Fetishes you will NEVER understand

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Apr 5, 2011
NoneOfYourBusiness said:
I agree with Freud; The only unnatural sexual behavior is none at all.
I like you. I also like Freud. (Although some of the stuff about my mother and the primal hoard is kinda a load of bullshit)
But yeah, I understand all fetishes because I have been aroused in my life time and I imagine fetishes give that feeling. I don't necessarily see how and I certainly don't share the same tastes, but each to their own as long as nobody is harmed.

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Dec 29, 2010
J Tyran said:
Brainpaint said:
Vorarephillia. Specifically the kind that involves people being swallowed and digested whole.
This is a thing? Seriously, I thought that little would surprise me about human sexual behavior but I am gobsmacked. I am not judging just that I have never heard of anything like that.
I know, as far as genuinely not understanding a fetish goes, this is it. I mean, you can't swallow a whole person. You would choke. It makes no sense! How can something physically impossible be sexy? Am I missing something? I'm assuming they find the...idea of it sexy? And you could look at drawings of it and find those sexy? But as far as it ever really happening, how are you ever going to find someone who is like "Hello, please swallow me whole!" and you open your mouth and are like "Hop in, you sexy beast!". WHAT???


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Aug 16, 2008
Not too clued up on fetishes, but my flatmate once showed me a video of a bald guy with a really shiny head getting it nearly all the way up inside some woman - she seemed fairly keen on the idea too. It was pretty odd, but I can understand how some people are into all that.

The only fetishes I'd take issue with are those that end up hurting people against their will, or animals. Other than that, people can shit on each other or whatever they want to do, I really don't care as long as they don't do it to me - that would have to be one of the worst surprises going.


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Jan 23, 2008
FelixG said:
aba1 said:
Soviet Heavy said:
Dickgirls. I have a feeling that most people who feel the need or fixation to strap a penis onto a woman's body are in some manner lying to themselves.
I am not one for dickgirls myself but they tend to be popular with the femdom group for the same reasons strap-ons tend to be popular which is the domination aspect. I imagine they would be popular with people who are into transvestites as well.
Actually thats not true, about the femdom or domination part.

Dick girls are actually most popular with straight males as it combines the attraction of two female figures with the penetration of males on female sex, without having to look at another guy.

I am rather annoyed, there was a really good video on this posted here on the escapist in one of the forums that I cant find, it explained the psychological attraction about men to dickgirls and women, funnily enough, to edward cullin

You mean this one? I believe i posted that a while back to a very similar topic. God knows i cant find the thread anymore now but well, there you go.

OT: To me..well its a short list of stuff i really dont get. Vore, Mutilation, Dismemberment and Dolcette. Effectively everything that involves death or killing in some permutation or would logically lead to death.