MAG Could Have Even More Than 256 Concurrent Players


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Mar 24, 2008
lizards said:
im interested in this because ive always wanted to be in a game where you are in squads instead of everybody run off in random directions

what would be cool is if there were snipers in the squads or just sniper teams sent out
Like others have said you don't pick a job class you pick your gear.

You always have a standard Assault Rifle,Sniper Rifle,Heavy Machine Gun, Repair Kit & etc. but (At least how it was in the beta) you only get 5 loadouts to switch between during a battle so you could put points into sniper items and have one that has the best S. Rifle scope and a Bipod with other stuff and make a copy with a Fore Grip incase you don't think you have time to lay down prone or have another loadout set up with a weaker rifle but carries anti-personal or vehicle mines.

Though thiers a shortage of full fledged medics >.>

StarStruckStrumpets said:
This makes me think, they better spend a lot of time making a functional spawn system, or you'd get PWND real fast. I used PWND for a reason, to express how horrible this would be.
Actually they have a pretty good one your "main" spawn points (ones furthest away from the enemy) are out of bounds to the enemy if they get to close a warning saying your entering a heavily mined enemy territory and you'll die if you stay to long. Also if someone dies before you can either attempt to wait to be revived by a medic or bleedout and hop on the other dead guys respawn timer and come back at the spawn at the same time in a group but you take a forward spawn point there's a chance that you can be targetted the second you walk out if your position has been over run,but hey that's war.