Obsidian Would Love Another Chance at Fallout

Not Matt

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Nov 3, 2011
We would love that too. Let them do it Bethesda. Please please please let them. We all loved new Vegas


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Jun 24, 2009
A thousand times yes. Fallout 3 was great in exploration, but absolutely failed in it's story, railroading you into crap that removed you from a good roleplay. "You are not a mercenary!", the Brotherhood of Steel will tell you, despite continuously taking jobs only for the reward or nuking a major settlement for the petty cash and a nice house. Little is explained, and everything that is offered relies on you being taken for granted and assuming that you're only playing the game one way.

New Vegas, on the other hand, was a masterpiece of choice and storytelling. Practically no railroading, you could kill everyone and still solve any quest (good old fashioned Cut the Rope), and no matter how you decided to play your role, they fit it into the game. I'd love to see the greater exploration (distinct monuments and ruined highways were better than sparsely decorated desert) and unique weapon building of Fallout 3 added to the wonderful beauty that is New Vegas.

But what are you people talking about stability? Two hundred hours of either game provide a bug density greater than the biblical locust swarms that blotted out the sky. Yeah, the opening salvo of New Vegas had some impressive and nightmare-inducing issues, but most of those got fixes of one sort or another, and it's not like its Capitol Wasteland sibling got off scott free on that ride.

I don't care who develops it, both games were fun to play. But for the love of all that is great, let me murder everyone (fine, not children, but don't make them pricks I want to Mini-nuke, either), fill the map with interesting things, give me multiple roles to play in these role-playing games, polish up the crafting system from both games into one enjoyable aside, and get some more QA testers, PLEASE.

Teoes said:
I've got NV, why have I never given it a proper play through? Oh yeah, because at the moment I'm scared of sinking another several hundred hours into an open world RPG like that.. because we all know that putting just 100 hours into 1 character is nowhere near enough.

In other words, despite some lack of first-hand experience on my part I'd love to see them get this chance too.

(Actually for that above admission do I deserve to be mocked, shunned and shamed per this week's Jimquisition?)
You should get over that fear. It's seriously hindering your life. Luckily, you are already equipped with all the tools you need to fix this serious issue to your personal happiness. Your friends all want this for you. We believe you can do it.


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Jul 24, 2011
I've been pleased by Obsidian in their Fallouts, though I liked New Vegas better than 3 by leaps and bounds. Both are great games, but I've never felt so alone in the fallout world as I had in 3.

In New Vegas I was never relaly alone, and I liked a lot of the characters in the game. Even the neurotic AI combat armor, and uhm... myself in OWB.

I do have one request though! Use a better character creation engine. :/ It's hard to make a nice appearance in 3, and NV coz I always look diffirent from the creation screen.