Leaked Super Smash Bros 3DS Video Reveals Three Unannounced Characters


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Jul 24, 2009
... no Tingle?
Instead, make more cloned characters. As a start I suggest splitting up the Yoshi colours: Red breathes fire, blue flies, yellow stomps... tada, more characters!
Some of the characters really aren't that interesting. Hell, these days I don't even know some of them and most are just move set clones with very slight modifications. At that rate there is really no excuse not to put Tingle in (other than "major parts of the US audience" not liking him or not knowing who he is).


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Aug 17, 2011
rosac said:
Give Ganondorf his swords and a new moveset. Please! He's been in enough games that you can make his own individual moves, surely? Between the magic and the swordplay.
Honestly, at this point I feel that Smash really doesn't need another sword user. I mean, we already have like, what, eight or so? unless he goes dual blades, Windwaker style. Although I still think what would make him unique would be giving him that trident he used in the early top-down games.

Being a clone is just a waste of potential.


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Jun 7, 2010
YES! Got me ma boi Ganon!

I love Ganondorf and love he has his own moveset. I understand why people would like him with an unique moveset, but I would drop Captain Falcon like a brick every day if that would mean I get my Ganon. And He is not really a clone to be fair. Sure, some moves have similar animations, but they work really different. Ganon and Cap can't do the same combo's and have different strengths and weaknesses.

Bowser JR. looks cool and can be great addition. I don't care for Shulk, but if he is a fun character, I won't mind him.

And we all know that Captain Falcon is the real clone.


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Jun 18, 2012
Neverhoodian said:

And Ganondorf has Captain Falcon's moveset...AGAIN.

I love the Smash series and all, but the clones are getting old at this point. Why bother with separate character slots for nearly identical fighters like Dr. Mario and Dark Pit when they could easily be alternate costumes to make room for new iconic challengers?
Exactly. Either make it a skin or don't bother putting it in. If you've got 40 characters, 6 of which are almost exactly alike, you don't have 40 characters, you really only have 34.


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May 17, 2010
I'm really, really interested to see how the hell DH Dog is supposed to work:

-Normal attack: pouncing, licking

-Special 1: Summons duck for a divebomb

-Special 2 "saving" move: Summons duck to carry it for a few seconds ala Pit and Kirby

-Special 3: Grab, shot by 4th wall Light Gun

-Final Smash: Screen flashes with DH gun sound effects and ducks just start raining from the sky like Ness's PK Star Storm

-Taunt:...what else could it be?


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Oct 2, 2008
Queen Michael said:
MrBrightside919 said:
-Nintendo has little experience with DLC so the idea that Smash will have DLC characters is very suspicious. Also, some of the characters that have been said will come as DLC are definitely reaching a bit...like Ridley and Mewtwo.
How's Mewtwo stretching it? It wouldn't be his first rodeo.
They replaced Mewtwo with Lucario


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May 21, 2014
With the exception of Bowser Jr., the footage is underwhelming. Shulk looked too generic. Hopefully his modes will make up for this. Otherwise, I'm not feeling how reiterative character design has become in this series.