League of Legends Makes Its Heavy Metal Debut With Pentakill

The Wykydtron

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Sep 23, 2010
SilverStuddedSquirre said:
The Wykydtron said:
I really liked it. I do like metal so obviously I would but i'm surprised Riot actually did something metal not like some hard rock passed off as metal thing. Of course some people will tell you something's not metal enough no matter what it is so opinions will be split.

Totally downloading the album as well, Smite and Ignite. Someone locks a jungle with Smite/Ignite you know he's either going legendary in 10 minutes or feeding super hard. Such a metal set of spells.
Sounds pretty good I agree, I doubt it will replace 3 Inches of Blood as my go to gaming Band though. Seems like you know what I mean there Wykydtron. :)
How long has it been for someone to comment on the reference? At least a year probably two, thank you. Funnily enough my favourite TIoB song is Deadly Sinners (but who doesn't like that song) and Axes of Evil. One of the backing guitar solos in the first minute or so was good enough to be a main guitar solo as far as i'm concerned.

I haven't listened to much metal lately, I listen to nothing but game/anime soundtracks or other quirky internet songs. They cover a large range of genres thinking about it, J-pop one second (LiSA why are you so good?) a dirge march the next and heavy metal the one after.

Does anyone know of any decent dirge by the way? I'm just curious but i've never found any much of worth.


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Sep 10, 2009
*Inserts obligatory Deathklok reference*

I actually really like Deathklok, listen to them daily, for years now...
Here's to hoping this band will also be good and free ;-)


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Mar 18, 2013
Power metal? No thank you, what about Doom metal based like Candlemass or Cathedral?