Do you enjoy ASMR?


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Jan 7, 2011
Chimpzy said:
Wings012 said:
It's something I never really got into or understood. But there was a period in my life where I'd leave random blacksmithing videos on. And it's just a dude hammering metal. There's also the sharpest knife made out of ridiculous materials which for most part is a lot of knife sharpening sounds. So I guess that's the closest I've gotten to ASMR.
I don't really 'understand' it either. ASMR seems one of those things you're either sensitive to, or you're just not. All those ASMR channels are purposefully trying to induce it, but afaik 'intent' isn't actually necessary. There's a YT channel that specialises in videos with 'unintentional' ASMR, and a lot of it is of people doing traditional crafts.
My trigger for the tingliness is typically when I'm watching something really epic. Like some grand fight scene in some anime. Some dramatic movie moment. Or some videogame cutscene. Though I've been feeling it less and less and don't actually recall the last time it happened. Probably because I've gotten old, jaded and am a lot harder to please nowadays.

The stereotypical ASMR type stuff seem to either be relaxing or irritating, but it's the complete opposite of what I associate with the sensation.


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Mar 9, 2010
I first noticed it when I was 4 or 5. I'd be playing out in the snow and I'd come back inside to warm up. I'd get out of my wet or damp cloths and sit with my back near to a heater vent on the floor. At some random point it would turn on and the hot air across my back would set off the feeling. Later in middle school I got the sensation from an unusual place... a terrible goofy 90's hairstyle. I had a super curly mullet, a Jean Claude Van-Damme in "Hard Target" Tennessee mudflap. It went well with a sleeveless neon yellow shirt and parachute pants in a picture my mom likes to embarrass me with. I'd embed it so y'all could laugh at me but... no, I wouldn't. Anyway the girl sitting behind me in science class liked to stick her fingers into the mullet and play with my hair while humming softly. It felt really tingly. So it wasn't a completely useless stupid hairstyle. The sounds from a lot of the different ASMR vids affect me, but most don't if I actually watch the video. Really only the tapping and medical exam vids work visually. Although I've discovered that still frames work as well. Like a video where someone starts out in front of the camera, but then moves out of shot while the sounds continue. Like a salon or barber shop vid.


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Oct 9, 2008
Saelune said:
Chimpzy said:
Saelune said:
ASMR has been taken over by fetishists.
Do you mean all those people who do kissing, licking and other mouth noises and/or various kinds of massages into a binaural mic? Yeah, quite a lot of those.

Not fond of them either. Not for being fetishy, but because they're so damn uncreative. They do the same 3 or 4 triggers over and over, video after video.
That, people who dress up as characters and do things. A lot of it is not blatantly sexual, but then that is usually what makes a fetish a fetish. But I bet the number of people who are into any specific ASMR thing beyond rain sounds for sleep/comfort aids are in the minority compared to those who are getting off to it, and those who want to gawk at the things people are getting off to.

To pre-empt, people can be into whatever they want, but lets not pretend it is something different than what it really is.
To be honest I think I've gotten a bit fetishy over ASMR. Some of the women doing ASMR are just gorgeous and the whispering turns me on, plus the kissing stuff, like that Pelagea lady she kinda started me down the road to fetishing it. Especially doesn't help when she bends over to the mike and you see down her top all the time.

Plus there are a lot of full on porn stars on youtube doing asmr like Cherry Crush or Kinky Dope and you can find plenty of porn asmr videos on pornhub these days.

I think it can be viewed like extremely softcorn non-nude porn that's managing to get onto youtube. Not that I care if its on youtube, let the 13 year old boys fap to it at least they aren't learning bad habits off unrealistic hardcore porn that way.