Max Payne 3: Hoboken Blues Hits the Stands

Andy Chalk

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Nov 12, 2002
Max Payne 3: Hoboken Blues Hits the Stands

The second issue of Rockstar's free Max Payne 3 digital comic is now available.

It ain't easy being Max Payne. Just check out Max Payne 3: Hoboken Blues if you don't believe me. After what was by all appearances a pretty miserable childhood, Max finally discovered his talent - violence - and then, even better, the incomparable happiness that comes from true love and fatherhood. That lasted about a couple of years, after which it all fell apart, when his family, and then a few years later his partner and best friend, were massacred by a bunch of Valkyr-sucking scumbags. In the wake of the events of Max Payne 2 [], presciently subtitled The Fall of Max Payne, he was forced to retire from the NYPD and was left a broken, brooding alcoholic, "drinking himself dumb in near-poverty in Hoboken."

Hoboken Blues covers a lot of post-Max Payne 2 backstory, none of which I will spoil here, and while there's no straight-up retconning at work (at least none that I noticed), I still maintain that the comic serves up a decidedly more wretched Max Payne than that of the first two games. Rather than just a normal guy having an extended run of bad luck, the Max in the comics is positively star-crossed and born to violence.

Still, it's free, it fills in a lot of the pre-Max Payne 3 blanks and, personal bias toward my beloved Max Payne franchise notwithstanding, it's pretty good. The digital edition of the Max Payne 3: Hoboken Blues is up now at [], or you're a serious fan and live within reasonable proximity to a decent comic shop, you can try your luck at scoring one of the limited print editions.



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Mar 28, 2010
Ugh, it's gotten to a point where I feel sorry for max I just want to slit his throat to end his payne and misery.

...When did Max turn into a White Knight?


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Jan 3, 2009
Cool; color me intrigued.

Read both issues. I've always really liked Max, but this just makes his whole sob-story even WORSE. Feel totally sorry for the guy. :(


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Apr 23, 2010
I liked it better when Max looked like Sam Lake. I miss the sardonic smirk...and the grimace.

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Nov 25, 2007
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The firearms expert in me can't get past the fact that, on the cover, the handgun in Max's left hand is ejecting shells in the wrong direction.

octafish said:
I liked it better when Max looked like Sam Lake. I miss the sardonic smirk...and the grimace.
Yeah, me too. He just looks... wrong, now.