Fetishes you will NEVER understand


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Apr 10, 2011
This guy draws nothing but anime chicks being tickled: http://ert1989.deviantart.com/

Only on deviantART do you find stuff like this...


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Apr 11, 2011

I do not like pain, no I don't want to whip you. Why the hell do you have a cattle prod? No I will not use a safe word. I'm out.

Ladies and Gentlemen my last Saturday night.


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Nov 29, 2008
Ah, being a tomboy with mostly straight male friends. Being one of the guys. They're always lending me stuff I don't wanna see; you ask to borrow some indie horror & anime & a few pornos somehow get slipped in. I can watch porn for 3 straight hours without getting turned on. The normal stuff even bores me. Somehow the really exquisitely extremely taboo-subject stuff with impossible body proportions hentais that would be illegal in real life can at least hold my attention from beginning to end because of how obscenely ridiculous & unrealistic they are, but there's some things I just can't get all the way through.

*Naked overweight women eating cake, including all the fanart I keep accidently stumbling upon where two now fat characters are having a competition to see whom can gain the most weight.

*Hot girl + Hairy fat balding old man/men.

*Furry porn (yiffing or something), naked furries, boobs on animals that aren't mammals. I should be numb to this one for reasons mentioned in the opening paragraph, but for some reason this is where my brain decided to draw the line.

*X-rated fanart of nonanime cartoons; that's just f**king degenerate & really easy for little children to find. Really really easy.

*Urine, feces, vomit.

*Small boobs, tan lines, tans, bottle blondes, innertube lips, improperly labeling bisexual girls as lesbians.

*Lolicon, anime chicks who look half as old as they claim to be, those irritating high pitched voices anime girls of any age have.

*Talking during sex; really f**king annoying, especially if the girl has a squeaky voice.

*3D porn; worst looking kind of CG there is. The amature animation on par with the quality of Mind's Eye (1990).

*Real & CG pornstars with hideous faces, massively inflated lips, & too dark a tan with leathering spots.

*Closeups of balls or vaginas; f**king nasty.

*Feet; hands are beautiful, feet are not.

*Blowjobs, anal; wouldn't do it if you paid me.

*Non Asian gay porn; I like the skinny androgynous guys in yaoi though.

*Not showering before & after sex, not washing the sheets immediately, not disinfecting everything sperm might have come in contact with. (Germophobe).


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Mar 6, 2012
Baby play...

I physically cringe when people online sometimes admit to wearing diapers and getting a kick out of having a mummy and daddy. That's just weird... I am actually shuddering and cringing with detest as I write this. I just don't get it.


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May 20, 2009
scat. I just don't even get it.

I'm a pretty sexually open. I've been with guys and girls. I've met people who are into some weird stuff. Hell i'm into some weird stuff. but Scat and piss Just do not make the list, or even potentials for the list. It's just gross. Gore I can kinda understand but i don't think it's particularly healthy.


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May 28, 2011
ThatRandomGuy42 said:
Clue is in the title.

I have weird discussions with my friends, and one of my female friends admitted she has a biting and blood fetish.

Now...I dunno about you guys, but how is that in ANY WAY sexual? It'd just be painful. You could have the argument that they are into that sort of thing, but...still.
you know the modern "horror" movies are called "torture porn". thats because seeing a woman slaughtered on screen turns people on.

also whats up with the shemale and gay porn flood? it seems that nowadays 90% of porn sites that used to be striaght only turned into "Gay pride" "shemale" and similar stuff.


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Jan 19, 2011
Troublesome Lagomorph said:
Furries (same as beastiality, imo)
Furries creep me out to, but I can't really agree with what you said. First off you have to ask yourself why, objectively speaking, bestiality is wrong in the first place. Having sex with a simple animal is abuse. Furries are people, animal people, but still people. Technically speaking, being attracted to furries is like being attracted to aliens; it is at least in that ballpark. Furries do share animal-like characteristics, but that shouldn't neccisairly equate them to having sex with an animal. After all, we don't equate everything we see in porn to pedophilia simple because adults share some characteristics with children.


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Dec 12, 2011
Strazdas said:
you know the modern "horror" movies are called "torture porn". thats because seeing a woman slaughtered on screen turns people on.
That's not true.

Regular pornography panders to ones sexuality with no concern for artistry, plot etc.

Traditional splatter movies concentrated more on the tension, the characters and the general sense of horror and dread. In modern splatter movies (what we call torture porn) the tension, characters, story and artistry tends to get left by the way side in favour of overtly gorey scenes.

For example, a lot of people who saw the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre (a traditional splatter film) would talk about the scene where a woman was hung from a meat hook by the flesh of her back. They would describe the scene and how it had explicitly showed the hook cutting through flesh, but if you actually analysed they movie you will see that the hook cutting through flesh was never shown. The combination of tension, empathy for the character and the sense of horror and dread the audience felt created that image in their head, so vividly they could swear they'd seen it play out in front of them.
If that movie were a modern splatter movie (torture porn) they would have just shown the audience the hook cutting through flesh and there would have been no need to build tension, build empathy for the characters, build a sense of dread or terror.
It panders to the audience with explicit imagery instead of genuine artistry.

OT: Obese partners. I just cannot find anyone who has crossed the line from chubby into fat, attractive.


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May 7, 2008
I heard a news story about a guy who blew white pepper into a woman's face to try to get her to sneeze, because sneexing arouses him. That's pretty bizarre.


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Apr 4, 2011
I'll never understand ANY fetish (definition = sexual fixation with objects, body parts, or situations not conventionally viewed as being sexual in nature). I believe that they're a sort of mental disease, a defective wiring of the brain. There's nothing to understand, sick people need pills and treatment, it's as simple as that. However, I don't judge, here's why...

The problem is that because of the cheap media and marketing of today, we've been encouraged to associate a lot of things with sex, to view mild sexual stuff with an amplified meaning and to grow the importance of sex in our lives, while at the same time derailing it from the original meaning, beauty and purpose. What we now call "normal sex" doesn't have much more in common with sexual reproduction than... well... eating shit. Step back a second and remember that first time when you saw real sex and thought "well, that makes more sense than the bloody stork story", then remember when you first saw oral sex and thought "wtf?! eeew!!!". We're hard wired and no amount of Victoria's Secret catalogs is gonna change that. But we do mess with the wiring and the result is... oh boy... I double dare you to father a girl.


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Feb 9, 2011
Furries. I can't stand this one. It is the only fetish with its own online subculture.

And anyone who uses the word 'huggles' is probably a pedophile.


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Jul 31, 2011
Feet are gross. Feet are just shitty hands that can't do any of the awesome shit hands can do. Why would you get off to feet? What is wrong with you, Quentin Tarantino?! Your movies are so good! Why do you randomly zoom in on some broad's bare feet for no goddamn reason?!


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Jul 27, 2010
TheKasp said:
All the ones I don't have ;)

I don't understand why people find thick / overweight people sexual arousing - but simply because I don't (or did not yet met the right person to achieve that).
I don't get scat or whatever the fecies stuff is called. I find it just gross.
I don't get large breasts. No really, if there is one thing in my eyes that can detract from the attractiveness of a women than those would be two big, bouncing balloons. Oh, they certainly are a looker but god forbid she sets those free.

But then if you are one that enjoys one of those I say: Have fun!
This, entirely.

Granted, I have a bit of an explanation for why number 3 applies to myself: I'm a bit of a thin fellow myself, and I tend to prefer girls closer to my body type than further away (which creates a bit of a pickle for me when my mates ask if I'm more an "ass" guy or a breasts guy. I classify as neither, although I'm not entirely sure if it's through apathy or through my not liking too much of either.)

The others I don't get? Pretty much anything relating to feces or urine. To me, it seems like a basic biological function. That'd be like... getting aroused by breathing.

Which, come to think of it, is certainly a thing.

Also, clowns.


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Nov 16, 2008
Byzantinium said:
Feet. Furries/fatties/etc I can understand because it's all the same sexual bits with different wrapping, and the various pain fetishes are because the pleasure and pain sections of the brain are neighbors (same reason some people sneeze when they see a bright light)...but feet? I really do not understand how feet are at all sexy.
This. All the other stuff I can at least quantify to myself, but feet? Come on, it's... feet!


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Sep 16, 2009
Feet, I hate feet can't stand them (ba-dum-tish!)
Loli, underage girls thats like 12?
Shota, same thing as dickgirl mixed with loli da fuq?
Food play, are you so dependent on food that you have to hump it?
Balloons, Saw this on 'Taboo' big fat guy getting a boner as balloons popped. Only thing he's ever popped!
Sounding/Urethra Play, tried it.. pissed blood.. end if play
Bathroom stuff, yea not into that my baby's mama loved to be peed on/in though.. I always felt so dirty after sex with her.. *inserts that into vault I can never share with my son*
Nullification, you're not cutting anything off me.

*Reserved space for things I find out I don't Like*