Gearbox Snags Homeworld Rights


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Aug 13, 2009
Darth Sea Bass said:
People, people chill it could have been worse... EA could have bought the rights! I'll leave you with that nightmarish thought.
Ah hell, why did you have to bring up that terrible scenario?

Suddenly I find myself rooting for Gearbox.

At least for now there's less of a chance for another Homeworld-related entry in the Electronic Arts section of the Executive Meddling page on TV Tropes.

Fodder Aplenty

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Nov 3, 2011
i imagine that they were already working on something similar, but weren't confident in it and needed an already existing IP. whatever the reason, i'm not bothered


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Apr 4, 2011
I loved the first Homeworld. But I'd rather have a good space sim than another space strategy game. There have been enough great space strategy game since Homeworld 1. And let's face it, in Homeworld 1 you only had to bunch up all of the ships and then patiently kill everything that came close. I never played the second, maybe that was different. What I loved about Homeworld was the design and the atmosphere. I'd rather they kept that and made something new, rather than change everything and keep the strategy.


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Mar 4, 2010
amuasyeas said:
I can only hope. Age of Empires 2 HD came out, so there's at least one RTS that isn't a Korean autism simulator. But then again, they could cock it up and fill it full of epic maymays and ridiculous DLC.
Well, why did you start to pick on the poor old Red Alert now? XD

OT: A mainly fps developer, with a bad track reckord of handling the ip of other people, gets his hands on the ip of a beloved RTS game... Yup, its only sunshine and rainbows now, sunshine and bloody rainbows.


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Mar 27, 2009
Falterfire said:
omicron1 said:
Gearbox is associated with Sega. Sega owns Relic. Gearbox have a history of studio collaboration.
I say they're working together.
If Relic gets involved, I will support this so hard. I loved Impossible Creatures to death. (Impossible Creatures is the Relic game everybody loves them for, right?)
Someone else knows of Impossible Creatures. You have my utmost respect.

Impossible Creatures was my first Relic game and I loved it to death, but back when I was a kid I didn't pay attention to who developed what. Years later, I picked up Dawn of War and it became one of my favourite strategy games of all time. A few years after that I looked up what else Relic had done and my jaw dropped when I saw Impossible Creatures on that list.

OT: As for this news, well, I've never played Homeworld but I feel for its fans, after what they did to Aliens: Colonial Marines.


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Apr 19, 2010
I'm clinging to hope that this will go well. The way I (choose to) see it, this time they snagged up just the license, not a half-finsihed project that's been in development hell for a decade. Which then has to get shipped out in half a year before the old fan's buzz dies down.

Hopefully, now that they have to start from scrath, they can make something decent. Honestly, I'd pay for a reboot with the story and mood of the first game, the gameplay of the second, and the graphics of today.

Just a warning, if at any time Gearbox announces that they'll start by making a third person console exclusive shooter based on the Homeworld franchise, there will be blood. Lots of blood.

If Claptrap or anything like him gets to do the cutscene's narration, there will be fire too.

Johnny Impact

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Aug 6, 2008
ASnogarD said:
R.I.P Homeworld , you will be missed.
That pretty much covers it.

Firaxis got XCOM and I was encouraged. It seemed a natural fit for the guys who make one of the two best strategy games ever to take a crack at the other one.

Now a company whose established history is making middling shooters has its grubby claws in a franchise that contains one of the best games ever made. Different genre, different tone, everything is different. Considering Gearbox's spotty success rate with their genre of choice, there is simply no way they can do this. I wish I could blind myself to the Frankensteinian abomination which will inevitably result from this unholy union. All I know is whatever they produce, it won't be Homeworld.

I'm going to console myself by picking up the old gem on Steam or GOG. It's been a while since anybody burned my planet. #silverlining