Navy Developing Cyber-Attack Weaponry


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Jan 25, 2010
It is for gaining access to the comms network of opposing nations while in combat. Like their encrypted radios or network data between tanks, planes or AWACS.

Boba Frag

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Dec 11, 2009
manaman said:
Boba Frag said:
I agree there is going to be much less funding, all the more reason to trump up the concept that you have to ensure you get your cut of the pie before it's all gone. That's what the announcements are about. A weapon isn't all that much use to anyone, especially one like this, when everyone knows you have it and what it can do. Unless maybe they just want everyone to start working on countermeasures so they can laugh at them in a couple of years and say "You thought we where serious?"

More likely they are just looking for something to overwhelm computer systems on other ships during a battle. Should they actually be looking for something to cripple the infrastructure of a nation, then bombs do a much better job, with the added bonus that they have to fix everything rather then just finding a way to plug the virtual hole.
I was actually thinking that myself... although at the moment it wouldn't be that big of a deal against Somali pirates :p
But against more advanced warships? Absolutely.

Seeing as how this is on The Escapist, I feel less of a fool for saying this, but ever play Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory?
I just remembered the crippling attack that ship suffered because its information warfare suite was compromised.
Unreal game....

Er... and now I'm off topic!