New Doom Gameplay Footage Is Bloody And Grim


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Mar 21, 2011
Yeah I'm not feeling it. The movement was way too slow for my liking, and whilst the originals had their quiet keycard-collecting moments you could at least run at Olympic sprinter speeds whereas here we just got a slightly faster generic shooter. The takedown animations will get old quickly, especially with shit like the chainsaw which needs one for EVERY single kill.

They haven't really shown anything that implies that this will be Doom's The New Order at all. Maybe when some PC footage played by actual people I'll be excited but for now, not that good of a show.


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Nov 9, 2009
Negative opinion time. The "Gameplay" videos looked too much like bullshots too me. The character's movements seemed too smooth and the shooting was not as "frantic" as a Doom game would be like. This felt more like a specially made Doom designed solely for E3.


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Nov 21, 2007
Coreless said:
While I liked the gunplay and the look of the game I just don't understand what the hell they were thinking with bullets and health flying out of bodies like a loot piñata...this isn't Destiny, this isn't Borderlands, this is Doom. The flying loot has absolutely no place in this game and it just looks like they throw it in because its what other games recently have done ignoring why those games do it in the first place.

Why would you ditch static health packs and ammo? it was one of the challenges of the original games was that you had a limited number of health packs to reach the end, making you learn the level encounters and forcing planning in order to beat the hardest difficulties.
It looks like there are static health and ammo pickups as well.

I see why they've gone the route of having ammo and health drop from some of the enemies. Take a look at the ammo counters for the weapons. The total reserve count is pretty low. The shotgun looks to hold no more than 20 shells.

So, while different, it looks like they're still going heavy on the resource management style of gunplay from the original Doom.

Last thing that bothered me was the shimmering effect on the demons, who thought that was a good idea? It is completely immersion breaking. Is it supposed to show that you can use a close combat execution move? Why not just make them stammer to signify that they can be executed? That shimmer effect is just terrible.
From what I've been seeing, they're going for a lot of varied, reactive animations, so it would probably be hard to differentiate between a monster being susceptible to an execution and one just stammering from an impact.

It also looks as though the shimmer effect denotes the kind of execution(s) that can be performed. I noticed at one point in the gameplay stream that a monster's legs were the only part to shimmer, and the player ran up and performed an execution involving the monsters legs.

Cowabungaa said:
I'm liking what I'm seeing alright.

Thanks for linking that video.

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Jul 15, 2013
That giant demon at the end...that shot looks so very familiar. Wasn't that a scene in one of the pre-back-to-drawing-board trailers of Doom4? With just a few more shiny lights so you can actully see the monster in all it's reddy brown goodness.

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May 15, 2010
I think it looks like DOOM, modern graphics and aesthetics, but at heart its still DOOM. I'll probably get it. I'm not overtly hyped, just not disappointed which IMO is the best possible scenario. Hype always seems to be an overreaction to a lack of pertinent information that your mind just fills in the blanks with awesomeness that can never be duplicated because your expectations are too high.


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Sep 6, 2014
InsanityRequiem said:
Negative opinion time. The "Gameplay" videos looked too much like bullshots too me. The character's movements seemed too smooth and the shooting was not as "frantic" as a Doom game would be like. This felt more like a specially made Doom designed solely for E3.
This was something I couldn't help but notice too. Things like stopping for a split second to fire the shotgun.
I completely lost interest at the point the guy on stage said something to the effect of "Hey while we're talking about multiplayer, you know what arena shooters always benefit from? Powerups! " No thanks.


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Dec 10, 2012
killerbee256 said:
I see Bethesda saw and liked Brutal Doom.
This is pretty much what I was thinking.

It definitely has the same feel(even if not necessarily the monster density) of brutal doom, what with the copious juiciness of the kills, the takedowns, and so on.

It's pretty compelling, thus far. We'll see if they can keep the appeal on the march to release.


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Feb 25, 2008
ObsidianJones said:
I just felt like I saw Doom 4, Master Chief edition.
Given how much Master Chief owes to the doom guy (aesthetically and Halo CE's gameplay) that might not be entirely unintentional. Or it might be a case of it being so long since the last one that people forget which influenced which.

I really like the gameplay demo though, made me think of somewhere between Quake 2/4 and Gear of War in first person. Admittedly neither of those things is Doom, but it's still purile and violent enough for me to approve!

Pyrian said:
Is stuttering framerate a stylistic choice now?
Clearly someone high up in Bethesda has a stammer and believes all things that don't are imperfect.


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Sep 13, 2008
One thing that newer Doom games never seem to get right is enemy health. Your main enemies of imps, and several variety of zombies always took about one hit from your mighty boomstick to die, and pretty much at a whole number of ranges other than "So close I can kick you" range. Also the speed isn't too bad, but could be just a bit faster.