Minecraft Multiplayer Brought Down by DDoS Attack

Corpse XxX

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Jan 19, 2009
George Palmer said:
We don't like the way you are handling YOUR OWN GAME!! We DEMAND that you do it the way WE want! To help you achieve that goal we are going to cripple your servers!! Because nothing helps speed up the development process like bringing down part of what you need to do that development!!


Hey guys heres a brilliant idea. Now I want you to open up your mind real wide for this one 'cause I'm about to totally freak you out. Ready for this?

If you don't like the game, don't play it.

I know I know...its a completely new idea that you may have never seen/heard of before. But really, it works.
I copy this answer, making it my own!


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Jul 9, 2009
sooperman said:
Patrick_and_the_ricks said:
Players of Minecraft, we shall not give in to this Terrorists demands, for if we do it will never end.
We do not negotiate with terrorists.

The have to lose interest at some point, right?

Either that or they get caught and arrested and all that that entails, or shot in the head in a compound in Pakistan, or possibly *@#$ed up by some angry mob.


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Mar 21, 2012
Yeah, I know I'm a bit late on this. I just googled it, and I felt like making an account to reply. =) I just thought I'd give some information to anybody else who happens to read this, on how it's a difficult problem to confront/solve.

DDos attacks are a federal offense, and against the 'Computer Fraud and Abuse' act, and can be punishable with years in prison, depending on the country.

By now, these guys are probably done, and the law has caught up to them.

(I'd like to say this, but I have no sources.)

But all the evidence is against them. It is possible to retrace an attack back to their IP address, and if they have posted complaints claiming responsibility (unsure if this would ve viable for use of evidence) they would have had their IP addresses recorded.

Even if you were to use some website to change your IP, you can only "mask" it, and there will always be an internal IP address (The IPv6, I believe, but I'm not a techi-guy) although it is extremely hard to trace one of these attacks. It's likely that these guys have gotten away with it, since there has been no announcement (as far as I know) discerning if any federal punishments have been ejected.

There's an article about it, also.


This may give you guys an idea about DDoS attacks.

Also, another problem, concerning 4chan.

It isn't known if that post was actually by the attackers or not. It could have easily been a random person who saw the opportunity to capture attention or persuade Persson into performing certain tasks, such as updating minecraft.

There is no actual proof that the ones who have posted this message ARE the attackers, and it would be near to impossible to prove so. (Near to)

Although, an impressive amount of the time, a DDoS attacker is usually a stupid player/fan.

Here's an article on Curse explaining a WoW player who has been arrested, on account of others, for several DDoS attacks and suspicion.


A lot of articles have been explaining the 4chan incident, and none so far have been able to give evidence that this post was related to the DDoS attacks at all.
But if you can find proof, tell me about it.