Diablo IV - Beta Impressions


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Dec 28, 2017

Play numbers must be dogshit, especially for a new game. So they've come out to announce they need 4 hours to go through all the new shit they are putting into the game for the new season.
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Mar 4, 2014
Okay, so I've beaten Diablo IV. No, I haven't 100 percented it, I still need to do the Tree of Whispers stuff, but in terms of completing the core story as it currently stands sans seasons, I've beaten it. Nor am I going to do a step-by-step account of things (since I've been doing that in the "what are you playing" thread for months now, so I'm just giving my general thoughts as they currently stand. So on that note:

-D4 is easily the best Diablo game in the series. Sure, there's individual elements prior games do better (D3 arguably has better companions, DI has more unique dungeons), but as an aggregate whole, there's no contest. In terms of plot, it's easily got the best in the series, along with worldbuilding, since Sanctuary (or at least Estunar) feels like a living, breathing world and all that entails. While the characters aren't on the level as a 'standard' RPG, the band that exists by the game's end are characters I ended up caring about, and in terms of atmosphere, I've elaborated on this in the "playing" thread, but basically, the game does an excellent job in its grim, unrelenting bleakness, but with enough 'hope nuggets' along the way.

-I'm sure a lot of you read the first sentence in that paragraph and are ready to type on your keyboards about builds, or endgame, or whatever, and while you're absolutely entitled to do that, I just don't care. I don't mean to be snide, what I mean is that while I know in ARPGs that kind of stuff is important to a lot of people (arguably the most important thing), it just isn't in my realm of interest. My current focus on D4 right now is to complete the Tree of Whispers, do Season of the Malignant, Season of Blood, then call it quits until the next season comes out, do its story, and so on. I'm sure the problems people have mentioned exist, they're just not a factor for me.

-On stuff I'd actually like to see improved on, it would be:

1: Connectivity (the no. of disconnects I've had has generated no shortage of irritation

2: Dungeons. I mentioned DI having better dungeon design in the sense that each dungeon is unique, relevant to the story, and has clear context. D4 has plenty of dungeons, but so often, any actual context for them is missing, and if present, can only be guessed at, not to mention that from a gameplay standpoint, there's nothing to distinguish them. I don't see this changing, given the game's open-world nature, but I much prefer a quality over quantity approach.

Anyway, I wish I could say more (I started trying to summarize the final acts, but it would just take too long), so arbitrary ranking time:


17: Loverwatch
16: Justice League Task Force
15: Warcraft
14: The Lost Vikings
13: Diablo Immortal
12: World of Warcraft
11: Diablo
10: Diablo II
9: Overwatch
8: Heroes of the Storm
7: Warcraft II
6: Overwatch 2
5: Diablo III
4: StarCraft
3: Diablo IV
2: Warcraft III
1: StarCraft II


(You could work it out from above, but fine:)

5) Doom Immortal
4) Diablo
3) Diablo II
2) Diablo III
1) Diablo IV


(Per usual, one game per IP):
11: Phantasy Star

10: World of Warcraft

9: Final Fantasy X

8: The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

7: Torchlight

6: Pokemon Silver/Gold

5: Golden Sun: The Broken Seal

4: Diablo IV

3: Xenoblade Chronicles

2: Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance

1: Mass Effect

Anyway, yeah. I wish I had the time to say more, but, yeah. Great time playing it (well, 90% of the time). Neat.
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