Hulk Hogan Flashes His Junk in Def Jam Rapstar Ad


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Sep 23, 2010
I have sooo many questions and almost none of them deal with Hulk's dick. What the hell was the purpose of "The Mouth from the South" being there? Did he stroke out a couple years ago? It reminded me of the last years of Richard Pryor.

Why were they in a shitty motel with an even worse setup? Even though I wasn't an eighties multi millonaire legend with a pop star daughter and a semi successful reality show, I could still spring for a Holiday Inn. You could pin this one on def Jam but I'm positive they have more money then the Hulkster.

Was it me, or did Hulk Hogan appear to be that 25 year old at a party when everyone else is 15? Way to lame to hang out with people his own age (cept for the weirdo that bought most of the booze aka strokey) but will appeal to at least one or two sluts (this case being his daughter). Yeah Hulk, you're gonna get laid, but... whatever, ick.

Also, was this filmed at the meeting spot for the deal? It seems like Hulk and company didn't make it to the studio and def Jam could only film that one day, so they just met Hulk where he was located. The location being where he told his dealer to meet him. Unfortunately, def Jam got stuck in traffic and was two hours late.

What the fuck is def Jam doing making this commercial? Did the figure, "Fuck it. This game will only appeal to those weirdos whose house you visited when you were kids and owned games like Shaq-Fu or that terrible Bruce Lee game. They'll get a kick outta Hogan's hogan.

Did anyone else imagine ICP playing in the backround?

MaG iiC 3E

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Dec 5, 2010
Super Jamz said:
Am i the only one who just laughed like hell at this?

Also, he probably didn't flash his junk. I mean, seriously? He was probably wearing something underneath.