Has MovieBob been fired from ScrewAttack?


Sep 9, 2010
Silvanus said:
dirtysteve said:
Which is one of the reasons people don't like Bob, he uses the exacts same 'with us or against us' tactic. I don't think you need to condemn anyone to prove a point, but I do find that it is required more from the SJW side than anyone else.
Unrelated political insults.

crimson5pheonix said:
Then quote them instead of passive aggressively pointing to everyone in the thread. Because I should point out that of those, only the first actually falls under what you're criticizing. The other two are pointing out his venomous personality. That's actually a pretty common theme.
What I was criticising was personal animosity bleeding into every thread he's mentioned in, regardless of relevance, or whether he's done anything new. They fit the bill.

crimson5pheonix said:
So answer my other question, why are you posting like this? Is it because you don't want people criticizing Bob? Do you just want to feel superior?
Aaand we're done here. If it's always going to default to this mindless notion that I just don't want any criticism at all, there's no point in continuing.
While I'll admit my "Fuck Bob" statement is immature, perhaps even hypocritical and completely in conflict with what I personally believe. I do genuinely feel that way, and it be going against my nature to take oppurtunity to express it... keeping in mind for a long time, even after he left he was still considered "Site Staff" and according to the rules off limits, even while he de-valued other human beings and "othered" people.

But I recognize my unDudeness towards MovieBob. Now why you indirectly quoted me to use as an example instead of outright calling me on it... I mean I would of preferred that to being just a link in your conversation with another user.


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Apr 7, 2012
Windknight said:
RJ 17 said:
Wait wait wait.........

You're telling me people still care about MovieBob? Mr. "I Can't Review Anything Without Forcing My Personal Political Beliefs Upon The Audience While Judging The Thing I'm Reviewing Based Upon Said Personal Political Beliefs"?

Wow, that's a long name. :p
Yeah. He's even got a paying gig at screenrant, and got a lot of positive press for his Pixels review. General opinion is escapist letting him go was essentially taking the ol double barrels to their own foot.
I used to think the Escapist letting him go was more of a positive, but now I'm starting to agree with your second statement. it's not as though he didn't do enough to warrant them letting him go, as he put them in a position where they had to either get behind his beliefs or distance themselves from them, and they chose the latter. But at the same time, Him and Jim leaving meant that they lost 2 out of the 3 personalities they really had on the site. I'm not a big fan of what they replaced it with...So yeah I think they may very well have shot themselves in the foot...


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Jun 26, 2008

Oh no! The hate train has crashed!

Sorry guys but the question was already answered. That's enough of your nonsense.

IIRC he explained on his site that ScrewAttack's adopting a season-style approach to content. His shows are having a break and will be back when another show goes on a break.