Microsoft Scouring All Traces of Xbox 720 Design Doc


Oct 6, 2009
Dr Jones said:
Tsaba said:
DVS BSTrD said:
Tsaba said:
DVS BSTrD said:
It certainly is a suspicious degree of damage control.
I don't see your angle on this one.
Then you must be quite obtuse.
I would normally describe myself as Acute, but, for you I think I can make an exception.

I really cant comprehend them D: Are they some sort of spin on the "lawyer thingy"? What with the "Degree" and all?
Scars Unseen said:
How long are you two going to protract this discussion?
Saucycarpdog said:
You guys are bringing this discussion full circle, aren't you?
What's your point?

OT:Geometry (Xbox 720)*cough*


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Aug 31, 2010
uncanny474 said:
I'm not saying an eight-core processor isn't easy to program. I'm not computer-savvy enough to know that. I'm saying that an eight-core processor, in itself, is stupidly expensive, no matter what it's clocked at.

And it depends on how obtuse the OS is. For instance, yes, I can play 98 games on Win7, but I have to reconfigure half my settings or implement a Virtual Box to do it. And forget about playing Win3.1 games, even WITH an emulator. I bought the GOG version of Wing Commander 1&2, and I STILL haven't figured out how to get the damn thing to run.

Knowing Microsoft, Xbox 180's OS is an absolute mess, and 360 isn't much better.
*sigh* No, "eight core processor" is not expensive, it depends on the clock speed. It's a very common misconception that "more cores = better and moar expensive" same way "moar RAM = must be faster" (DDR2-DDR3, etc). Allow me to give you an example using my local distributor:

Both these Processors are Quad-Core

Even though they are both quad core processors one has an extra .4 ghz of processing power (per core) and is a later model so it handles data threading better than the other one. One is ?225 and one is ?369, do you see what I'm getting at here? So even if they make an "Eight Core Processor" being as it's in a console the cores would be *NOWHERE* near or even need to be anywhere near the power of a desktop processor because they accomplish entirely different tasks. I'd honestly be surprised if this eight core processor costs more than $150 to produce; throw in the blu ray drive (not that expensive anymore), the casing and all the other fluff and they should pretty much break even on production if they want the $299 target. The only place they *might* lose on is the Kinect but the Kinect costing MS money isn't anything new at all.

tl;dr = Tech is weird. PC tech =/= stand alone system tech. Market prices are stupidly over-priced compared to what MS will pay.

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Sep 8, 2011
kir4 said:
I assume they want it to be taken down because their candidate release console won't live up to that. So if this document is well known anything less then this when released will be met with "meh".
You know I thought about this. And it doesn't make sense unless Microsoft is retarded. They could just say that it's a hoax and be done with it.


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Apr 19, 2010
Andy Chalk said:
I still love the idea of the name. Xbox 720. It conjures the image of just spinning around in place, or wandering lost through the same patch of dense woods.

"Xbox 720: You've... been here before."