Japanese Superheroes Encourage Kids to Keep Smiling


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Sep 27, 2009
SpaceMedarotterX said:
Nooners said:
I know these were not Power Rangers (strictly speaking), but I still need to quote them a bit.

"Answer the call!"
"Lightspeed! Rescue!"

If I were one of the actors, I would show up in Sentai costume to shelters and the like, just to bring hope to a few kids. And I'd do it even if the studio wouldn't let me borrow the costume.
You correct these aren't Power Rangers

At least until

This is from overseas! We just came from patrolling future Japan, everyone was smiling so it'll be ok! We're cheering you on from the other side of the ocean! @Power Rangers Time Force Pink Ranger
YESSSSSSSS!!!!!! Time for Time Force!
Seeing the American Rangers get in on the act is just freakin' AWESOME.


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May 6, 2010
I was 100% ready to make a joke about japanese uperheroes when I saw the title, but then I read the article and found that not only would that be incredibly rude and tasteless, but also thinking that this an adorable way to reach children and try and keep up hope. Well done Japan.


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Jan 31, 2009
I guess for those poor kids, it must really feel like what it's like to live in a sendai series. In fact it almost reminds me one way that we were coping with the 9/11 attack here in the US:


Swifteye said:
Did anybody think about the eight melodies theme from earthbound play in your head as you read the encouraging words of the super heroes?
I am now...

Dammit I almost starting swelling up.

Etherlad said:
The real heroes are the 50 Guys fighting Day and Night to keep the reactors from exploding though while exposing themselves to the radiation.
Aside from a memorial (which should read "To the men with the biggest balls in the world"), I think some kind of fund should be started for the families of the firefighters. Personally if I had my way I would also have David Grohl play this song in Japanese:



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Jul 7, 2010
Its good to see superheroes taking time out of their busy lives to make children feel better.
Nice work, guys.