Grats, you won the lottery.


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Jan 16, 2014
This is actually just a completely hypothetical question, out of interest :)

Lets say you won 100 Million in the lottery, what would YOU do with that much? Just to see what others would want to do with that much. Everyone can start with 'If I won that much I would....'
I spose Ill start, and see what others come up with.

If I won that much I would give a specific amount of money to all my work colleauges/family/friends...lets say..1 million per piece. That would take me down to about 50 million. With that 50 million I would build myself a nice house (by all means...not a mansion...I must admit Im quite afraid of such giant places...) and completely stock it out with all I want. Id go on an 'epic' vacation seeing as its been about..10 years since Ive even left Germany. With the rest of the money (lets assume itd be about...45 million) Id put into my bank and let it gain by itself, whilst at the same time contributing money to organizations such as WWF, Clear Water, Brot fuer die Welt etc, that I have around 5k each month after contributing, paying bills etc etc.

And I would.....want to so dearly....but Im not sure if the living environment would be ok for it (of course Id check before someone calls Peta on me)...get a red panda...Im sure itd get along greatly with my kitten+ they are adorable as hell^^.

So my dear escapists, if you won 100 million, what would YOU do?


Sep 23, 2014
I would use it on gender reassignment surgery and subsequently cosmetic surgery to fix a few things (or maybe just the latter and hormone therapy, I am still conflicted about that), use a portion of it to ensure that I and some people close to me have a higher standard of living (think middle-class, though I wouldn't give them enough to quit working for the rest of their lives), then give the rest of the money to charity.


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Apr 3, 2020
I'd have to go with the really boring answer.

Pay off all of my debts (F you student loans!!!). I'd buy a house because I'm sick of living in a studio apartment that I could spit across. I'd pay off all of my friends student loans and pay off my parents/siblings homes and debts.

The rest would get invested and I would spend a long while trying to figure out what the heck I should do since, unless something really bad happens, I'm never going to have to work again with those investments. Now it's a choice of what work I WANT to do...

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Jul 15, 2009
I'd probably give my mom half or at least a quarter of it.

Fuck knows she's earned it after having to put up with me for 23 years.

After that, I don't know.

Travelling would probably be the first thing on my list, spend a year or so experiencing as many parts of the world as I can. I might bring my boyfriend too, if he's nice to me. I'd being my best friend on a nice long getaway too.

Once that ends, the usual boring stuff, house, car, savings, blah.

I'm not sure if I'd continue working or not. I'd have to do something to occupy my day or I'd go insane and I do enjoy my career.


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Apr 4, 2020
Possibly end up as one of those insufferable talentless celebrities that do stupid publicity stunts to try to seem relevant and then dig themselves in deeper with fauxpologies.

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Apr 29, 2011
99 Mil to charity, 1 mil for myself. What do I need with that much money? I can live a perfectly happy life with just a high speed internet connect, an decent apartment, and basic cable. I wouldn't even know what to spend that much on.

If friends or family need small hand-outs after that, sure, but I'm not going to give money to anyone who is fully capable of providing for themselves.


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Jun 11, 2013
Buy a small house, get a financial adviser to invest everything except 100k I'd keep in some checking account to act as fuck around/bill paying fund. Keep it topped at 100k every year. Live off that. Honestly, I don't even know what I'd do with 100k/year. I don't even like driving, so "buy pricey car" is right out. Don't want a mansion, cuz cleaning it would be a *****. Hate kids, so no college fund/whatever else the little bastards cost in upkeep. And I've (sadly) reached the point in life where constant drunken partying just doesn't have the same appeal. Maybe some annual contributions to some charities.


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Apr 11, 2014
Put enough money on the bank so that I could comfortably live of the interest. So I would store half of the prize money with the bank and then blow the rest on the ussual stuff (nice vacation, nice house, nice car etc, etc).


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Jun 24, 2013
I'd probably complain that $100 million does not equal £100 million first, then spend it on getting me an apartment or something. Then I will sit on interest forever while buying any entertainment product I desire. I don't really see the appeal of snorting cocaine when the dust will make my table or chair dirty when I'm trying to replay Halo 2 Anniversary while chugging down enough Monster to induce a heart attack.

Oh yes, and I would probably throw money at my family, and probably throw in some extra for my older sister.
Oct 10, 2011
My boyfriend and I would be able to move out of our respective parent's houses and live together, that would be my first priority. I'd buy a house, probably two cars, furnishings and stuff, and probably still have quite a bit left over. So after we are comfortable, I'd give quite a bit to family and friends. Then there would probably be more left over, which would be spent on various goods and services.

I don't see the money lasting too long in my hands, actually... but it would still be really nice to have it.
Aug 31, 2012
House with a nice estate attached, or perhaps a nuclear bunker, all the vinyl I couldn't afford when I was younger because I was spending my money on drugs, then all the drugs, then have a very long party in said bunker.

Then, according to this, I could buy Games Workshop.

But I probably wouldn't do that, I'd just put the rest in a high interest account.

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Apr 30, 2020
Let's see-

Buy a nice flat (apartment) in the big city. (Building a house isn't a bad idea but I would think it will be more of an hassle)

Start buying stuff that I want to but couldn't cos it's expensive (collective figure, limited edition clothing etc).

The standard dvd, couch, bed etc

Give some to my closest friend (which I know they won't accept easily) and family.

Build a powerful and expensive computer.

Donate some to charity, kickstarters and patreon.

Paid back my student loan.

Keep some in the bank as backup saving (who knows, I could go broke!)

Start my own business (somehow).

Go on expensive holidays.

While this is not count as spending the money but I would most like learn and train in new stuff like self defence (if someone were to mug or kipnap me). I probably be paranoid enough to read guide if my new girlfriend is a gold digger or not. Also with so much time on me, I will go to the gym alot (be rich in body aswell).


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Aug 16, 2010

I'd of course get a nice place overlooking some water, some fast internet and a better graphics card. Start a business and pay people to make me more rich and all that stuff...

And then I'd fly around the world in a little airplane and go on adventures with my unwilling but loyal and resourceful valet, Mr. English-sounding-surname.


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Oct 9, 2008
But a decent house, continue working and pretend the rest doesn't exist except for emergencies for me and mine. Being able to say "I'll take care of it" for the rest of my life when someone i care about gets a nasty bill unepectedly would be nice. Just don't expect me to buy my kids a plasma TV, earn it. having endless money without having to earn it will just make you soft and unable to manage money properly. Then when my children are forty and the money's all spent I don't want them to be skilless because they lived a life of luxury.


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Feb 9, 2010
Pay off my student loans, give some to my parents so that my dad can finally retire, and then I'd go live near a friend in Oregon, further my music studies and maybe try to up my self-esteem so that I can finally have confidence in what I do. I'd probably travel the world too, and do some good stuff for others with my money. Ooh I'd also probably spend a shit ton on building computers and guitars.