Overwatch Cheaters Are Getting Wrecked By Blizzard


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Dec 24, 2014
Everyone that has used the word 'draconian' in this thread does not seem to understand what is going on here.

It is not 'just a game'; It is entertainment. Many many hours of entertainment. If someone in your movie theater stood up and started screaming and ruining everyone else's movie experience is it draconian to remove them?

Now Blizzard is taking it slightly farther than that, effectively posting a picture of that person so they won't be allowed back into the theater. Well sorry, that's what happens when you break societal rules and as a business that's something they are allowed to do to preserve all their other customer's experiences. (besides, according to multiple people in this thread the cheaters are allowed to still go to the other movies anyway)

As for publicly announcing people's user names: Internet anonymity anyone? It's a user name... make a new one if it bothers you that much. Or here's a crazy idea, don't use your main account to cheat? Or just don't cheat at all... I know, crazy idea.