PlayStation UK Boss Upset With Fan Reaction to PS4 Event


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Dec 17, 2012
Because it would have been so terribly difficult to just put a plastic prototype case model on the stage. It's not like people were expecting to go home with a working system.

The system can do well but we want to see it do well. Actual gameplay, not pre-rendered stuff. He must have known about the whole Aliens: Colonial Marines debacle, right? People are on edge. They want to see proof of a system's capabilities, not false promises by an industry that has next to no oversight when it comes to customer satisfaction.
Dec 10, 2012
I am surprised and disappointed by you all. I expected better from this group. Every one of you has missed the only important thing going on here, and that is that this guy's name is Fergal Gara.

His name is freakin' FERGAL GARA. How does a human being come to own a name so boldly ridiculous!? I-I-I mean, it's just, just...Amazing! Fergal Gara! Listen to that name roll out of your mouth, go ahead, say it out loud. It is simply splendid! It's an experience I have never known before! I could try my entire life and never come up with a name as shockingly, deplorably, brilliantly, absurdly magnificent as FERGAL GARA. It is.......

Transcendent. That is the word. I am stunned, floored, my mind feels filibustered, I am overcome with a sensation of wonder and grotesquerie that I cannot describe. I am totally serious here, Fergal Gara is the most fantastic name I have ever heard. I imagine this is what a Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster feels like...

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Oct 19, 2011
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So this guy thinks that by insulting his audience, he'll get more business?
The games industry seems to work that way. Most big publishers have in some way insulted the intelligence of the gaming community. Ubisoft persisted in calling PC gamers pirates for years, for example.
to be fair though its not like gamers always conduct themselves in a matter than deserves the label "intelligent life"
I can sadly agree and attest to that, gamers often lose sight of the most important things like "gameplay" and "fun" and decide to focus in on the little things. Though to be fair it's often the extremely vocal and inter anonymous that kick up the most noise, empty vessels and such.