Is it just me ... or do women make terrible comedians?


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Nov 22, 2010
Most females in the comedy business fail to realize that there are in fact very few clones of them. Like most of the people there are not. The ones I've heard are like bad cases of GOTIS without the internet.

When your jokes all end up with the punchline of "Herp Derp, I don't have a penis, and men are dumb" eventually people are just going to get bored, no matter how funny it may be. This is why most comedians that are actually funny poke at a lot of things, and don't reuse the same jokes every time.

Also, they don't seem to understand poking fun at yourself is good for laughs. I think this is where a lot of the "Herp Derp, Men are dumb" Jokes come from, because they try making the same jokes as most people do, and while hearing a guy talk about how he just wanted to eat a sandwitch and watch the game despite being interupted several times, when it comes from another perspective, such as that of the wife trying to get her no-good husband to fold the clothes instead of watching the game the humor is lost without pointing some jokes at your expense.

At least the ones I've seen.


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Oct 5, 2009
I've only seen a few good female comics. Most of them seem arrogant, and I don't like that. One of the good ones is on that show on MTV, Videos on Trial, a.k.a, the only reason to watch MTV, ever.
Don't remember her name though.


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Dec 11, 2008
matthew_lane said:
Female Comedians are like Black Comedians: "Hey look at me, i'm saying the things about my particular gender/ethnicity you cant say... Its edgy."

Why bother coming up with actually funny material when you can talk about periods & swear like a sailor & be considered a freakin' genius.
HA! so true!


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Jul 14, 2009
Jonluw said:
I really haven't come across many female comedians. The ones I have seen were terrible though. Not that there aren't enough terrible male comedians out there.
I just don't think there are any particularly funny female comedians in the business at the moment.

If anyone can point me towards a lady that's as funny as Jim Jeffries or George Carlin, I'll be pleasantly surprised.
Edit: Christina H. [] the writer is pretty funny though. Certainly as funny as her male counterparts.

Edit: Anne Kat Hærland and Linn Skåber are pretty funny.
I like how you whipped out 2 norwegian ones, i would agree they are quite funny, but to me not on the same level as dylan moran.
Sep 13, 2009
TheEndlessSleep said:
The Almighty Aardvark said:
most comedians on TV are bad in general
That's just not true...
Could you give some examples? I'm not saying there are none, just that the bad ones easily outnumber the good ones.

And I understand that comedy is objective but if you say Dane Cook I shall be very disappointed.


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Jan 20, 2008
Well, I have two responses:

1. Yes, because all comedians have to be born, and thus women 'make' all comedians.

2. No, I have seen a lot of funny female commedians.


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Dec 7, 2010
From my experience, what concerns most female humour, it takes two tango.

I have seen many funny skits, replies, remarks, displays of wit and the like however, I have never seen a good solo act.

Stand-up as a genre - is a solo act.

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Jan 27, 2010
Aur0ra145 said:
PaulH said:
NickCooley said:
By the mentioning of Pub I'm asuming you're a fellow Brit in which case I have to ask what cosy little hide away you've been able to hide in because there are plenty of violent women out there.

Daily Mail, don't read too much for fear of turning into a 60 year old, house bound, racist.

BBC, from 2008 but still relevant

Admitadly some of these article are old but nothing has changed, I trump your one social experience with cold, hard stats.
No, in Australia. And cold, hard facts?

How about the 'cold hard fact' that heterosexual males make up over 95% of serial murderers. I have yet to see how 'rising violence' seems to be your measure as to how wmen are equalizing the gap in promotion of violence in society... especially given that the BBC report states itself;

"Men and boys are still far more likely to be involved in violent crime, however."

Could it be that occasions for violence in the UK are merely increasing as the UK continues to suffer declining economic and social standards?


The less money that people or households earn, the more likely they are to become victims of violent crime. In 2002 the very poor (earning less than $7,500 annually) suffered violent crime at a higher rate (45.5 per 1,000 persons) than any other income group and more than double the rate for those earning $75,000 or more (19.0 per 1,000). Property crime rates for those earning less than $7,500 per year were also more elevated than those in higher income categories. (See Table 3.7.)

Read more: Victims of Crime - Characteristics Of Victims - Rate, Violent, Households, Rates, Persons, and Crimes

Admittedly a US sociological study, but it does still highlight the divide between violence and the sexes.

And your second field report says 'doubled' in the 5 years, but quite sensationalist when it comes to arrests specifically to violent crime the figure has only increased by 11% ... and give the population increase in the country and devaluing of civil labour, are you surprised?


Edit: Anyways, more on topic is I think this is why you get more male comedians ... because they get emotional, spiritedly more emotional and are generally confused and angry all the time. Or atleast confused. Or atleast confused and becoming angry at their confusion.

And it's funny stuff to comment on how confusing the world is, and the things you don't specifically get and end up speculating on it more than what is possibly healthy.

It's the basis of humour to outline things in reality that irk you. Observational humour ... and I think men are generally more confused by the modern world than women. alot of things that the modern world throws at them they look at and say "hang on a minute! Why is this important!?" ...

And it always good material during a comedy routine ... that's my theory why there are more male comedians, on average not better than female comedians, it's just a theory on why there's more of them.
I'm assuming that's reported crime you're referring to in your post. It's a widely known fact that most 'violent' crime that is initiated by women goes unreported. Also, research methods can have an AMAZINGLY HIGH degree of flexibility if not done correctly.

Not to start a fight, just thought I should say something about it. I'm taking a shit ton of criminal justice classes currently... And even though most violence by women goes unreported, they do still have a lesser propensity to commit violent acts when compared to men. It's a genetics thing.

--And for my next post we'll be talking about George Kelling and Broken Windows! Stay tuned after this word from our sponsors.

i disagree about the genetics thing. I thinks its more of socially constructed aspect. most societies throughout history have been patriarchal, and this gave males the ability to make the decisions and have alot more freedom than women. Thus women being placed in a more controlled environment they have "developed more self control". But now as we see with feminism changing the patriarchal aspects of society more and more women are committing crimes.

There have been studies comparing women brought up in a patriarchal family and women brought up in a more egalitarian one. the study showed that in the patriarchal family, women were less likely to break rules than males in similar families. While women were more likely to break rules in egalitarian families.
Sep 13, 2009
Jonluw said:
Sejs Cube said:
Inchronica said:
Again, Don't get me wrong, I'm not sexist it's just the impression I get.
"Don't get me wrong, I'm not sexist I just make sexist comments and present myself holding sexist opinions."

There's a difference between believing women and men have different qualities and thinking that one sex is inherently better than the other.
I'm guessing OP isn't of the latter conviction.
Agreed. Are people not allowed to make observations if it makes one sex seem better than the other? Men and women are inherently different and labelling someone who notices that as sexist isn't going to achieve anything.

Besides, OP was expressing an opinion just the same as me saying that I find girls more attractive than guys. I'm pretty sure no one would call me sexist for saying that.


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Apr 15, 2009
Because the large majority of women comedians stick to the same gender specific stuff. So most of the jokes are just recycled over and over again. Same happens to some black and hispanic comedians who only talk about race and come off looking like immitations of Richard Pryor or George Lopez(who isn't that funny to begin with).


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Jan 31, 2011
No, it's just you.

For reference, see Lisa Foiles. every time she puts out a video i find myself actually laughing for a least part of the time. True they're all about the same, 'top 5 whatevers', but she still manages to work a few good jokes in there.
Sep 14, 2009
there are some, but more than generally i enjoy male humor, i enjoy all the raunchy sexist/racist/rude/assholish humor that comes from different comedians, and i have yet to see a woman touch on most of those subjects.


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Jan 14, 2011
There are a few. Please note the wording; a few. As in a small percentage. Like for every good female comedian there are X bad ones. And X > good ones. As in a lot. a good way to look at it would be

X = Bad female comedians
Y = Good female comedians

405y+(346/.12840) < x/752-100/5894

x+y = All Female Comedians.
(This is a raw estimate, I'm going back down to the lab to ensures this theorems accuracy.)


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Jan 11, 2010
Of course there are some funny female comedians.

But generally speaking, male comedians tend to be much better.


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Mar 29, 2008
I think Shappi Khorsandi is brilliant, I've ached laughing at her before. There have been other female comedians I've thought were excellent or good but like a lot of people, unless they have decent exposure (hurr hurr), I forget their names. Jo Brand is immortalised in the anals of comedy legends, so it feels pointless even mentioning her work.

I know what OP means though, I've seen quite a few female comedians who simply didn't manage to even elict a smile from me, but the audience were laughing. It's been recognised that men and women as stereotypes do genuinely find different forms of humour more or less funny consistantly, it makes for the quite the bell curve.

I vividly remember a heavily built women with a crew cut on a comedy show about a year ago who did a feminist lesbian set, and I was just lost to how this was funny.


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Mar 29, 2009
Inchronica said:
Seriously, I've yet to see one funny female comedian. I don't mean to sound sexist but, It's like they try too hard to compete with they're male counter part. Again, Don't get me wrong, I'm not sexist it's just the impression I get.
One of the main neurological differences between men and woman (i.e. "This was in a study published at Stanford with good methods and strongly indicative results) is that women have a significantly greater capacity to find things funny than men do.

Probably not the only factor, but you're going to be in heaps of trouble as a comedian if you have a lower standard for what qualifies as humor.