Miyamoto "Mortified" Capcom Got to Steel Battalion First

Craig Cameron

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Jun 8, 2010
While I'm sure I'll get a tonne of flak for this I for one am glad he didn't get to make steel battalion first.

My reasons are henceforth:
Mario is the most overused character in the history of videogames and should have been killed off long ago.
It would have been developed for a nintendo console which after the N64 were made entirely of fail.
It's not his style and that would have showed in the final product.
I can't help but think that instead of the mech simulator that steel battalion is would have become an anime-esque romp through the mech sub genre which instead of making a new ip probably would have been based on the original gundam or macross, which while I accept have a vast following would have made the game less visually interesting and stemmed any creative input by the team because as we can all agree, fans are ravenous dicks who would want the game to be exactly like the source ip and shun any change good, bad or indifferent.

Anyway now I might see if my old xbox still works and see if I can get past level 3 of steel battalion as I was slightly retarded in my younger years and consequently quite bad at games with a moderate difficulty curve.


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Oct 2, 2008
More Fun To Compute said:
I think that the main thing stopping Miyamoto from doing this is the same thing that stops him making the FPS he says he wants to make. He works at Nintendo.
Nothing is stopping Miyamoto from doing *anything he wants to do.* He's Shigeru Miyamoto.


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Dec 13, 2008
To be fair, a Mech game that uses a control panel on the lower screen and the gyroscope to turn the head/cockpit, with shoulder buttons to fire primary and secondary weapons would be ideal on the 3DS. It's not much of a step from Steel Diver's periscope mode, and it'd be different enough to avoid lawsuits. I hope Miyamoto decides to go ahead with something like that anyway. I'd buy it.