing his will into material form, shaping an artifact around which those who took up his cause would rally. A silver staff, ornate and delicately crafted was found by the citizens of the town shortly after its creation, driven into the earth. Many observed the staff as another strange development, but little more than an idle curiosity between the new, and ever more wild events swirling about the community. However, some sensed more from the artifact. They carefully took the staff from its resting place, understanding its significance. Teol the elder became the first entrusted with its safekeeping, but slowly the staff made its way around to those who also felt the call. They soon began gathering, planning the development of a system of domestic peacekeeping. With Teol's permission the first official peacekeeping guard of the Blessed Garden was established, with the silver staff as their symbol. While most were thankful for the protection of the elder and his guard, there were some who were wary of the sudden empowerment of the elder's harsh stance on justice.


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Jul 16, 2009
Trae (8AP)

"Ah, so these creatures have a force of will....interesting..." Trae watched as the few that he tried to influence soon grew bored of his existence and went about their tasks. "Now, I believe, is the time to test their more tangible attributes."

With that, Trae returned to the dense brush and began to toil on a means to test these new creatures. To see how well they flourished under harsh circumstance. To that end, he would create predators, beasts fashioned for the purpose of hunting the strange creatures that who held the secret power inside.

His first work was a mixture of two creatures Trae sensed in his woods: an owl and a bear. Bringing two specimens together, Trae merged their essence, fusing their best characteristics in an attempt to forge a beast greater than either one of them could be, even at their greatest potential.

Creating or altering a non-sentient species smaller than an elephant (Owlbear) - DC9/3AP [+4 Nature]


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Apr 20, 2010
Gyll, 7 AP

His old caretaker had been thankful if a bit overwhelmed by the grand building, and Gyll thought he could see a new fire in her, still burning at a rate of a dying flame, but with a more vivid color. However, then, not long after the house had been enchanted, the old lady fell ill, not with sickness, but with age. Gyll feared that each passing second would be her last, and never left her alone, the caretaker being taken care of.

She kept saying she was fine, even as she sat in a golden bed, Gyll sitting next to her. Her small fingers was holding locks of his hair, braiding it so that it appeared as if part of it was golden chains. She had never done it before on him, though she had told tales of doing so on her daughter. Her hands were shaking, and it took a long while to even do one. Gyll did not complain, just sat in silence, listening to the old woman humming. Finally, she was done.

"There," she said, proudly. "Go see what it looks like." Gyll promptly stood up and went over to a golden plate hung up, he had ealized that one could see one's reflection in those, almost as clearly as in water.

"It is lovely, although, it looks a little like the hair of a woman," Gyll replied, and sat back down on the bed. "I am in the form of a man, am I not?"

She smiled, eyes not completely opened, as she was to fall asleep yet again. That was most of what she had done these last days. Gyll had not left her room since she had fallen ill, unless it was to get her something.

"I think it looks good," she replied, in more of a whisper than anything else. She stopped talking for a while, just looking at him. Gyll sat closer. "Do you not want to go out and sit in the sun? It is... a nice day." Gyll wanted to, however, he shook his head.

"No, I do not. I just want to stay."

"Thank you, Gyllenstierna. Please watch over me," she said, and closed her eyes. Gyll laid down and closed his eyes as well, listening to her breath, until it was no more.

In spite of all the items in the house, it felt empty after the caretaker died. Gyll cleaned it, then himself, though he never combed his hair or undid the braids, and instead let it stay the exact way the old woman had arranged it. He grieved, though, not in the way of a human, as he never shed a tear. Instead, he felt a deep sorrow, that of hollowness and loneliness. Gyll buried his caretaker in the same place he had been as a flower, with costly clothes and the pearl he had given her. He had spent three days there, before going back to their... or rather, his house.

Then he heard about the peacekeeping guards, and the artifact they held. At rirst it was curiousity that drew him out of the costly house, then a warm feeling almost similar to the one he had felt when close to the caretaker. Naive, perhaps, the young spirit thought it might make everything better.Thus, he went to the man whom he had heard had access to the staff, the elder Teol. Gyll's caretaker had said that the man was a good leader, but harsh, and that the man was better avoided, just in case. Even so, Gyll went to find him, with the purpose fixed in his mind. When he finally was brought to him, he spoke.

"Greetings, Teol the Elder. I am Gyllenstierna, and I would like the silver staff you use as your symbol. I think it is beautiful and wonderous, and I would take good care of it." Gyll was not completely sure of how to speak to someone the humans called a leader, but he tried to be respectful, and talk clearly, in case the man was hard of hearing. Remembering that the humans were fond of trade, he continued.

"I am willing to give you a lot of gold in exchange for it, as much as you can carry." Gyll held his hand out, and in it, a golden goblet appeared, filled with liquid gold.

"So, can I have it?"

Conjure a small quantity of gold= Effortless

I assume Teol is meant to be a champion of some sort, so I'm expecting this will be interaction rather than a roll. Please let me know if it is not so.


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Aug 17, 2012
Nadur, 5 AP

After running back out of the hunters house and watching him for the next few days Nadur is very happy. This time! his blessing had happened. Shadowing him and soon the many others who came to hunt with him he watched as the weaker or more unlucky ones die trying to hunt the more dangerous animals. As he watched the men who survived the hunt grow more conviction to follow the hunting path for as long as they can. For these men it was more than the adrenaline burst or killing the animals for others to eat or wear. It was the Hunt. Finding prey, following, then killing them at the perfect moment.

Each of them took to wearing a cloak made from the skins of their most dangerous hunt, so whey they went back into the village all who looked could see how good they were. The only one who did not was the Hunter. He wore just what he needed to hunt, letting those who followed him to skin and cut down the things that he killed to take back. The Hunter could feel the thrill of the hunt more than any of them, and he went out looking for more and more dangerous kills.

Watching this Hunter stalking and hunting others Nadur felt a pride deep inside himself. He had made this perfect hunter. But now that they had this hunter he could hear the whispers when he went back into the town, they called him little more than an animal that he hunted. Watching as they avoided and slightly shunned him, but they never told him to leave.

One day Nasur dropped out of the trees again, landing with all 4 limbs on the forest floor he looks up and meets the Hunters eyes. The Hunter having his spirit made bow back and looking at him with feral eyes before they clear slightly from the hunt lust and he lowers his bow. As he stands slowly and walks forward Nadur stands and looks down at him. Neither speak for a long moment before Hunter says quietly.
"You were not lying. Nothing happened the first time but when you came to see me i could feel everything. When i went hunting it was so easy, even for things that i couldn't see before were clear as day."
As the Hunter obviously works something in his head out he slowly bows his head to Nadur for a long moment before raising it again.

Nudar stares and tilts his head slightly to the side as he watch's.
"Good, that is what i had wanted to do before with all of you. But it did not."
Squatting down and scraping his fingers in the earth for a second Nadu stares at the Hunter. Then he turns and as he lopes into the forest says over his shoulder.
"Hunt till you are the best."

Running through the forest and either loping along the ground or jumping from tree to tree he soon gets to a place that no human has ever been. A piece of forest that was pristine, but still with its dangers and plants. Everything here was lush and bright, and he could feel it wanting to burst into movement and growth. As animals move around slowly in between the trees and close by Nadur rests against a tree and takes in the feeling of the forest.

But soon he can feel it is not enough, as he looks around he can tell it is not enough. While they were lush and growing well he wanted them to speed up, grow faster and more. Turning slowly and looking around as far as he can with the close packed trees he snarls as he considers what could be happening here. What Should be happening here!
Raising his fists he brings them down against the ground hard. A burst of energy coming from where he hit rather than a burst of earth.

Difficulty: 7 Village Action Cost: 2 AP +4 nature
-Enchant/Scry an area the size of a village or neighborhood.

Enchant the surrounding area. Everything inside that area grows faster and bigger and meaner.
Trees grow larger faster, their bark or fruit becoming dangerous to eat.
Animals who live inside the enchantment grow in size and ferocity. Both herbivorous and carnivores.


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Jun 5, 2013
Seras, 8AP

She'd paid more and more attention to Dreamer's Den recently, especially after the town hall had become the waking portal between the dream and reality. The people here were growing, but she feared that the majority of them were mediocre and not fit for her plans. Hazel was doing a well enough job as her prophet and the village's religious leader, but she was only one person. One person could doubtlessly change the ways of one village, but Seras would seek out the others who were currently nameless even if they possessed the talent.

Seras next target would be someone who could build lasting foundations. She'd left Hazel in charge of the people, but mortals would die and new ones would be born to take their place. She went searching for this individual in the dreams of the villagers, in particular what craftsmen and the like there were. Their dreams were simple, unassuming, lacking vision. She was disappointed. She was ready to give up when the last man she visited was no different. They were happy family men, who made a living off what they made, repaired and built. None of them fitting to carry this mantle. The last man had two sons which she could tell he wanted to teach his trade, so they'd take over the business after his death, but his eldest child was a fifteen year old daughter which he just wanted to marry off. The dream featured the father and the sons, but not his wife nor his daughter.

The thought of spiting the man made Seras visit the dreams of his daughter. The girl seemed just as simple at first glance inside her dreams. She was just sitting on a porch watching the men and her father work, but there was a strong feeling of disdain emanating from the woman on the porch. The dream shifted suddenly, and Seras and the woman was no longer in the village. They were in a castle. The woman was looking at the sea from the balcony of the castle tower. It was the dream of a child, but children were not hindered by what insurmountable obstacles reality had placed in their paths. They could dream big. The dream shifted again. They were on a marvelous ship, which sailed to a far away land with marvelous buildings and craftsmen that the daughter liked for being better than her father. It made Seras giddy. Maybe the daugher only had this dream once and this was the first time, but it was the best possible time she could have had it.

"Your time has come." Seras appeared in the dream to the fifteen year old, took a hold of her by the neck of her dress and lifted her up.

The dream became reality. Seras see-through avatar was face to face with a mortal for the first time, and the girl was just confused, not sure if it was a dream or reality. Seras smashed one of the windows in their home, and flew away with the girl. They landed again outside of Hazel's house, when Seras had made sure no one would spot her. Hazel was waiting on her doorstep with a lantern, as if she'd been expecting them. Seras had bouned and gagged the girl by then, as she'd struggled and made too much noise when she'd realized she was in danger. It was a logical reaction whether she thought she was asleep or awake. Hazel closed the door after them.

"What am I even doing kidnapping some innocent girl." She mumbled, including herself in the crime which she'd not been a part of, but she didn't want to be punished for questioning Seras either.

"You see, who you know can many times be who you will be. Friends and associates are important, Hazel. She will be like you in a way, but I can't proclaim it so myself and she is just an unmarried woman still living at her parent's house." Seras said, then put the girl down on Hazel's bed. "You should understand where you come into the picture."

"I am to be her friend?"

"Quite. Now, don't scream, or you'll be punished like Hazel here was for disobeying." Seras removed the gag that kept the girl from talking. The girl didn't scream, but she sobbed. "Oh, quit it. You're the second chosen by the dreamer. If you know Hazel you should know what it might mean for your future."

"I.. I didn't think you cared about me.. I've been praying for someone to kill my father." The girl said, when she'd decided to stop the waterworks and come to terms with the situation.

"I don't do mortal biddings. They do my bidding. You should have taken matters into your own hands."

"You don't want to know why she wanted her father dead..?" Hazel asked.

Seras put her hand on Hazel's head, which made an image appear in front of her eyes which only she could see and that turned Hazel's face bleak. "Seras..."

"I guess there's darkness in the most mediocre of men. Let them know about it and have him killed for her if you want too."

"I don't have that kind of power, Seras."

"Oh, yes. Yes, you do. Make him into a villain in your stories and claim I command it. You've got the most power of anyone in this village over the people so far. Don't believe in yourself, Hazel, believe in me. Now, to matters at hand." Seras sat down on the side of the bed. "Ruby, unless you can fall asleep on command this is gonna hurt." Seras smiled, as if she would enjoy it.

"That's not my name. My name is..." She didn't get a chance to say it as Seras knocked her out cold with her scepter.

"When she comes too, if everything went as planned, I want you to proclaim Ruby chosen by heaven like you were. She will do the rest herself. Although, she might need you to be her mentor like the rest of them does. Your position comes with more responsibility than you seem to accept."

Seras went into the dreams of Ruby once more without waiting for a reply from Hazel. She showed Ruby all the possible and impossible ways that Dreamer's Den could be improved upon for it to grow large, last through ages where she'd be long dead and buried. She showed her marvelous buildings and architecture, meaning to bestow her with the gift to use those in Ruby's dreams as blueprints to build their counterparts in reality.

<spoiler=Action>Inspire a single mortal for the term of their natural life. DC5, 1AP. +4 Dreams.
Turn the girl into Ruby, the architect of dreams, with the ability to use the buildings in her dreams as blueprints, and power to command builders and the people needed to do her bidding when creating the counterparts in reality, as an obsession for Ruby to improve Dreamer's Den and build it up to the grandest city ever.

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Oct 25, 2012
It had worked. The men that Evander had blessed with the same abilities as Narses, to aid the veteran warrior in his goal of defending and ensuring the safety of the village; done as they were expected to do and now joined by these comrades, Narses had turned the village into a well-protected and safe habitat for his people to live in. Now that the people were protected; they could go on with their lives and would not have to worry about the dangers that lurked beyond the borders of the village. What Evander had set out to do from the beginning had been accomplished, and knowing this brought a smile to the god?s face.

What to do next however, was a question that Evander began to ask himself. Narses and his comrades had brought safety to the village and were joined in their efforts by the elder Teol who strived to bring law and order within the village. Evander could sense that the elder was being assisted by some otherworldly force (A god like himself most likely) in his goal, but what this force was exactly and its primary motive was unclear to Evander. The elder had brought a rather harsh form of law and order into the village, the people weren?t suffer greatly but Evander made a mental note to watch the elder and the force that aided him carefully, least the elder uses the bases of law and order to establish himself as a tyrant.

But setting that aside Evander returned to the question of what to do next. For a while the god had noticed that through the deeds of Narses, his influence had begun to spread throughout the village. With each day passed more people started to believe in the god and in some cases several mortals even prayed to Evander to ask for his protection. Seeing nothing else to do Evander decided to listen to these mortals prays, seeing if he could in anyway help them with their problems.

The god listened to the prayers of his growing followers with interest. Since he had become known as a god of protection many of them asked for Evander to watch over them and their family or children if they had any. Most of the prayers came from the warriors he had blessed and their families. The warriors asked Evander to watch over them and if possible aid them in their tasks.

However, as he continued to listen one prayer in particular got the god?s attention. It was from a young girl no more that 10 or 11, she was praying for Evander to save her mother from an illness that was threating to kill her. The mother was the village?s herbalist and the daughter using the skills which she had picked up from her mother, tried to care for her as best she could. Unfortunately no herb that the girl gave to her mother was having any affect at curing the mother?s illness. The girl was extremely worried that her mother would die soon if she was not healed and seeing no other solution, she prayed to Evander, hoping that the god could help her.

Seeing how upset and desperate the young girl was, Evander was determined to help the young girl and her mother anyway he could.

Evander transported himself to the Mother?s room while the girl was busy attending to her sick mother. The girl noticed Evander and nearly fell over with shock at the site of battered and bloody god that appeared before her.

?Do not be frightened? Evander said reassuringly giving the daughter a smile ?I have listened to your prays and I have come to help you treat your mother?

Upon hearing these words the young girl ran towards Evander and hugged him

?O thank you? she sobbed tears beginning to run down her face ?Mama has been so sick?I?ve tried to heal her like she taught me?but?Its not working?So I tried praying?.and its worked?so please save Mama please? by this point the child had burst into tears, but Evander rested a reassuring hand on her head and spoke.

?It?s ok now, I?ll tend to her now, everything will be ok?

With that said the god approached the mother?s sick bed and placed his two hands over her, attempting to cure the strange disease that afflicted her.

Bless a single mortal for the term of their natural life. DC 5, 1AP

Cure the mother of her disease


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May 24, 2012
Meinir, 6/10 AP

The spirit let out a maniac laugh as the creatures began to move of their own accord. Dai's eyes widened, he could scarcely believe what he was witnessing. Clay had been transmuted into flesh and now had a will of its own. Well, until the creatures collapsed into a gory mess. However, Meinir continued to laugh - the spectacle had resulted in a fabulous tableau of the simple foundation of mortal life: flesh. Eventually, the cackling died down into sobbing. Meinir didn't want to appear weak to mortals but the newly created life had entered the realm of death all too soon - the simple pain of a mother delivering a stillborn baby. No, it was worse than that as the creatures had a small taste of life instead of being born dead. Dai was at a loss, he didn't know what to do.

"Listen..." He began, trying to comfort that he could not see, "You are young and inexperienced, failures are expected." Dai then looked down at his stump, "They are part of life. Some things are simply not to be. I still would a hunter had I not lost my leg in a hunting accident years ago. I was stuck and had to cut it off myself. I was angry at first but I learned to love pottery - my true destiny."

"Foolish mortal! That is not destiny but a compromise!" Meinir hissed, "Eons of experience, human thought and beliefs make up my being and yet I could not bring mere beasts into this world! Those were my children, Dai! How can I be a mother to mortals when my offspring ends up like... that? Go ahead, mock me. I have failed my purpose already."

Dai shrunk as Meinir berated him. Beads of sweat began to roll down his face as he quickly grabbed at words and mystical sounding concepts in order to placate the enraged spirit, "Umm... Well, you sound a lot more sure of yourself now. Maybe your rage and your sorrow have assisted in your awakening. Yes! That's it. See, I told you this was a learning experience."

Meinir saw through the ruse immediately,"Learning experience!? And what could a crippled old man teach me? What could this teach me? Nothing, you monkey-brained fool! My first course of action on this mortal plane has only brought about failure. This is not acceptable. Here! If you're so smart, you can surely perform my purpose all by yourself."

"Wha--? AAAAAUUUUUGHHHHHHHH!" Dai started but before he could question the spirit touched him on the forehead and did... something to him. A flash of light blinded his senses. Dai couldn't even begin to comprehend what was going on, only that something was coursing through his being where there was once nothing. An echo of Meinir's power joined itself to his existence, however, with him being just a mere mortal, it was but a sliver of what Meinir held within her. Worried that he had been cursed, Dai blindly lashed out, "What did you do to me, spirit? Answer me! Tell me... spirit... what did you do... to me...?" There was no answer. Meinir simply created a rudimentary hand out of a small quantity of flesh from the floor and pointed towards the reminder of the flesh pile.

Affect (Bless) a single mortal for the term of their natural life: DC 5, +4 Flesh.

Bless Dai with the gift of Fleshsculpting. This will enable him to use flesh to augment his own body, e.g. creating another leg for himself, but is limited to that as the created augment uses the "life-force" of the augmented creature to work, just like a normal limb would, as creating life requires the "breath of life", something only a god can currently provide.


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Jun 24, 2012
Sang'Regel 5 AP

Things carried on a pace and Sang'Regel saw it all happen from her shadows. There were others like her who wandered among the humans, changing them in their own way. For her part she had stayed hidden, learning of the human people and their ways. This was her favorite thing to do now. She saw how one of her kind had molded the wild places to their image, harsh and wild. Beautiful in their severity. The other obsessed over their minds and the inner lights that drove them. Full of ambition and dreams for their own futures.

Yet here she was, still wandering without purpose or direction. That did not make her happy, not one bit! So instead she decided to take a leaf from the books of these two other beings. (There were others like them as well she thought but they had stayed hidden like she had for now... or so it seemed).

There was still one problem though. She could not decide what exactly to do now that she had decided to do something. Eventually she decided to strike a middle ground between her two favorite approaches so far. Practice as it were, a way to dip her iron clad toes into the waters of mortal manipulation.

She had thought of the skinner since the day when he had unknowingly gifted her the knife. She had kept it close even now. He was one of the hunters by trade, so he was strong. What he lacked was drive like the that which the sleeping one had given hers. So she would give him that! A drive unmatched by any other! And he would be hers and she would be so happy! She would make him a great hunter! Not just any hunter though, for there were many and they had claimed the blood of every kind of beast in the forests. He would have to be different, he would have to claim a prize that none of the others had dared take yet!

And then he would bring it to her and it would make her feel so wonderful, yes it would.

So she went to his hut in the quiet woods where he did his beautiful work and she gave him the exquisite blade she had wrought him. He did not see her do it. It was her lovely surprise for him. Oh and how surprised and curious he was when he found it, turning it over in his hands and pondering the blade in its beauty and where it had come from. She was sure that he must have loved it. How Delightful! And as he shrugged and went back to work she whispered to him, like she had heard the fair maidens do to their men so very often and her words traveled through the silent air and to his ears and found their way to his heart. How warm it made her feel.

"Hear me... know me... embrace me..."

She was sure he would be so happy.

Curse a single mortal for the term of their natural life.
The Skinner: This everyday hunter is wracked by misery and melancholy for the rest of his days, the only relief he can find from it is in his compulsion to skin the hides of and making trophies from the most prized game of all.... MAN!

DC 5 AP 1
Bonus +4 Murder/Assassination

-Side action: Give Skinner the heroic item knife.


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Apr 20, 2010
Gyll, 7 AP and Farenal: 7 AP

Teol was taken aback by the sudden appearance of a being he couldn't properly begin to describe. It was some form of ethereal creature, that much was obvious. A spirit of some sort, and it had a strange interest in the staff. A dozen different approaches to the request ran through his mind. Teol didn't know why this spirit wanted the staff, nor what he would do should he be refused. Still, there was no way around it. Looking toward the ground for a moment, Teol gathered himself before replying. He raised himself to meet the spirit in the eye.

"I'm afraid I cannot do that, nor would I even if I could. The staff doesn't belong to me, it belongs to the people. It belongs to those who believe in justice, in making the world a better place. It was given to us by Lord Farenal, and all the gold in the world could not change my mind." There was an awkward pause at the end of it where Teol seemed uncertain how to end. Softly, he finished, "I'm sorry."

Gyll tilted his head, confused. He had not ever been refused anything, and he had even offered gold, had he done something wrong?

"Why can I not have it?" he asked, feeling a bit... frustrated. What mortal would refuse a trade like this? Silver for gold, it should be obvious. Was it because there was more than one who owned it? Who was this Lord Farenal?

"Would it not be sufficient to give all those who believe in justice gold, then? And... I do not know who this Lord Farenal is."

Teol studied the spirit Gyllenstierna. He seemed as puzzled by the elder's refusal as Teol was in the spirit's interest in the staff. One thing that Teol was certain of was that he could not relinquish the staff. Regardless of the spirit's intentions with it, benign or malevolent, the staff was more than a symbol of justice, it was a sign of the covenant between Teol, the followers of justice, and the spirit Farenal.

"Your offer is generous," He began as diplomatically, "But what you ask for is something that I doubt you could purchase. The staff is more than just finely wrought silver, it is an artifact of faith. To those who follow the faith there is nothing more precious. As for your question as to who Farenal is, I can only answer that he is a spirit of justice. He seeks to help guide and protect my people, and for that I choose to offer him my allegiance."

Gyll looked at the elder with a still confused, but also somewhat annoyed look. Another spirit had made it? Should that not mean that he had more of a right to it than the mortals? Or had it been given to them, the same way he had given that pearl to his caretaker? Regardless, Teol telling him he could not have it had no effect on the fact that he actually did want it, a lot.

It is only fair, the only mortal I knew in the world is gone, and now I am all alone.

That was how he reasoned it. The mortals could just have their spirit make another staff, or something else.

"Of course it is more than silver,"] he replied, not as calmly or nicely as he had sounded before. "That is why I want it. If it was just silver, then I could make it myself."

He frowned, and folded his arms, golden goblet disappearing. "I am also a spirit, surely you could let me take care of it, the very least? I have a beautiful house, fitting such an item."

"I believe he has made his position clear, Gyllenstierna, was it?" Came a new voice. Teol looked past the spirit to the new person. Goosebumps ran along his skin as he felt a familiar presence near.

Another man had come by. He was old, perhaps even older than Teol, dressed in an unassuming grey cloak. Though the man was unfamiliar by appearance the elder had no doubts that he was looking at the spirit who had sought to change his village, the one whose presence he had felt helping to guide him.

"However, if you'd like to continue this discussion you may bring it up with me. After all," The old figure said with a hint of a wry smile, "It is my staff that you're looking to purchase."

Gyll could feel that the other being, as dull and mortal as he looked, was a spirit. Why a spirit would take such an appearance, he was not sure of. He would not have done so himself, had he altered his looks further, Gyll preferred his own, bright appearance.

I wonder if Lord Farenal can alter his appearance.

Gyll thought, believing that the full name of the spirit was Lord Farenal. He stepped up to the other spirit, arms not folded anymore. Gyll did feel slightly nervous, though, he had not spoken to another spirit, after all. Hopefully it would be less stubborn than the old man.

"That is fine with me, Lord Farenal." Gyll smiled a bit as well, though, still feeling that he should not be refused something he offered gold for.

"Although, since you already know my name, I assume you know the rest as well. Or do I really need to repeat myself?"

"I heard enough to understand, I believe." Farenal said, looking over Gyllenstierna. The other spirit certainly had a certain flair, Farenal couldn't deny, however to his eye the form seemed to alien, to distant from humanity. He preferred his own approach, keeping close to the people he hoped to help. "Though you may drop the honorific. I'm certainly no lord, regardless of what Teol and his followers may choose to believe." He looked over toward the mortal who had taken his cue and walked several steps away, still within accessible distance, but giving the ethereal beings some semblance of privacy.

"To the issue of the staff, I can only affirm what Teol has said to you. I crafted it, and gave it to the people here to safeguard and use in such a way as they saw fit. Your offer might be generous, but to these people that staff possesses a value beyond its simple price. I hope you can understand that."

Gyll frowned. As much as he did not want to get it, he did. The old woman had said something similar, about the house, about it having worth beyond the obvious value. Even so, he wanted it. He wanted it, to keep it in his house, to feel less alone.

"I do understand," Gyll finally said. "But I still want it. It is special to me too."

Gyll would have a hard time explaining why, though, he tried to, the very least.

"When my mortal caretaker passed away, she left me all alone, and for days, I felt nothing but sorrow and loneliness. However, I heard about that staff, and then... I recognized something. I know that if I had it, I would be happy again. Is there nothing that could make you change your mind?"

Farenal considered what Gyllenstierna said. Certainly, the spirit had a worthwhile reason to desire the staff. It was more noble than he had first assumed, believing it to be true, though the other spirit had no reason to lie to him.

But still, Farenal thought, looking back to Teol who seemed to be torn between looking at the spirits, and looking anywhere else, trying to figure out which was the most proper way to interact with them. He had given the staff as a token of his own power to these people, a way to help impart some of his desire to the mortals. He had intended that they should keep it as a gift and symbol.

Farenal sighed, some choices were never easy. "I am sorry, Gyllenstierna, but I cannot give you the staff. I gave it to these people, and they have chosen to keep it. However, I am not unsympathetic to your plight. Should you wish, I could craft you another artifact, identical to the staff should you wish. I am sorry for your loss, but I cannot take what I have given."

For a while, Gyll did not reply. How should he reply? Would a new artifact be the same as this one? Or was it something else that made it desirable? He looked at the mortals there, then back at Farenal, then at the mortals again.

These humans must be to him like my caretaker was to me.

Though, the other spirit was had no leaves or petals, how would they tend to it? Did Farenal only protect the mortals, then? It was an odd notion. Gyll had only protected the old woman, as she had protected him. It was mutual, they were close to each other. She had said that he was almost like one of her sons, once. This was... different.


That was all he could call it. A spirit that protected and guided mortals, giving them artifacts, and getting nothing but respect in return. And now the spirit was offering him an artifact, a new one. His own. Would it be okay to say yes?

It had to be, if it was offered. Though, it could be only in order to get him to leave. Finally, Gyll spoke, a bit quietly.

"I would very much like that, yes."

Farenal smiled warmly at Gyllenstierna, "I'm glad an agreement could be reached." He turned toward Teol briefly and motioned for the elder to leave. His presence was no longer needed. That done, Farenal focused his power again, hoping to once more craft an artifact like his previous staff, or as near as he could make it. In truth, he was more uncertain that he could make a perfect duplicate than he had seemed to Gyllenstierna, but it was the best solution he could come up with. Whatever the outcome, he hoped that the other spirit would find it acceptable.


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Nov 24, 2012
Syllus (AP 9)

Within the safety of his cave, Jing lounged upon his collection of rugs and tapestries, depicting the finest visions Hazel had ever brought to the ears of the people. Of course, they were a little hard to see in his dimly lit abode, but the fact that he had them was all that really mattered. The material was fine as well, so they made for a good place to lay about. All around him was the greatest treasures Dreamer's Den had to offer, and he attained it all himself. "I truly am the master of thieves," he boasted to himself aloud, drinking deeply of his wineskin in toast to his own greatness.

"And the most humble among men, I'm sure." Jing sat up straight, peering into the dark all around him. Finding no one, he assured himself that he had simply imagined it, and his heart rate began to slow.

"Perhaps I've drunk too much." Jing took another swig anyways, only to nearly spit it out as a man stepped forth from what seemed to be the shadows themselves. He made no other moves, only stood there and watched as he attempted to prevent himself from choking. Finally, as he swallowed the last of the wine, the man began to move around the room, inspecting everything as if it were bright as day. "Who are you? How did you find this place?" Silently, the man held out his palm, pale light bubbling up and rising until it broke free, complete, and floating away into the corners of the thief's cave, illuminating the treasures he had gathered within. So too did Jing see the man for the first time, and he scrambled backwards, unable to look away. "I've not drunk so much as to conjure a vision like you. What are you?!" He threw the wineskin, spilling the drink into the air, but it only passed through the spirit.

"I am Syllus, and I am your benefactor. You did not think yourself so clever as to escape all those that seek your head, did you? In such a simple hiding spot as a cave?"

"W-well..." Jing stammered uselessly for a few more moments before shutting his mouth. Syllus watched him curiously. "Just what in Seras' name are you?" The spirit appeared shocked for a moment, then glared at Jing, the lights seeming to cast Syllus' shadow larger and larger behind him, impossibly so, until it towered over the both of them behind him.

"I am Syllus, master of shadows, and you will not dare use another spirit's name in such a manner in my presence again. Nay, never at all!" Jing swallowed and nodded fervently. He suddenly regretted that he had no more wine to drink. The shadow slowly shrank again as Syllus regained his composure. "Still, I had another matter to discuss with you. A wish to give you a gift, such as the one I have granted you in this hiding place." He gestured about him. "Do you accept my offer?"

Jing leaned in towards the spirit, greed glinting in his eyes, his former caution forgotten. "A gift? From a spirit as great as you? Why, surely I would be a fool not to!"

Some day you will learn not to trust those such as myself with such ease, little thief. Today, however, is not that day. Jing moved closer, kneeling at the spirit's feet. Syllus reached his hand out over his head, and as he had done so before with the entrance to the cave, pressed his palm to the young man's forehead. "I, Syllus, master of shadows, grant this mortal a portion of my domain. Henceforth, he shall find safe passage between all that I rule."

Conjure up a small quantity of anything (light)

Local Action, Difficulty 5, Cost 1 AP
Bless a single mortal for the term of their natural life
Grant Jing the power to travel instantaneously (telport/blink) between two points. The origin point and the destination must both be reasonably shaded. Range increases during dawn and dusk, lessens during noon and midnight.
+4 Shadow


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Nov 24, 2012
The spirits of Dreamer's Den were growing bolder, changing the world more and more as they saw fit, regardless of whatever feelings the mortals may or may not have had on the matter.

Sang'Regel's twisted view of the mortal wield has caused her to... bless... a single mortal, offering to him a gift of... happiness. From her embrace the man is changed, suffering eternal misery unless he caves to the base desire she has awoken within him. How long can he hold off the temptation at bay? And if he can't, how long will he remain undiscovered?

Nadur enchanted the land he had found, bringing about all manner of ferocious and terrifying beasts. Not even the flora was safe from his touch. Nature grew in terrible might in this land, unblemished by man. But for how long?

Seras, once again forcing her will upon a mortal through the power of dreams, created Ruby out of a mortal life. Her power to create magnificent and fantastic structures would come in use for Seras, but what effect it would have on the mortal is still to be seen.

Syllus' blessing imbued his one and only "follower" with a new power, the ability to traverse his realm instantaneously. The great "master thief" had already been up to no good, with a swollen head to boot. Who knows what trouble he'll manage to cause for Dreamer's Den with this new power.

In Blessed Garden, however, whatever good fortune there was to be found for the mortals had little apparent effect on the spirits. At least, for some of them.

Meinir, upset from her latest failure, instead bestowed a fragment of her power into Dai. With this gift, he too could create from flesh, though not to the extent she could. She left him with little direction what to do with this power, or even how to wield it, and his feelings on the matter remain a mystery.

Evander was unable to bear the suffering of even a single mortal, and so stepped outside his realm of power in an attempt to cure the sickness of a young girl's mother. His desire to aid her won out, or maybe the girl's prayers granted to him some strange power. The woman's disease melted away from his comforting warmth, hopefully cured for good.

Farenal's attempt to placate the melancholy Gyll was well meaning, but ultimately a failure. Perhaps his uncertainty had distracted him, but whatever the reason, the beautiful copy he created held no power within it.

Trae's touch began to meld the beasts together, an attempt to combine two kinds of ferocious predators into one deadly mix. However, just as they began to fuse, the two creature's began to reject each other. Parts didn't mix, pieces of one simply appearing next to pieces of the other. It's head was comically small for it's body, and it's bones were too fragile to support the weight of it's great frame. The creature collapsed to forest floor, feathers and fur matted with mud as it breathed a few rasping breaths and lived no more. Perhaps the avian and mammalian worlds were simply never meant to mix.

Dreamer's Den
Sang'Regel - Success!
Nadur - Success!
Seras - Success!
Syllus - Success!

Blessed Garden
Meinir - Success!
Evander - Success!
Farenal - Failure
Trae - Failure


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Aug 17, 2012
Nudar, 5

Standing in the middle of a thriving and ferocious part of the forest Nudar feels satisfaction at the plants and animals around that had started growing in new and more dangerous ways. Their growth faster as well as the evolution of dangerous and deadly things on all of them.

Jumping up some of the trees as they start growing at an almost visible rate. Standing on top of the tree and looking down at the area where his enchantment of the land was now deep rooted in the very soil. Looking down and watching some of the flying insects of the forest double then triple then double again from that till they are a good foot long with several long and short stingers and pincers. Watching them buzzing around as some of the vines and brush grow longer and thicker, colorful flowers or little spines growing from them as they spread out over the area. The edges of where the enchantment is where the plans are up against the normal forest the vines creep out into the normal forest.

Smiling to himself as he looks out over the forest and turns back towards the direction the village was in. Tilting his head and looking in that direction Nudar considers what to do about these people. Talking to himself under his breath, easily mistaken for wind in the trees.
"They are weak and strong. Stronger now with the Hunter and the new animals to hunt and protect from."

Crouching and launching himself out off the new many feet taller tree he lands in the forest and starts launching himself through the forest back towards the village. Jumping past little huts in the forest and ignoring them for the most part, but he took notice of a where he could feel a small bubble of power much like himself out in the forest.

Getting to the edge of the forest and staring at the village from the edge he drops down to the forest floor and pulls a fallen tree closer. His claws coming out and making short work to break and strip it of bark till he has a pile of 6 inch long pieces he tears them apart till the pile is hundreds of quarter inch pieces of wood half a foot long. Now his claws start scratching away at them one at a time, little notches and swirls on the lengths of wood they get set beside him. Fitting together it takes him hours as he watches the village. His hands slow and surprisingly delicate but ever moving and shaping each piece. The shape next to him a rough image of himself done in wood sticks.


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May 24, 2012
Meinir, 4/10 AP

Dai felt... changed. He swallowed as he followed the spirit's finger to the flesh pile. The sight was truly disgusting, an assortment of organs and bloody offal lay on the floor - not to mention the smell. He turned to Meinir once again, only for her to berate into continuing. Praying that the grisly collection wouldn't make a new home in his beard, Dai scooped up the flesh of her 'stillborn' children and placed it on the chair he had been sitting on - the table having been destroyed. He felt like a right pillock for doing this but with a glaring spirit behind him, he had to. Dai didn't want that experience to ever repeat itself again. He shuddered as he recalled that recent memory then swallowed and turned to Meinir again.

"Wave your hand over it." Said a voice without any of the previous malice. Curiosity had overtaken hatred.

Dai did so and the flesh began to ripple like quicksilver. Soon enough, the lumps of meat joined together in liquid dance then become solid again. The now much bigger singular lump of meat lay before the potter and slightly reminded him of something. No, it was more like a lightbulb lighting up in his head. If Dai could gather together the flesh almost like clay, it wasn't much of a stretch to assume he could shape it as well. He looked down at his stump and knew what to do. Shaky hands moulded the flesh, Dai had to keep himself from throwing up as it made... squelching noises. However, he endured and a rudimentary leg was created. He grimaced as he removed the leg from the chair, sat on it and tried to attach the new leg to his stump.

Meinir subtly helped the man, adding a few embellishments of her own to the mix. Watching the human struggle with even a small seed of divine power was quite interesting. What she knew by instinct he had to figure out by deduction.

After fiddling around a bit, Dai tried to flex the replacement limb. It worked, he couldn't believe it but it worked. he rattled on endlessly in surprise, "This... this is incredible."

The potter cleared his throat as he got over the initial shock and addressed the spirit, "Spirit, I mean Meinir, I thank you for this gift. I think this should be shared with the rest of the village, then everyone could have this power!"

Meinir paused, the idea of an artists' commune appealed to her however she wanted to ration the power. Having too many imitators wouldn't do but she did have some affection for these mortal creatures. In the end, she replied with, "Come with me then and I will introduce myself to your village. It is time I made myself known to them."

Dai blinked as Meinir took on an avatar for the first time, he couldn't see much from behind but there was something squirming beneath those robes. He sighed, wondering what exactly he had gotten himself and his village into. However, walking on two feet again was always a good thing. Suddenly, Dai then blinked again as he found his village changed. An infestation of spirits had just begun to plague it, but the old man pondered on what more terrible changes they would bring. Regardless, that was enough thinking about the future. He leant back on a nearby wall and watched Meinir get to work, so to speak. Due to her first failure, once again she chose to start small. The mass blessing wasn't as nearly as... intimate as Dai's but it would do.

Affect (Bless) a small group of mortals for the term of their natural lives: DC 7, +4 Flesh.

Fleshcrafting for errybody.


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Aug 17, 2012
Nudar, 1

It has been a few days since he started carving the sticks and stacking them up. Now a 8 foot replica of himself stands beside him made of interlocking sticks. Setting the last few on it and looking it over he turns to walk away, the statue staring tt he village half hidden behind some bush's and trees.

Slowly moving around the edge of the village and stopping a few hundred yards from a long building that he had watched many of the hunters and fighters of the village go into. Slowly walking closer and ignoring the stares of those who saw him Nudar steps up against the back of the wooden wall and through. Stepping into the back of the hunters hall and looking down at the people drinking and eating. Several big fires with animals on it cooking and quite a few people there.

Staying still and watching them for a second Nudar steps forward. That one step sending out a small shock wave into the building along with a loud sound of splintering wood. The floor beneath his feet breaking and getting smashed into dust under his power and weight. As the whole room turns to look at him many jump up and grab at weapons as they yell out, but a group of hunters sitting at the edge sit up quickly and scramble off the bench's and walks closer to Nudar. Looking down at this small group he tilts his head as he considers why these ones were not scared. Then he remembers, these are the ones he had tried to bless before and failed.

As they get closer and the rest of the room quiets the one in front of the group speaks up. His voice shaky with awe and not a little fear.
"Spirit, we remember you. You are the one who came to us in the forest and who tried to bless us."
Looking back at the rest of the small group and then back at Nidar.
"We.. apologize and hope that you will forgive us for laughing. We did not know who you were or your power. But we know now. Jesha used to be our best hunter, but you went to him and changed him. Now he is Hunter, and he is fearsome and powerful."

Out along the edge of the hall whispers starts going of quickly, as they remember the story's that these hunters had told about when they had met some new animal and putting it together with this spirit that had showed up in the hall.

Looking down at them with his head turned and slowly considering Nudar nods.
"I remember you, i do not know why that blessing failed. But i went back and chose one to give it to that night."
Looking at the short humans in front of him and then along the ones who were starting to lower their weapons on the edge of the hall he can feel the edge of one side of his lips lift slightly. Raising his voice to speak to all those inside.
"Many of you are strong, hunters of animals or fighters of others. Your strength interests me and is why i am here. I have come here to.... Offer you something."

Lifting one hand and grabbing onto the wall Nudar pulls on the wood. It grows and shapes itself as it comes from the wall, leaving the wall behind the same as it comes off. A wooden shallow bowl 3 feet across with 4 legs under. Holding it in one hand and dropping it to the ground next to him he reach's down to slowly slide his hand over it. Looking at the rest and knocking on the bowl.
"Those who offer their lifeblood to this, and me, will become my messengers here on this earth."
Reaching up and grabbing one of the tines of his large rack and breaks it off. Using some wood and shaping it he attached the piece of horn to it. They fuse together and he uses his claws to sharpen the horn to a supernatural sharpness. Reaching down and sliding it into the wood of the bowl it hardens there to become a sheath for it, in the center of the bowl the handle sticks up for anyone to grab.
"Use this to offer up your lifeblood, and in return you will gain the power of the forest."

Looking at the hall and pausing for a second as they all take in what is happening Nudar turns away and steps back through the wall. Loping back to the forest and into it as he wonders how many will take his offer.

Difficulty: 11 Area Action Cost 4 AP +4 forest
Start a covenant. Create a religious order that follows a set of ideals based on the principles of your god. (Must explain how this relates to your god and must be cleared by a GM)

Those who give their lifeblood to the bowl using the knife gain brown swirling tattoos on their dominate arm. From then on they can move through nature perfectly quietly.
If in the future they turn against Nudar the tattoo turns red and poisons them which quickly kills them.