Neverwinter Nevermore


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Apr 15, 2009
ThriKreen said:
beefpelican said:
Really? Not counting Hordes and Shadows? What were they called?
They were the Premium Modules, the pre-cursor to DLC.

Witch's Wake, Shadowguard, Kingmaker, which you can get as part of NWN Diamond or the Kingmaker pack.

And download only (which I worked on): Pirates of the Sword Coast, Infinite Dungeons, and WyvernCrown of Cormyr (HORSES).
I am intrigued...Not yet sure if i'm intrigued enough to find my old NwN install disks, but then again I did always like the way it handled more than NwN 2.


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Aug 27, 2012
Holy Crap! No one here knows that there are over 100 persistent worlds run by the NWN2 Engine currently via the games MP function?! Really!?

It's a whole new NWN2 and we built it!

For the last eight years hordes of die-hard NWN fans from around the world have been building entire worlds and server clusters of worlds via the NWN2 toolset. We have been running eight year long D&D campaigns with live dungeon masters. Our worlds now have all the features of MMOs that we as a community programmed in.

I personally come from a series of four interconnected servers based naturally on D&D Faerun. We run the Moonshae's Isles, Baldur's Gate, Western Heartlands, and The Silver Marches. We run live games and we run in hardcore 3.5 rules with Roleplay standards of total immersion and PERMADEATH rules according to the manual.

Our servers were built by a host of international players who all got together originally to host 15 different Faerun based servers back on NWN called A Land Far Away ( I am a builder and a past Dm and through my contributions via creating areas and worlds I have learned and taught others to create naturally realistic gaming environs via using new unique content you will not see in single player.

Our servers have engendered international friendship, vacations, mini-cons, and even marriages. And we are just ONE group of a hundred servers that are run in all different languages. NWN2 have three adult RP servers, a game of thrones based server, and even a space-travel based server all created through content shared in the creative commons via

Sure we don't own a lick of this content via Hasbro/Obsidian/Atari, but we love what it brings to us, a world under OUR control, with live Dms that care, plus static content and all the professions and customization that MMOs offer.

We took that so called piece of crap NWN2 and used as fertilizer to grow an entirely different world. Contact me on our A Land Far Away facebook group page for more info.


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Sep 10, 2012
With the constant integration of technology into our daily lives, I'm confident that a day is coming soon when a group of young adventurers set out to defy the system, will create a new world online that will put the status quo to the test. We must always remind others around us of the past, and an age when freedom in life and online were side by side.


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Nov 29, 2008
I solo through MMOs & treat them like massive open world single player campaigns overrun with useless NPCs. I play lots of them, provided they're FTP with optional cash shop or a one-time payment, & don't have open PvP. I'm not antisocial & am interested in tabletop gaming, I just really dislike playing video games with others. & I do put money into the ones I like, I just rotate between MMOs every 2 weeks, rendering even a one month subscription pointless.

It's nice to know there will be another Neverwinter game, even if I already have ::checks:: 6 other upcoming MMOs I'm excited about. 2013 is going to be awesome. I'm especially hopefully that it will be very story heavy, like LotRO & NWN & BG. Well, my biggest hope is really that playing it reminds me of playing NWN & not something else.

Oh man, NWN had the BEST premium mods. The stories were good enough that I almost ripped my hair out when I remembered that some of them were left unfinished. While NWN2 & it's first expansion were great, the other 2 expansions were quite disappointing. I tried to enjoy them; I shouldn't have to try,