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Apr 3, 2020
Every fucking time.... People are bitching about EA giving a free game away. Fun Fact: Every month they give out a free game. Just something to show gratitude for using their service or to get new users. Sound business tactic and customers are literally not getting screwed out of anything. Well... besides the fact they have either never touched Origin, or used it one for five minutes, and have based their opinion that it's an abomination out of nothing. But don't you worry, Steam is just fine and dandy to use!


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Apr 6, 2020
United Kingdom
Baffle said:
FFS, I installed Origin just to get this, and now I can't hear out of my left ear. Sort it out EA!
You only went deaf in one ear? Lucky bastard.

Origin killed my mother, broke up my last relationship, killed my dog AND cost me my job over the last two years. Shit's fucking evil, yo.

[sup][sup][sup][sup]DISCLAIMER: Origin has done none of the mentioned above. Nor has it put weird tentacles into my ears and nor has it made me start typing this disclaimer. All hail EA![/sup][/sup][/sup][/sup]


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Apr 15, 2013
jackpipsam said:
Honestly they give it away 100% free, on your account forever.
From my understanding services like Origin, UPlay and Steam are basically rental services. You pay them money (or in this case none) for a product, but you can use it only as long as their service continues. You do not technically own anything in your library because they can still remove it from your library, and if the service ever goes down there is the very real chance you will lose some, if not all, of your games. I admit I'm not sure how it shakes out with offline mode, but I assume you still have to validate at least once per install, but please do correct me if I'm wrong. At the end of the day, it's DRM, and while I will say Origin is better than Steam on some fronts (refund policy and such), they're all a ripoff at the end of the day, especially if you live outside the US because $1 =/= ?1. Until it's free from somewhere like GOG where I can download the actual installer I can't consider it to be "free forever".


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Feb 26, 2011
EA like to look through my porn stash via mandatory spyware and distribute my preferences to advertising companies!

Repeat the mantra! EA Worst Company of America! EA Worst Company of America!

Or (and this is apparently shaky ground here) people can dip their toes into the lake inhabited with swimmers, that people continuously claim to be infested with sharks, based on claims that were made years back.