PETA's Pokemon Parody Battles Animal Abuse


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Jul 29, 2011
Lunncal said:
I don't see why so many people are complaining, this is exactly the sort of thing PETA should be doing to promote their message. I thought that the reason everyone hated PETA was because of all the harmful things they did in the name of their cause, rather than the cause itself. Somehow I can't bring myself to feel that promoting veganism and decrying factory farming is inherently evil.
If that was what PETA was about than nobody would hate them
disagree? Maybe, probably
but not hate
The truth is that PETA wants to destroy all forms of domestication
They don't just attack factory farming they attack ALL farming of animals
all ownership of animals
care for animals
feeding of animals
breeding of animals

they consider all animals that have been bred in captivity for human use to be unnatural and should be put down
this is why they kill nearly every animal they get their hands on

NO Captcha! I will not tell you where I shop for food!


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Jan 18, 2013
Is there a bonus level where members of PETA euthanise pokémon in an alleyway and illegally throw their corpses in a dumpster then go and firebomb a pokecenter?


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Feb 25, 2012
Jigglypuff is a "Balloon" species pokemon and Pikachu is a rat. Meat eaters are only usually interested in things that are, you know, edible and taste good. I shudder to think what manner of meat comes from Grimace.


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Jan 25, 2012
United States
At least they're somewhat aware of the hilarious implications that come from using Pokemon, the world's longest running and most popular cock-fighting simulator, to protest the consumption of animals for sustenance. if the article hadn't shown this, I'd have had a lot more to say, and a few more chuckles to give.

As it stands, I find myself agreeing with the majority. PETA is impossible to take seriously, and too evil to ever be applauded, even when their message isn't all that bad.


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May 18, 2011
I had half a mind to get all cynical and go "How DARE people criticize and mock PETA; if you disagree with them that obviously means they're right about you, so why don't you go look in the mirror, you bloodthirsty animal-hating individual you! And stop condoning murder of kittens!", but nah.

PETA being PETA again. Ignore and let it pass. Just ignore and let it pass.


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Jun 19, 2013
The Apple BOOM said:
Stop reporting on this. You're only giving them what they want.
They will report it and I will refuse to acknowledge that it exists, like I do with Megabloks and Kim Kardashian.


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Dec 24, 2008
And Nintendo could literally sue them for copyright infringement now along with McDonalds ramming a quarter pound lawsuit up their ass to finish them off. They even name their damned games the same now.

It's not even a proper parody where you are simulating a cock fighting ring with pokemon drawing "subtle" allegations to the inhumanity of the game, it's just a preachy game that tells me I eat meat because I was raised to think I am the master of the earth and all beasts are under my dominion.

Rather than the fact that our species has evolved to eat meat based of hunting and later animal husbandry as our intelligence expanded to encompass the idea of raising animals for consumption. That's just a silly misconception, no you eat meat because you are evil and have been raised evil. Excellent points PETA! Now what do you call yourself when you catch animals off the street, support people that firebomb restaurants to somehow make a point about animals and trick people into giving them your animals for "care" and then kill those animals? That's right PETA, that's also evil.

Now run along before the lawsuits hit. You are on a long long list of evil people/organisations I have to listen to and I ain't getting to you any time soon. Next up the American Catholic League.

hentropy said:
Jigglypuff is a "Balloon" species pokemon and Pikachu is a rat. Meat eaters are only usually interested in things that are, you know, edible and taste good. I shudder to think what manner of meat comes from Grimace.
Have you considered switching to Muk meat?


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Nov 2, 2007
"Would they feel like it's completely ridiculous that Nintendo releases two versions of essentially the same game and then has the audacity to release a slightly different version a couple of years later?"

Gotta agree with PETA here...

Yikes. The Miltank got butchered.
Then it came back to eat brains.

Have to hand it to them, they actually inserted some funny lines in that. *Swoon*
And the evil Ronald McDonald looks awesome.

Of course, their message is kind of off, considering Pokémon are essentially sentient beings with speech impediments, but...

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Feb 23, 2010
Neronium said:
The funniest thing ever would be if Nintendo were to issue a C&D in using Pikachu's likeness without permission. XD
...Please do that Nintendo, you'd get many brownie points from me if you did.
You know?, this would be the first time I'd ever root for Nintendo to close down an unofficial Pokémon game.

OT: Oh PETA... you don't cease to amuse me... and baffle me with your hipocrisy.


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Jan 16, 2011
So wait, first they were using Pokemon as a platform for protesting about the general themes of Black and White and now suddenly they're using them as the good guys as a neutralish party to go up against McDonalds? don't they realize that Team Plasma actually defected into 2 differing factions after the original game?

The original Team Plasma originally desired to separate Pokemon by showing humans their wrongs, eventually Ghetsis was discovered to have been puppeting N who independently had his own plan, he anticipated that N would be out of the loop to the extent that his party was perfectly suited for the Box Legend, if he ever got through with it. In BW2, the original Plasma has gone a tad peaceful whilst half stood for Ghetsis' plans for world domination.

Even weirder, Ghetsis was supposed to be no more important than the 7 Sages, N was their king of sorts, Ghetsis manipulated him for his own ends.

With that said, i sorta doubt Non-Pokemon fans would even be aware of plot or whatever....


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Jul 29, 2008
Honestly while I dislike PETA, this is slightly more nuanced than it looks.
Pokemon is basically a Michael Vick simulation minus the football parts, and McD doesn't have the best conditions for their livestock.
On the other hand; as far as I'm aware Nintendo (Being an electronics company, and before that a trading card company) have never actually done anything bad to animals.
On the third hand; I don't like PETA.


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Nov 17, 2009
peta is full of idiots that should just give up its a video game i do not see them focusing on other things. why pokemon at all, why pick on that why not pick on something else heck its not like they go after skyrim and say dragons need protecting. in my opinion they should just stick to dealing with real issues not fake ones based on video games, because they are not even doing that.


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Jun 26, 2013
I thought People for Eating Tasty Animals would be pro-McDonalds.
Oh wait, this is the crazy PETA.

And hey everyone, if you're really into helping animals, donate to your local shelters. They pretty much all need money, and they're the place you can get a cat/dog with all of its shots, spayed/neutered, and needs a home mostly through no fault of their own. Or the ASPCA, they're the ones with the hidden cameras that actually try and do stuff about animal abuse in the food chain.


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Nov 9, 2008
Can we please stop giving them attention? I'm included you in this, Escapist contributors.


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Jan 22, 2008
i'm getting pretty tired of vegan's acting like they have some kind of moral high ground. a cousin of mine recently posted a video on facebook of steve-o explaining how after he found out that animals at slaughterhouses are ya know, killed, he made the moral choice to become a vegan and not endorse cruelty. this is the same asshole who ate and then vomited up a live goldfish for a tv show. i'd be willing to bet that goldfish would have been happier if you'd just killed it and served it.

Billy D Williams

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Jul 8, 2013
KeyMaster45 said:
I kind of have to applaud PETA, despite my dislike of them, for trying to use games as something more than just entertainment.
Really? Just step back and think for a second about what this really is. Its not really about education, this game is propaganda. I'd take just about anything over propaganda games, its fucking despicable in my opinion, even if the message is something I agree with, for example I hate the America's Army franchise. Granted, at least PETA's propaganda is so blatant its impossible to work on even the most idiotic of people, but still propaganda is propaganda and propaganda is fucking horrid.

Just my opinion.