Kid Icarus: Uprising and Hurt Nintendo Fans


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Mar 30, 2011
remnant_phoenix said:
Sean951 said:
People call Yahtzee biased because he tears down Nintendo games that get 4.5/5 Stars from the Escapist, 85/100 on Metacritic, etc. Yes, you might not like them, but clearly there are enough fans and reviewers out there who do for people to question his reviews. Now, not liking the motion controls is one thing, but it is tiring to hear that every time a new Wii game comes out, or not liking the 3D for new 3DS games.
Why does it matter if something is critically-acclaimed? Why does it matter if it has a large fanbase? If something is surrounded by the popular opinion "it's good," that doesn't make it objectively "good." However popular an opinion may be, it's still an opinion.

85% on Metacritic? Well, that means that 15% of those who posted reviews didn't like it. If Yahtzee falls into the 15% that doesn't make his opinion "wrong" or "less valid" than those who are in the 85%. Most Americans adults think that coffee is great, but I hate coffee. I prefer hot tea. Does that make my opinion "wrong" or "less valid" because it's an unpopular opinion? No.

Tastes are always subjective, no matter how popular they are, so no opinion on taste is provably superior. When it comes to matters of taste, popular opinion does not give a taste any more "logical validity," it only gives it "strength in numbers." Unless the fanbase intends to use that strength to bully/harass the outliners (which does happen), popular opinion in matters of taste means nothing. And when said bullying/harrassment occurs, that means that the fanbase is full of twats.
I was kinda arguing that point. It clearly isn't something he enjoys, but that doesn't mean the entire game is fail and he needs to call anyone who enjoys it a twat, or whatever he chose. That is what ruins his credibility, not accusations of bias.


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Dec 10, 2008
Sadly, everyone has terrible taste in games. It is called subjective opinions, not biased. There is no such thing as objective or non biased. Have an orange review a video game even a terrible video blatantly ripping off any video game and the orange would say nothing.


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Feb 14, 2011
BiH-Kira said:
Are you claiming that you aren't equally biased? Every human being is biased--yet you seem to use it as an insult. I find this puzzling. Bias doesn't mean an argument has no merit. If it did, no arguments put forward by any creature would have merit.

The issue, instead, seems to be whether he has an irrational bias towards Nintendo, specifically. I'm inclined to believe that he reacts the way he does not because he has an agenda against Nintendo but because he genuinely doesn't like what they've been doing. Just because you may or may not agree doesn't make him wrong in voicing his stance.

But in the end, I feel this isn't actually about differing opinions; it's about civility. In his videos Yahtzee is always very insulting, but please note that in his videos he insults just about everyone. However, this article of his seems more upset than reasonable to me--and I imagine he's upset because of the incivility shown to him over the topic of Nintendo.

I suppose it's understandable for people to react in such a way but it's a bit odd. If you aren't prepared for him to tear a game a new one and insult all those who like it with the most vulgar insults and metaphors he can imagine, why are you even watching Zero Punctuation in the first place? That's what it DOES. You don't get rational and calm from Zero Punctuation. You get short, insulting and funny.

You have every right to your opinion, just as he has to his. No one has any right to be uncivil in actual debate; his videos are not actual debate. Watching Zero Punctuation and being insulted by it is tantamount to a self-inflicted wound. However, he was not particularly civil and methodical in this article, which is odd as I usually expect more from Extra Punctuation. He isn't justified in reacting in an ad-hominem fashion to comments (though again, it's understandable), but any ad-hominem charged reaction TO his reaction is equally unjustified.

It's all a vicious, completely pointless and absolutely unnecessary circle of insults, irrationality, and emotional tension all around and all about an entertainment video that doesn't matter in the long run and that we'll all have forgotten about in a month or two, if that.


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Apr 11, 2011
I feel like he overlooked or just didn't actually read any of the posts about changing the configuration, so that he can stick to his argument that he needs the stand so that he can complain about it being bad for his back.

I understand the argument about terrible default, but they're about as meaningful to the situation as saying that brawl is a terrible game because the wiimote controls (technically the default) really suck. It just ignores everything else about the game as a whole, including shutting the 3D off and claiming it's not necessary before actually trying to see if it's actually unnecessary. Yes, the 3D is stupid in many situations where it is not actually relevant. However, when you're gauging the depth of your shots, it does help in this case...

If I don't like the game, I trade it in, no crazy misguided buyer remorse or anything...I'm going to keep this game until the multiplayer is played out. Most of the people who are criticizing the controls on message boards probably haven't actually played the game. :p


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Feb 11, 2009
Yahtzee, trying to reason with unreasonable people is like bashing your head against a wall.
It's painful and a waste of time, and the only thing you walk away with is a headache.


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Aug 3, 2011
Ive never enjoyed a Nintendo game. Not Mario, Zelda or Metroid. They bore me and i hate the characters and game play. I also hate that they keep recycling the same 3 games again and again. My cousin has a Wii and love Nintendo. Always goes on about next Mario and Zelda, thing is they are the games every Nintendo fan boy names. They have nothing else worth naming on those platforms apart from the million Mario games. As in Mario Cart etc. Why do people protect and play the same game again and again. Why dont they want something different? Nintendo is a major game maker with lots of skill and talent. Make something different. But with the Wii U releasing soon, people with just buy it and say "Im waiting for the new Zelda or Mario."


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Feb 18, 2011
I'm fine with Yahtzee disagreeing with my opinions all he likes so long as it's in good taste.

I can't speak for everyone, but I assume most negative backlash he received for this episode stems less from his dislike of Kid Icarus Uprising or his exaggerated, erroneous assertions that the controls are physically painful and absolutely require the stand ( I never felt the need to use it, but that's just me ), but stems more from the implied insulting of his (many, apparently) fans that genuinely enjoyed this game.

I mean he was cruel to brawl, but I don't think he ever claimed the game was "for twats". I actually really liked that episode despite its lampooning of one of my favorite games.

Personally, the sprinkled insults made this episode less funny to me than usual. I'm willing to bet some others felt the same.

Doesn't mean there aren't those who believe Yahtzee hates Nintendo, but it also doesn't mean everyone who complains is in that boat.


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Mar 2, 2011
Landrius said:
BiH-Kira said:
I am biased. I never said I wasn't. Everyone is biased in some way.
I also don't mind him making fun of whatever game he wants to. I watch the show for the jokes.

My point was to show him that he is biased and he should just stop saying how he wasn't. Read my last paragraph. He should just say "yes, I am biased" and move one. I wasn't butthurt that he didn't like the game. I was annoyed by his minute long intro explaining something that isn't true and that he called people who have different opinions twats.

The average user would get a warning for something like that, just one report. Jet, he can do it without problems.

It maybe doesn't seem like that from my post, but I still enjoyed the video. I enjoyed the video of Skyward Sword even tho I really loved the game. I take it as comedy. But I just can't take anymore of the Yahtzee fanboys calling everyone around them stupid fanboys for disagreeing with Yahtzee. Not even disagreeing, but just pointing out obvious flaws or falls "facts" that Yahtzee likes to use. But now even he calls me names for liking a game that he didn't like, really?

Why should I accept being called a stupid fanboy for point out at flaws? I don't mind when someone doesn't like my opinion, but should my post, which may be full of facts, not just opinions, be dismissed because Yahtzee and his follower call me a fanboy?

Yes, there is some critic to his work, but my main point is that he should accept that he is biased and move one.

Also, if he wants to keep his "journalistic" credibility (lets call it so), he should behave more maturely than this.

Shiro No Uma

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Nov 10, 2009
I'm a bit surprised by this week's EP. It sounds like he wants to be thought of more then just an entertainer in regard to the weekly slam-fest he has with a new game. That's why I watch ZP. It's fun regardless of wether or not I agree with his opinion of the game. I think the heart of the issue might be how much punditry he ads to his critiques (notice I didn't say review) of games which isn't journalism, but people take it as such. I think that there is a disconnect between those people and the part of Yahtzee that wants to be taken seriously.


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Jul 8, 2011
Yahtzee Croshaw said:
I appreciate that Nintendo seem to be the only triple-A company still interested in trying new things
I will argue that Blizzard is trying several new things in Diablo III, besides the in game mechanics ones (redone all the leveling and stat system) this game seems like a very ballsy experiment to see what can and can't be done with real money item buying and selling in a higly supervised eviroment, i want to see how does it compares against EVE or Second Life in therms of making it profitable for the dedicated player (my guess? it will crush the dreams that some people have about making a living with it). Blizz is also not clueless, they know by implementing this model they are forgoing a lot of launch sales, i guess they are confident that it will be addictive enough to keep the first costumers playing and luring new players. Honestly i see this game as a hugue psychological experiment and i find it very intriguing, no way in hell ill devote time to it though, i am more interested in seeing how the community evolves than in the actual game.

Then again i like blizz :p

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Jan 10, 2009
This is why if I ever did anything, I would never read the comments. The comments are worthless, save for the amount of them. Like fan mail. No one ever reads all that shit. Ever. Nor should that as it can drive one insane.


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May 1, 2012
I'm not a huge nintendo guy, but I admit I felt an urge to stand up and defend Kid Icarus. Until I saw who wrote the article and remembered how much fun I had playing every single one of your games through to the end. So respectfully, I keep my mouth shut.


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Jun 9, 2010
I managed to finish the entire game without using the stand. Don't even know where it is XD

Guess I'm a superhero now.

My problem with the reviews was that it seemed to be complaining about stupid things. Anime visuals? Errrr. Obvious from box? Can we have complaints about Call of Duty looking realistic? Levels short? For a handheld game...hmmm I dunno. Some levels easily pass the 30 minute mark. And it's not like there's about 10 levels or so. Plenty of them. But then we also have him complaining that what he did play was torture. So is it a complaint about the levels being too long and torturous or too short? I dunno

Complaints about Nintendo reviving older series? Ok. So lets just let them repeat the same franchises every year (ok they kinda do that anyways) and not bother. Despite people badgering them for the older ones.

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Jun 17, 2009
I never thought you were biased against Nintendo Yahtzee. I knew you were not particularly fond of motion controls, but I never thought that equated to bias against Nintendo. Then again, I'm not a Nintendo fanboy. I like many of Nintendo's main franchises and I think Nintendo has done a lot of good for the industry, but I don't worship them or anything.

trollpwner said:
Yahtzee, you twit! I've said it before and I'll say it again:

Do. Not. Try. And. Reason. With. Fanboys.

It doesn't work. They live in a different plane of existence to us, where logic can be drowned out by them shouting their opinions at us until we want to kill ourselves. Arguging with them only gives them a platform to yell at you for being "wrong" for disagreeing with them.
There. Fix'd it for you. It doesn't matter what they're a fanboy of, reasoning with them is futile.

him over there

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Dec 17, 2011
Not to be rude but what I got out of the whole issue with the stand was "I can't hold the 3ds with one hand!" The complaint about 3d on a portable system has been addressed before, as has motion controls. The whole thing was mostly a retread of what you've said before yahtzee. I sympathize with the crazy fans though, but perish the thought they're Nintendo exclusive.


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Aug 5, 2009
Now I'm convinced Nintendo does have a Vendetta against yahtzee, as vengeance for ragging on motion controls. I find handheld controls perfectly servicable to interface with a game, thank you very much. He just showed me one more reason NOT to get a 3DS. I played with a couple @ the Nintendo booth @ GDC2012 and they did not leave a good impression.


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Mar 28, 2010
Zeriah said:
Revnak said:
I'm sorry Yahtzee, but all I read in that article was bias, bias, fuck motion controls, bias.

As for people assuming that fans of the game just don't want to have it revealed to them that they are wrong, why are you assuming that? Maybe they just like those games while Yahtzee doesn't and feel they need some kind of justification. Just because Yahtzee dislikes something doesn't mean that everyone who likes it is absolutely wrong and simply doesn't want to admit it (and thank God for that! I love 40k regardless of Yahtzee's opinions). Maybe these aren't even all the same people, but actually different fans of different games. The assumptions you guys keep throwing around are just as moronic as the ones people keep making about Yahtzee.
Yahtzee doesn't hate you for having a different opinion than himself. The issue he has is when people immediately dismiss his articles and often times legitimate, albeit humorous arguments because of this perceived bias. He doesn't give a stuff if you say he is wrong and then show the reasons why. It is when somebody is all "Nintendo bias QED" or the people who simply cannot tolerate him having a different opinion than their own. If this isn't you than it isn't aimed at you.

I for one don't give a toss either way though, this is too funny for me. Yahtzee rags on just about everything, that is his gimmick. His "reviews" are not so much that, as more of a showing of the game's flaws in a humorous way. Every single week there are a portion of viewers who just can't hold in their anger at a game they like but will often be laughing along next week once it's a game they are indifferent about. I mean sometimes you may have some pretty good points but that you are actually getting honestly upset at a comedic show is strange to me. Do you also get upset and filled with rage when South Park or Family Guy pokes fun at something you like?
Um, at what point (other than the clearly sarcastic opening sentence) did I accuse Yahtzee of anything? My comment was towards the guys that were posting about how Nintendo fans simply refuse to admit their games suck despite deep down knowing that it is true. Those guys are being total pricks.


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Dec 24, 2008
And again, it comes down to "You have to use the stand".

See, when I got the game, I initially refused to use the stand, in much the same way that he refused to use the 3D. And I did fine. A month later, and 100 hours logged, and I still barely use the stand at all. I'm not even sure where it is.

But some people want to use the stand. Some people feel more comfortable with it. Some people want to use variant control schemes that really can't be done without the. And some people, apparently, feel compelled to use it, even though it apparently is a most uncomfortable way to play it for them. And I can respect that. Well, the first three, anyway. The first three are why the stand was packaged with the game, and yet, everyone goes the "they knew it was terrible".

Side note: It's not an "autofire" option so much as it is a "fire when you get the target on the enemy" option, so charged shots do work.