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Mar 26, 2020
Meet Theo:

Strictly, he's my neighbour's cat, but he spends so much time in our garden that he might as well be ours. He would come in our house (and indeed has tried) if we would let him.


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Apr 10, 2020
Plano, TX
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Started to post this in the “Goofy Stuff You And Your Sig Other Do” thread, but figured it might be fitting here. Given quarantine has left us with little else to do other than stare at each other, my girlfriend and I adopted this yellow garden spider that took up residence right outside our backyard gate. We try to find insects on our patio or around the pool, half-swat them, toss them into his web, then watch in awe as nature happens. The few guests we've had are genuinely perplexed when we're so excited to half-kill a fly or beetle and toss it to this guy; quote: "you guys really do this all day?" Yes. Yes, we do. Oddly enough, we’ve not named him yet; he’s just “the spider.” Suggestions?

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Sad to report, after recent severe storms, our seven-and-a-half legged friend has vacated his web. The flies have infested our patio with a renewed smugness and impunity. While we still swat them with equal impunity, their [near] deaths are no longer adding to the circle of life.

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Jun 17, 2020
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So, what's funny about my dog is that I kind of just knew that he was going to be my dog. I walk into the county animal control shelter, and the first kennel I see has him in it, who looks up at my with one of the saddest, most pitiful faces I have ever he is squatting down and relieving himself, and since he was in basically a concrete box this meant he was just standing in a puddle of piss. I continue on up the aisle of kennels, but only make it about 3/4 of the way down the first one before I turned around and came back to his kennel.

He was in pretty rough shape when at first, both incredibly skinny and sick with kennel cough, but outside of a couple of incidents which on reflection are pretty funny (one time, after returning from a trip I took with my family I came back to my apartment, and me and a roomate who was arriving back from some errands at the same time found that, after being placed into the bathroom to seperate him from the other dog, had managed in the brief time he was alone make a 2' x 3' arch in the bottom half of the door, making the bottom half a large 'n'.

Anyway, more picture of him:

Here he is hanging out with a couple of my family's other dogs (I may do a post on them at some point), the bed happens to belong to the (not-so-little-)guy on the left.


He loves to sprawl while resting, either like this or on his stomach/chest in more of a pancake fashion.


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Apr 6, 2020
Dog's third birthday Sunday, trying to decide what cake to bake. He loves Wheat Crunchies, but I don't know whether they'd work in a cake.

I've made liver cake a few times, but the clean up is absolutely horrific. It's like an explosion in a Silent Hill factory. In the meat-packing district.
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