Penny Arcade starts a Kickstarter for no good reason


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Aug 8, 2010
malestrithe said:
rob_simple said:
malestrithe said:
rob_simple said:
I'm only quoting you because I agree with everything you say and I feel that this way there's twice the chance of people reading your post on their way to drop off their inane wailing.
Hello. Welcome to the Internet. It is a vast wasteland where everyone think they are right, where no one is wrong, and debates are really battles of attrition where the winner is the one that does nor give up first.

People are going to be upset not matter what. The ones that complain the loudest will do so for the reason that they hate Penny Arcade for existing. It maybe a deeper reason than that, but existing is good enough for this argument. Sorry, but that's the way of the Internet.

To be honest, this does not bother me like it should. It might be a breach of service or whatever, but I don't care, I'm just glad that it Internet celebrities that are doing this and not Trey Parker or Matt Stone.
I have no idea why you felt the need to quote me in this post, but thanks for turning my mail icon yellow, all the same; it brightens up my day.
You're the one that thinks reposting a log diatribe against haters will make a difference. That's why I reposted your quote.
I love how showing support for another persons opinion is stupid to you. Maybe I should have just called him a ****** and told him to kill himself? All this 'welcome to the internet' crap is bullshit: Just because the loudest people say the worst things, it doesn't make them the majority; there are plenty of good people who want to foster rational thought and have civil discussions.

I will continue to support those whom I feel make well-reasoned arguments, you can feel free to post snarky rebuttals when I do; like a passive aggressive ***** wife telling her husband she thought vertical stripes were supposed to be slimming when he puts on a pinstripe suit.