Overlord 2

Matu Flp Krwfe

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Apr 1, 2009
I think that Fable's inclusion in this review is a little misguided.

For one, the game never assumes that you care about anything. Every quest, job, and other in game activity is always left up to the player as to whether or not they actually want to go through with it. Sure, you always have that option in any game with the convenience of the OFF button, but here the game accomidates the players tastes and doesn't impede their in-game experience with something that they don't give a rat's ass about.

Take the main quest. If you, being an apathetic shell of a man (hypothetically speaking), don't want to do it, you don't have to. You can run around and just kill every [adult] character in the game to try to get a rise of what moral character is left within the decrepit pit that use to be your humanity. The game will measure out the appropriate consiquences (AI's won't like you, horns grow out of head) but for such genocide the player can't be expecting any other kind of response. In this case, the game satisfies the player's blood lust with whatever the player could want out of their anti-social experience, even if it comes at the expense of the game's own story line.

So, rather than partonizing the player with a tuber on a stick, Fable treats you like a human and gives you the orange treat for doing what you want, not what game wants. Sure, it may be measured out in the usual action->reward scheme to create seeds of motivation, but you are never forcibly lead into those situations. Wives, property, equipment, items, experience, quests, they all have their benefits (including wives, despite how much Yatzee would have us believe to the contrary in his distaste of the concept) but those benefits are not absolutely required for your progression. They'll help, but if you don't care about those things the game isn't ging to think otherwise and expect emotions and motives where there is only apathy and laziness.

Akai Shizuku

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Jul 24, 2009
Loved this article.

I'm starting to think that Yahtzee is a a Slipknot fan, for a number of reasons. Slipknot is my favorite band, and I'm a shameless Yahtzee fanboy, so this is significant to me.

Reason #1 References Slipknot in his Devil May Cry 4 review

Reason #2 He says a line which is very similar one in Slipknot's song Disasterpiece:
"Or maybe I could stab them in the throat and fuck the wounds, how about that, game?"
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Feb 2, 2008
Oh, I would most certainly enjoy cuddling the shit out of Alyx.

Great post, Ben. You're a damn fine writer.


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Apr 2, 2010
I very much agree with Yahtzee when it comes to these side things I happen to own Overlord 2 and enjoy it's silliness. When it comes to the wife aspect of trying to make her happy there really isn't any reward and it's more detrimental to have her around cause I waste money and time just to keep the annoying woman happy. Rather ridiculous actually since I'm supposed to be AN OVERLORD and EVIL so I should be able to slap her around and just tell her she should be lucky I don't kill her. The relationship with the female in the game is completely out of context with the storyline they setup with the main character since they setup a game for you to be EVIL and then when it comes to the woman your supposed to be a good little husband and dote on her with no benefit of doing so.

Now there are other games that handle it somewhat well in my opinion like Dragon Age Origins depending on which female you get in a relationship with has a slight determination on the ending you get as well as some of the walk around flavor conversations your party has in the background. Also getting your party members to appreciate you unlocks side quests which can give some helpful gear at times. As many of you may know if you play the game you know it has an achievement system so with my first character I was trying to get in bed with both morrigan and leliana which I succeeded then they both started fighting over me and asking me to choose one or the other before I could continue the relationship with either. I enjoyed that they went to that depth with it as well as they went as far to have it give a slight change to the ending of the game you go with.

Overall in the end Yahtzee is right if developers are going to be putting these little side relationships in they should have it give some sort of benefit in the game especially to the story as well as working with the moral compass you have chosen for you character not for the player. Hell if we choose to play an evil character in the game we should be able to have the significant other NPC enjoy watching us do what we do best not ask us to come home fix dinner and change the baby's diaper.