Machinarium Developer Offers Pirates Amnesty


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Jul 25, 2010
I actually bought this game over Steam. Suggest you people do it too. Its well worth the money. Its both challanging, adoreable and good fun at the same time. The art-style is really cool as well.



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Nov 22, 2009
shiajun said:
ionveau said:
i played 2 levels of this game and i thought it was bad, that said

Why this game was pirated so much? well i buy the game i give it to my friend my friend gives it to his friend his friend gives it to his friend etc, this game has NO DRM

trust me big company's like EA have DRM on their games not so that online pirates "steal" the game but to stop You from giving the game to your friend witch is also piracy
Assassin creed tried to stop Friend sharing piracy and online piracy at the same time, even though it worked for the first 3 months it got cracked.

So Overall DRM is a useful thing even though it dosent stop online piracy it stops you from sharing your legit game with your buddys and thats why company's keep it, So in a way yes you are all thieves but thanks to DRM you cannot share your legit copys with friends, same cannot be said for online sharing
By sharing amongst friends do you mean lending or making a copy and then giving it out? First option is completely legit, as there is no transaction ocurring, the same copy that was bought is just moving around, hopefully going back to the original owner. If it's the second, well yes, it's piracy. Problem is current DRM schemes kill both options at the same time, thus removing yet another right I should have after I've bought something. I'm not advocating piracy, just saying that DRM as it is right now proves to be more incovenient and unjust than useful. A game with no DRM would have to be deleted from computers and then lent to assure that only one instance of said purchase is currently in existance. I'd probably do that if I like the game and wanted to promote it.

Yes thanks to DRM you cant leave the game on your computer while the disk is out, god bless DRM, this game has 0000 DRM meaning that if you give your friend the disk you still have the game, witch means your a pirate so thanks to DRM that seems default so your proof that DRM stop piracy, not online piracy


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Jan 8, 2009
I like the idea of an Amnesty sale however they offered way too low a price in my opinion.


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Apr 21, 2010
Hmm, an interesting idea. Trying to milk money out of pirates is virtually impossible, the greedy bastards, but I suppose they can't be hurt for trying.

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Sep 7, 2008
gregoryg said:
Amanita Design doesn't include any form of anti-piracy measure on its games. Dvorsky believes that they don't matter, noting that these measures "only make the legal version less comfortable than some free hacked illegal version."
This almost brought a tear to my eye.

I've been meaning to play this (played the demo at their site), but was too afraid I won't be able to finish it in fear of my head exploding.