Nintendo Looks to Enter Movie Business Within 5 Years


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Mar 9, 2010
canadamus_prime said:
Kyrian007 said:
canadamus_prime said:
Kyrian007 said:
As much as some people would hate this suggestion.

Nintendo... learn from Marvel, and Star Wars. Sign the deal with Disney. Sit back, spend no money, spend no effort, and just collect the cash flow. True, keeping it in house gives you more control. It also opens you up to making a terrible movie that loses money for the company. Disney is KILLING IT with Marvel properties and all indications point toward Star Wars being EASILY worth the 4 BILLION they paid for it.

So, potentially lose money... or almost assuredly make tons of money. Just sign the deal.
Disney OWNS Marvel and Star Wars. There is no "deal" involved.
Well, sell your movie rights or make an offer on a deal. I doubt Disney is about to buy the whole company, and the movie rights probably aren't worth Star Wars' 4 billion. I bet they could get quite a lot for the rights to several of their properties.
THing is I think Nintendo wants to maintain a fair amount of creative control over the project in order to avoid what happened with the '93 Mario movie.
That's more or less why it's specifically Disney I suggested. No, Lucas doesn't have any real creative control, yes they can do whatever they want with Marvel properties... but the quality (and profitability)of the MCU and what we've seen of Star Wars are better than average... and faaaaar better than Mario '93. Basically going with Disney guarantees profit and minimizes the possibility of critical failure. Nintendo just picking some director, giving him the Zelda timeline, and telling him to "go nuts..." Well, it could be brilliant. There's also equal parts possible that it will be so-so or a huge moneypit.

Of course, if I had the money to fund Nintendo's foray into movies. Well I said I'd go back and get a Hollywood level production of "There Will Be Brawl."