In Defense of the Casual Gamer


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May 2, 2008
I honestly hate the term "hardcore" because it groups together the people who just take their gaming more seriously and the extremists of gamers. I'm talking the stereotypical "I TRY WAY TOO HARD for a game" and the "CoD kiddies".

I'd consider myself a "gamer" and not necessarily "hardcore".

I like my games, if I liked a game enough I'd stay up to be the first to try it online (Steam), and perhaps just perhaps I'd go camp out a gamestore to get it on release.

But I'm not one to scream at others cause your K/D ratio is off by 0.0000025% nor am I the paramount expert on last hitting, and I'm no Z-Style Master from GunZ :p

"Casual" is really just a term for people who aren't gamers. You play Tetris on your phone once in awhile? Your mother plays Insaniquarium between meetings, and your Dad plays a bit of Deer Hunter '98 when he's stressed? That's all casual gaming.

I have nothing against casual gaming cause that's stupid. That's like saying that a person who is proud of their country, helps out with the community, and joins other when help is needed aren't as good as people who fight in the army. To think that just because one group goes so much farther into their sense of "helping" or in this sense "gaming" is any better than the next is pretty wrong.
(I'm not saying soldiers aren't better or worse when it comes to helping a country, but if a soldier says their a better person cause they fought and you Grandma didn't is pretty ignorant)

I really do wish we didn't label eachother. We have enough issues with this when it comes to racism.