Doctor Who Goes To Heaven For This Two-Part Finale


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Sep 5, 2007
Soulrender95 said:
As for the Master/Missy going to be honest it feels like a re-write/re-shoot after Moffet heard the speculation, because it just doesn't work.
The Master willingly chose to attack Rassilon in "end of time", the Doctor did not abandon him to die as Missy claims.
"From a certain point of view". Maybe the Master feels the Doctor should have stepped in to help him fight.


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Feb 16, 2011
I think this episode suffered in my eyes because of the UK TV Guide magazine. For most shows I'm pretty good at avoiding spoilers, but with Doctor Who its impossible because they always have a 2 page spread telling everything that happens this week. I don't read it, but I can't avoid the pictures. It felt like there was supposed to be a big mystery about "what are these skeletons?" but I'd already seen Missy and the Cybermen on the front cover of that magazine. So when the Doctor was like "*gasp! Cybermen!" I was totally underwhelmed.

Edit: I never watch the "next time on..." bits, in case anyone was wondering, because its been mentioned above a couple of times.

On another note, I've decided that I want Clara to leave. I like the actress but it seems like every week the character makes a decision that completely goes against my views. It started with the whole "I'm gonna allow 6 billion people to die just so I don't have 1 death on my hands" bullshit on the moon and the latest being the complete betrayal of the Doctor. I understand her reasons, but it was still wrong. And she knew it too, or else she would have just asked for help instead of going behind his back.