Dev: Final Fantasy X-3 Could Happen With Fan Demand


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Jun 1, 2009
Dev: Final Fantasy X-3 Could Happen With Fan Demand

The series scenario writer says he would "personally like to see a sequel" when recently interviewed.

A second sequel to Final Fantasy X could happen with enough fan interest, according to Kazushige Nojima, scenario writer for the series. Nojima was recently interviewed for the "Ultimania" companion book, published to commemorate the Japanese release of HD versions of Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2. "If there's enough demand, then we may possibly see new developments," Nojima was quoted as saying. "I would personally like to see a sequel like X-3." The remastered, HD versions of Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2 were released earlier this week in Japan for the Vita and PS3, with an American launch set to follow on March 18. A European release is set for March 21.

If you're a fan of Tidus and company, Nojima's words may give you even more reason to pick up Square's latest version of the game. Final Fantasy X-2 was, after all, the game that broke the franchise's rule of never creating a direct sequel to a prior installment. This trend has been followed by both Final Fantasy XII, with the DS game Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings, and most recently with the upcoming Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, the second sequel to 2010's Final Fantasy XIII.

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Nov 23, 2008
*eye twitch* No. Stop. Bad. Make my final fantasy 6 or 9 remake you bastards. Enough psuedo j-pop lookalike creatures. I want my fantasy quirky, medieval and full of strange steam punk and weird random humanoid things.

Much human. Very generic. Many disappoint.

10 was done. It was contained, it was a good story if slightly tragic. If you have to pick a sequel fodder, use a final fantasy that had a GOOD universe to expand upon! The stories you told were good! Leave them the fuck alone and focus maybe on their great great descendant person.

Otherwise give me my fan service in remaking a good final fantasy with flashy graphics. I'll take 7 if you really really need to print money that badly.

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Oct 19, 2011
It depends what it is.

I will definately buy a saga of Auron, Jecht and Braska's journey.

I will not buy a sequel to X-2.


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Oct 2, 2008
Please...please no...

One FFX game was more than enough...

I'm really not liking this weird sequel trend square has towards FF games lately...


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Jul 8, 2012
But all the fan clamour in the world won't make them do a FF7 remake, even though it's a license to print money.

Or release the DS remakes on any other console besides mobiles...

Or stop making FFXIII spinoffs...


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Aug 8, 2009
I would only buy it if it retconed some of the stuff that happened in Final Fantasy X-2. I'm one of those people who found X-2 to be okay, but some of the shit it pulled pissed me off. For example, the way they changed Blitz Ball...>.>

Now if anything I'd like my Final Fantasy XII International HD remake that you hinted at Square, because then you'd have fully rendered all the imports I've gotten from you useless. Well that and I really love XII and my modified PS2 isn't gonna last forever sadly.


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Oct 27, 2009
I would buy a PS4 for another FFX game.

X and X-2 are both in my favorite games of all time. More, please!


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Aug 31, 2009
Final Fantasy X was nicely contained though! I don't plan on playing X-2 until I get the HD remake and even then I only consider that to be a side-story more than anything because to Hell with canon.

Squeenix...I don't want a third X...I don't know if there was demand for a second X. Could you maybe do something else? Like de-make the PSX games and put them on handhelds maybe? Imagine it for a second; FF7, 8 and/or 9 in the style of 6. I would buy it and I know I'm not the only one. The same but a good way that isn't an unnecessary sequel.


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Nov 2, 2012
Well I think X-2 is the best game evar, so a sequel to it would be bought in an instant.
Square, Make it happen.


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Aug 24, 2009
United Kingdom
X-3, eh?

I'd buy it. And possibly the next gen console it's released for. Hey, it's gonna be a few years out if it does happen, so I might as well jump into the new consoles around that time.


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Mar 17, 2012

Really Square? I mean, I was one of the people who liked X-2, I got a lot of playtime on it trying to 100% (Never did manage it by the way, the twentieth playthrough with me confused as to what I was missing sort of sucked the fun out of it) but it is not the most popular one and the universe should just end. Let it die.

Also, fan demand? What the hell is wrong with you guys? We've been demanding modernised remakes of FF 7 for years now. Hell, I'm sure you could find strong support for FF 1 through 9, way more than a demand for a sequel to one of the less well received ones. The only stumbling block really would be the question of what to do about voice acting.


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May 24, 2011
I absolutely loved X, I liked X-2 except for the ridiculous 100% completion to get a few extra seconds of cutscene at the end.

I wouldn't mind X-3 but I see no need for it. I don't even know where you'd go.

Someone mentioned following Jecht, Auron, and Braska. I would dig on that hardcore. They already proved they can make a 3 character roster work well enough with X-2. Do it again with these 3 and I'm on board.


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Jan 18, 2011
2HF said:
Someone mentioned following Jecht, Auron, and Braska. I would dig on that hardcore. They already proved they can make a 3 character roster work well enough with X-2. Do it again with these 3 and I'm on board.
I'd be on board with that as well.

OT: I liked X-2 but I can definitely see why people didn't and seriously, give us fucking XV and move on already, stop with the sequels.


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Oct 29, 2010
FFX was a decent game, but it was also the depature from a style of RPG that I loved from Square. It was the first in the new generation that is still being slogged through and forced down our throats. I, like thousands of others, dream of the day they finally relent and give us what we've been asking for, 6, 7, 8 and 9 remastered.

Honestly, they could just focus on that for the next 6 years and print money.


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May 19, 2009

Seriously. Who would demand it? The games were shit:
-badly voice acted (I don't care if Japanese version was better I don't have access to such things, neither do I understand the language)
-the plot was really awful and had holes you could drive a planetary body through (Sephiroth reference swing and a miss)
-The games were filled to the brim with awful design decision
-It wasn't Meg Rayan's story I mean It wasn't Tidus's story...
-X-2 is not a method to name a fucking sequel, how can you have sequal of a sequel!
-The fucking camera director had some kind of obsession on ass shots. The both games!
-X-2 was just fan service, better the costume (How the fuck does a costume gain levels? How the fuck do they change your skill set?!!?!?!)
- FUCK BLITZBALL! FUCK IT FUCK IT FUCKIT! Burn the person who the fuck thought it was a good idea or make it a core part of the game!!! FUCK YOU!!!

Only redeeming factor was X's combat system was functional and good.
Also Auron... Auron was a best thing in the game.

But why the hell would you do XIII-2 and then X-3! Why would you go back? Or did you finally realize that the XIII was a shit game.