Notch Puts Minecraft Quests, Statistics in Motion


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Mar 24, 2009
aegix drakan said:
ummm......Has anyone else noticed the stat "DISTANCE FLOWN"?

....0_o Either that's related to pistons shooting you into the air (notch said something about implementing that mod), or it's a dev-mode flying thing.....or we might be getting a flying method soon......

Also, I'm loving the acheivement/tutorial system.
Dragons are an expected mob, and whether they are hostile or not, the MinecraftWiki has evidence pointing at them being tameable and possibly rideable. I hope they start hostile, with a craftable MacGuffin needed to tame them. With companion wolves, the balance seems to lean toward the player now.
AnAngryMoose said:
whiteshark12 said:
Rather late on this, this has been common knowledge for the last 2 days.

anyway, if you pause at 0:50 the lightning bolt causes a fire, but apparantly rain puts out fire, so even if it struck a flammable object is (shouldn't) burn.
My house should be safe enough. Hopefully. The top is cobblestone, but the bottom is wooden. I might need to sort that out...
I wouldnt put in a lava moat. I did that and somehow the flying cinders managed to go through my very tall wall and set my trees in my courtyard on fire. Fortunately this was before the eternal burning log was fixed so I could salvage some wood.
subtlefuge said:
Achievements =/= Gameplay

It's close Notch, but I know you can do better.
Notch isn't centered on Cheevs, as he has a lot more in store with more gaming modes besides survival and creative yet to put out.
luckycharms8282 said:
"Achievement get"

lol okay. Minecraft is really coming together nicely. I wonder what the final product will look like.
We will know on 11/11/11!


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Sep 26, 2010
first off I am glad to see notch got rain working hes been trying for a good while now

second is there an achiment for being hit by lighting lol