DSi Price Drop Coming to Britain


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May 25, 2010
Daystar Clarion said:
Straying Bullet said:
JoJoDeathunter said:
Straying Bullet said:
Last warning: Get a friggin' PSP. This handheld is a SCAM!
Ummm... I hope this is a joke, otherwise I don't know where to begin...
Joke? What joke? The PSP is a capable handheld with some unique games on it. Whatever it is, it's for me outright superior to some flimsy touch-screen handheld called DS. And don't worry, you don't need to begin.
No second analog stick = fail.
Try not to sound like so much of a fanboy.
Oh not at all, in fact, I agree on you with that point. But you adapt to it and the PSPGO is just a fail for me. Like people with disabilities working around a game meant for two hands, you can do it too. I suppose my dedication for it is fastly more than most here.


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Mar 29, 2009
asinann said:
The only reason to have a DS is to get all the remakes of the square classics (Chrono Trigger, Dragon Quest 4 and 5 and the like, all unavailable on the SP.) But as for the PSP, the only games I ever bought for it were remakes of old PS1 games, so in reality neither one is worth much more to me than a portable SNES or PS.
Hey! Sounds like me! I only own two games for my PSP. Hell, for the longest time it wasn't a "PSP" but my "Final Fantasy Tactics Player." They finally released the remake of Lunar so I finally got a second game for the poor device. I've honestly looked through the catalog of games for the PSP and nothing else really caught my eye. Plus the TV Connector annoyed me for the longest time. Can't hook the damn thing up to Standard Definition TVs? Bull!

I also went from the original DS (Super awesome Red Mariokart edition!) to the DSi XL and am very happy with the upgrade. I was worried about the loss of the GBA Game Slot, but with two GBA Players in my apartment, I think we're covered as far as those games are concerned (plus I still have my old DS if I ever needed a handheld).

OT. Umm... congrats on the price cut? I must say, I've had my DSi XL for a little while now and the programs and whatnot provided on it are very fun. I'm also very surprised by the games offered on the DSi downloadable side. It's got some nice stuff in there and some fun programs I'm definitely gonna go in on.

Anywho, I'd just wait for the DSi XL if I were any of you. The gigantic screen is just like magic. I honestly don't see how I played DS games before! Plus the sound on this beast has amazing quality.