Poll: 15 reasons why The Dark Knight Rises is incredible stupid.


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Aug 21, 2013
15 reasons why The Dark Knight Rises is incredible stupid.

1. Let?s start with the opening:
A CIA-sponsored aircraft does not detect a non-stealth plane flying slowly above its flight trajectory.

Also there are other problems with that scene:
a) The C.I.A, agents take in the hooded prisoners without checking them for any sort of concealed weapons, nor do they bother taking off any of the bags over their heads to see whom they were dealing with. This is the CIA we are talking about, an organization that was built on cautionary investigative methods.
b) Staging the crash. With forensic evidence and aeronautical analysis, the government could easily determine that the aircraft was attacked.
Bane commands one of his soldiers to stay in the crashing plane ? a.k.a. to sacrifice his life - because the CIA will expect the crashed remains to have one prisoner body inside. But Bane simply wasted a comrade's life. The CIA has engineers and forensic experts that will be able to see that the plane was attacked from the exterior - bullets fired from outside the windows - and holes dug outside the cockpit by mechanical wrenches.
There is no way for the CIA to assume nothing fishy and fancy happened. Considering the wings will be miles away from the rest of the remains (As we know planes cannot fly without their wings) - even an inbred postman would be able to grasp the physical concept that no plane can crash like this on its own. Thus, with all the efforts put into his master-plan, Bane sacrificed a soldier for nothing and put a lot of effort into a stealth operation that will simply not work. Which is all the more confusing when you think about the fact that the actor who plays the sacrificed soldier shows-up later in the film on a bridge scene with the U.S. army?
c) When the C.I.A. agent tries to make the prisoners talk, he threatens to kill the prisoners if they don't talk.
However you can clearly see that he doesn?t want to kill the prisoners, he just wants to scare them, so we can conclude, that in the rapport filed with the agency, he declared 3 prisoners not one. Bane also sees through the C.I.A. guy?s bluff (we can deduct this from his line "Why someone would shoot a guy before throwing him out of a plane"), but he asks just one guy to die in the crash.
d) Bane?s guys start shooting chaotic through the plane?s windows, and still Bane is not hit by their random storm of bullets.

2. The Bat Signal:
Gotham City is about to get blown into bits, thousands of innocent lives are about to get turned into ashes, and what does Batman do? He decides to show Gotham his artistic side, and create this HUGE Bat signal made of flames. Good job Batman, now all the bad guys know you're back in the city. He probably needed a few gallons ? which means he had to climb up and down a few times to finish his masterpiece, while avoiding both Bane?s mercenaries and the army. But you know, you can?t put a price on a shitty bat-signal, that will destroy your surprise advantage and potentially kill you, when you can add the thrill of trying to disarm a nuclear bomb minutes before it explodes instead of having a head-start. I know that he wanted to send a message to the people of Gotham, he wanted them to fight, but it's pointless, he already had an army made of cops, and other than Foley, and maybe two or three other guys, nobody else came to fight. Also about sending a message to the soul of Gotham, I think saving the city in time would be sufficient .Then he meets Gordon and the cops on the ice. The same ice that was the last thing many others saw before they fell through and drowned or froze to death. But somehow Batman comes from in front of Gordon, meaning he walked across thin ice. Before all that, however, he uses bat darts laced with poison to knock out the guards. Why doesn?t Batman use these to subdue Bane in their first encounter? Problem taken care of, Gotham saved.

3. The police versus Bane?s mercenaries:
So the Gotham police force is finally out of the sewers after 5 months of increasing malnutrition. Their plan? Find Bane?s army (soldiers with AK-47s) and charge them with a few handguns. No surprise. No surrounding strategy. Just a good old suicidal, medieval, B-line. It?s a miracle Bane?s soldiers also happened to be retards themselves, and decided to fist fight trained police officers instead of mowing them down with their weapons. But one thing is even weirder: all the cops were clean-shaved. This means that aside from food ? Gillette razors and creams, were the number 1 item sent in the sewers.

4. Sending, almost, the entire police force in the sewers at the same time:
This exchange should have happened somewhere.
Gordon: Bane is in the sewers. I feel like his plan will unravel soon. Send everyone.
Gotham Cop: What do you mean by everyone?
Gotham Cop: Didn?t the last two films establish how smart you were? You want to send a thousand cops in the sewers at the same time? What if they get stuck? What if there is an explosion ? you know, similar to the one that almost got you in the face? What if a scared woman calls 911 because a crazy guy made nunchuks out of her two children and tries to kill her with it? Do we tell her to run towards the sewers to get saved? Would it be better to just send a few? Or to block the exits and send a SWAT team to smoke them out? Or have a strategy? Or are you really gonna follow that screenplay so that Gotham can lose all its cops without character names in the most ridiculous way possible?
Gotham Cop: But commissioner it?s not a good idea to send so many people in such a narrow space. Also, are you planning to send them there with their standard gear, wouldn?t be a better solution to send a team better equipped there. Commissioner stop banging your head against the wall.
One more interesting fact:
Bane had explosives rigged to trap the cops underground. Nice plan by Bane except he had no idea that Gordon would be stupid enough to send any police underground to search for him, none the less every single officer.

5. Random plot problem:
1. The Clean Slate concept. This magical thing should be able to completely erase someone?s crazier , but how could it erase printed documents, or data that it?s an a CD or on a hard drive unconnected to a network.
2. Batman landed his Bat-Lobster on top of a building in Gotham and during the 5 months mega-looting by millions of angry citizens, no one ever found it: including Bane's mercenaries who knew it existed and still had to be somewhere on the island.
3. Who would be stupid enough to believe Bane's reading a few scrap pieces of paper as the official words of Commissioner Gordon. That scene was classic awkward exposition, meant for the audience and not in service to the plot of the film.
4. While we are taking about stupid people, let?s talk about Dagget, the guy that makes a deal with a Darth Vader-like creature, who tells him to put bombs all over the city. What could go wrong with his reasoning, basically everything?

6. Batman?s fights with Bane:
The first fight:
1. Why didn't Batman go for the mask as he did in their second fight, the mask is an obvious target.
2. Later in the movie Batman uses some sleeping agents on Bane?s men, why didn't he use some when he fought Bane?
3. Why did Batman trust Catwoman. Catwoman stole his finger prints, his mother?s pearls, and his car but Batman still fallows her to Bane. Not to say that when he comes back to Gotham, she is the one to be asked for help by Bruce, it?s not like she was the reason he got put in the prison in the first place.
4. Bruce?s new mechanical leg brace seems to have given him a very powerful kick. Why didn't he build more, for his arms and the other leg? These things would have been useful against Bane.
5. While being choked by Bane, why didn?t he eject the blades on his wrists as he did against the Joker? This would have damaged Bane?s mask allowing Batman to subdue him right then and there.
6. Also
Batman and Bane final showdown:
1. Batman still doesn't use sleeping agent on Bane.
2. Talia stabs Batman, so he can barely move and is at Bane?s mercy, but after 5 minutes, he is fine like nothing happened.
3. Catwoman is the best burglar in the world. She is the definition of stealthy: she can drive a, 800+ pounds motorcycle up a set of stairs, right next to Batman and Bane, without them noticing anything. It?s probably because of the high-heels.
4. Catwoman also arrives just before Bane kills Batman so she can save Batman, and just after Talia leaves, so she cannot stop her, what a perfect timing.
5. Bane beat the shit out Batman just a couple of months ago, and he left him nearly paralyzed. So, he decides to go toe to toe with Bane again? Hand to hand? Batman, you're supposed to be smart. Create a strategy, or the world strategy is strange to you.
6. Apparently doing basic physical exercises, like pus-ups, makes you a better fighter too.

7. Gordon first meeting with Bane:
a) Why did Gordon still have his ?damning? speech about Harvey Dent in his coat pocket a day after the memorial event? You would think he would have burned it or put it away shortly after deciding the speech was a bad idea. It isn?t exactly a 20 dollar bill that you just happen to forget about, in your pocket.
b) After Gordon escapes Bane by rolling into the sewer, ravine, Bane asks one of his mercenaries to find him. The mercenary tells him that it would take a long time if they could even find Gordon at all. John Blake then finds him the very next minute. How could he know exactly where Gordon is, and also how could he arrive at that place almost at the same time as Gordon.
c) After being retrieved from the sewer, how did Gordon know Bane?s name? Neither Bane nor any of his mercenaries ever mention it, while Gordon was with them.

8. The siege of Gotham:
A terrorist organization takes over a major city, dynamites all bridges, and kills the wealthy residents. The army, the FBI, the National Guard, and CIA do almost nothing to stop them. I know Bane would destroy the city, but they could have infiltrated special agents to take control over the bomb after they have stolen information about it, and then use the army to liberate the city. They could use satellites to visually map the city and see Bane?s troops. They could use electromagnetic, weapons (or other weapons) to interrupt the signal to the bomb.
It makes no sense, to think Gotham is shielded, I mean there are special suits which can protect you from sub zero temperatures, so the agents could have gotten into Gotham swimming beneath the ice. Again, really, we are talking about a big city, Bane's army cannot check the whole perimeter of the city, special agents are trained to get in buildings without being spotted, something a lot harder than getting inside a huge city. We have to keep in mind that we are talking about the CIA, there are so many ways in which CIA can infiltrate special agents that we need dozens of hours to talk about them, and I'm not including their unknown ways.
In the real world the siege of a major city would have taken 1 maybe 2 weeks, especially when you consider that Bane?s army is made mostly of prisoners who could be easily outsmarted by U.S. Special agents.
The way Gordon and company found the bomb and blocked its transmission, by establishing patterns of movement for the trucks and using a EMP device to block the transmission of bomb ,could have been done in the first week of the siege by U.S.A. special agents. I repeat: the way Gordon and company found the bomb and blocked its transmission, could have been done in the first week of the siege by U.S. special agents.

9. The Pit:
a) In the prison, they could have used the rope to pull people up to the jumping point, so they would have a lot more energy to jump.
b) Once he climbs to the jumping point, which is very, very near the mouth of the pit, there are three ledges above him he could easily climb like a ladder to safety. Bruce instead decides to ignore them, and make a totally insane horizontal jump between two distant platforms.
c) The wall that runs between the two huge platforms is covered in holds that Bruce could have easily use to traverse from one to the other, instead of jumping into thin air like a maniac and almost certainly taking a massive-whipper into a stone wall. Truly, the world's greatest detective.

d) Also the rope wasn't elastic so a fall from that height would kill, a fact to keep in mind when you see Bruce falling numerous times. Actually:
e) So, did Bane let Bruce keep his leg brace in the Pit?
There was a doctor who told Bruce Wayne, that he straight up had NO cartilage in his knee. So either Bane took away his Batman costume but left him with a leg brace, or Bruce trained himself to regrow parts of his body, that were gone, thereby making himself a lizard.
f) It seems rather unlikely; one could recover from two exposed vertebras, with a punch in the lower back. Actually the push would crack the vertebra and send bone fragments to his spine and paralyze him or kill him.
e) The motivation Bruce used to escape the pit: Batman was motivated by the fear of death, when he was climbing without a rope. BUT he should have been motivated by:
1) The thousands of people that will die (including the orphans, Gordon and Robin).
2) The fact that he will fail to save the city (him wanting to give his life for the city was established in the other movies) .
3) The fact that he will still die there: killed by Bane or by time (living with his defeat) .

10. The Dent Act
The aftermath and effect of Harvey Dent?s death is bit far-fetched. First he gets the holiday ?Dent Day?, seriously. How can you deny anyone parole just based solely on their association with ?organized? crime? Parole is dependent upon the actual crime and your actions thereafter in prison, not who the perp associates with. Why was such a drastic change to the Gotham criminal justice system made in the name of a DA who barley accomplished anything? Before Batman?s help, Dent wasn't getting any leverage on the Falcone crime family. It was Batman that delivered Mr. Lau to Dent, giving him the evidence he needed to deliver the coup de grace on the associated crime families. The public would have had to have been aware that Dent wasn't the one to retrieve Lau, obviously. And because Nolan and his co-writers didn't bother pre-establishing Harvey Dent in ?Batman Begins?, we are never given a sense of him having a long standing history of struggling against the mob and his achievements while doing so. Given the few bits we see in ?The Dark Knight? I don?t see how his death left such an impact as if he was John F. Kennedy.

11. The Stock Exchange:

Apparently stock market trades during an armed takeover are allowed to stand. The transaction should have been declared invalid, and the whole plan to take over Wayne Enterprises should have failed.
But let?s not go over this part, without a more serious analysis:

Dagget?s plan to take over Wayne Enterprises makes no sense. Ok. He needs Bruce Wayne?s fingerprints to make a bunch of bad stock decisions in order to momentarily ruin the company and push him out of the board. Fine ? so far so good. But why the hell would you use Bruce?s fingerprints during a Stock Market attack? Don?t you think that if all the policemen are not descendants of interbreeding, families they would find it suspicious, that Bruce Wayne was not present on the scene of the attack, and that none of the hundreds of witnesses saw him there? Could they find it suspicious that Wayne Enterprises goes down the exact second the terrorists are leaving, the Gotham Stock Market in shambles?

Again: The transaction should have been declared invalid, and the whole plan to take over Wayne Enterprises should have failed.

Speaking of the Exchange though, where do Bane and his crew get motorcycles from? Do they just keep a stockpile of them in the janitor?s closet? And Gotham has some strange lighting hours. The attack happens in the middle of the day and suddenly 15 minutes later it is pitch black outside.
Also how did Bane?s mercenaries manage to get all those firearms into the Stock Exchange?
Also the police cars avoid Bane?s motorcycle. I know that they want to capture Batman but a terrorist just attacked the the Stock Exchange, isn?t that, important enough to have at least a part of your forces fallow him. The police car could hit the motorcycle easily, and then just as easily arrest Bane.

12 . Back in Gotham:
Examining the varying degrees to which this transition screams of screen-writing convenience is confounding. With few provisions, a severely injured body, and no money, how did Bruce manage to, a) escape the immediate area of the prison without running into some kind of resistance from Bane's men, b) find his way to the United States without a passport or money, or finally, c) get onto a closed off, island when not even the well armed and well supplied government could get more than three people in five months. Also he manages to arrive in Gotham just in time.

13. 5 months for nothing:
If Talia and Bane wanted to blow up the city, why wait five months to do so? I know he said he wanted to feed the people hope, then crush them but come on. The problem with that part is that Bane is smart enough to, know that the people of Gotham (most of them) won't trust him, (he should be very smart, because taking over a city is impossible if you're a retard), so he shouldn't try to feed hope to them.
When he takes over he destroys the bridges, the stadium, kills the mayor, locks the police underground and even frees the prisoners from their prisons, by doing these, the citizens won't trust him, even if they don't oppose him, so the whole hope thing is pointless.
What Bane did was a slow destruction of the city, the less efficient one while using the bomb from the beginning is more efficient,
The only thing, these 5 months accomplish, is giving enough time foe Batman to come back and ruin your plans.

14. Let?s end with the ending:
The bomb, said several times, has a blast radius of five miles. There is no way the Bat (Bruce?s magical flying plane) could fly five miles in under thirty seconds. And even more so, when did he eject from the plane, if autopilot was engaged? No matter where he did, he would feel the burn of the bomb, if not have been incinerated altogether. And the people on the bridge, once again assuming somehow the blast was diluted and didn?t reach them, would be hit by cancerous waves of radiation and, or blinded by the light. Not to mention the tsunami that could also kill a tone of people.
There is just no logical way anyone in Gotham survives the explosion.
A final note: Bruce at the café. Let?s assume that he survived (he obviously did in Nolan Land) and could get a flight to the foreign country without money or a passport that says ?Bruce Wayne: dead billionaire?. Wouldn?t anyone notice that famous dead billionaire is sitting next to them? It?s like if Michael Jackson was sipping a frappe next to you. Or Wouldn?t you recognize Steve Jobs if he was taking a coffee right beside you?

15. A tone of questions without an answer.
P.S. This is the real ending.
What will Robin Blake do? Use his real name as his alias and be sidekick to a hero who is no longer active? (It?s funny considering both Nolan and Bale went on record saying they would never make a film including Robin.)
If Robin were to take up the cape and cowl, how could he do so without any of the years of special training Bruce endured?
What will become of Wayne Enterprises with nearly all of the board of directors dead, and Bruce out of the picture, with a lot of his top secret tech scattered throughout the streets?
What will become of Gotham City, now with it?s financial district in flames, more than half it?s police force wiped out, the cities worst criminals running around free, and the nuclear radiation fallout that will inevitably kill everyone in Gotham?
What will Alfred do now? Run a daycare at Wayne manor?
What will become of Bruce Wayne? Is he just gonna settle down with Selina in Italy and really leave everything behind?
*Will Talia ever wake up from putting herself to sleep?


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Jan 19, 2009
This isn't really a "review", this is hooting and hollering about perceived inconsistencies and nits, exaggerating their effect and using them to paint the entire film as "incredibly stupid", because being unrelentingly negative is popular on the internet.

Where's the proper synopsis? Where's the counterbalancing positives? Where's the general look into what the filmmaker did wrong/right as a whole as opposed to a billion examples?

This is why people don't come to User Reviews these days. This should be in Off-Topic.


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Aug 8, 2011
Damn, this makes my first EqG rant look like Siskel & Ebert.

And what an original movie to nitpick about. I mean, you must be the first person on the internet who's complained about the Bat-symbol on the bridge. I bet NO ONE ELSE has been as clever as you.


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Jan 2, 2011
Do you really detest the movie that much that you have to tell everyone every single nitpick you could find? I mean ok you didn't like it. But it's not like it murdered your parents or something, you don't have to go out of your way to abuse it. You just come off sounding like an ignorant fanboy because "they didn't make the movie exactly how I wanted it, waaa waaaa". You remind me of the "fans" who bitched and moaned about the Devil May Cry remake.

So you didn't like it. Don't watch it again. Don't dwell on something that causes you this much grief. Plenty of people (myself included) liked the movie. Yea it had plotholes and issues, but *SPOILERS* so does practically any form of media. If the movie is good enough it will stand up despite these.

Also your poll is stupid. You can't objectively measure your level of agreement that specifically.


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Oct 20, 2008
Most of these inconsistencies escaped me when I watched it because I was too busy trying to figure out why the movie was so pointlessly violent to the point of wallowing in it.

It made me sad that DKR turned into a testosterone-filled rage flick, after the masterpiece that is The Dark Knight effortlessly weaved a political storyline into an action-thriller movie.

Salon.com's Andrew O'Hehir called it a "fascist film," [http://www.salon.com/2012/07/18/the_dark_knight_rises_christopher_nolans_evil_masterpiece/] and I'm inclined to agree. It almost feels like Statist propaganda, in fact. Oddly enough, Nolan's brother developed CBS's Person of Interest, which is a fun little show about how state-sponsored surveillance isn't all bad, since the "good guys" can use it to prevent crime that the gub'ment deems "irrelevant."

I'm beginning to sense certain disturbing sympathies in the Brothers Nolan.

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May 15, 2010
In the immortal words of the Dude: "Thats like... your opinion, man."

Nice of you to share your thoughts. Here's mine: If you're looking for realism in a movie, you aren't going to get it. Sometimes doing things in a movie for the cool factor overrides the "oh thats bullshit" factor. Why? Because we don't go to movies to see real life. Real life is boring. If a hero can beat the villain right off, whats the point? Its a waste of paper for the script, a waste of film for the movie, and a waste of money for the ticket. It'd be a damn short film.
Oh, btw the CIA may be meticulous but they're not infallible, nor are every one of their planes equipped with the highest tech possible. Thats a movie myth bud. Espionage isn't James Bond shit, its usually pretty fucking ordinary simple shit that isn't glorious. They tend to operate more on the KISS attitude, and I ain't talking about the Psycho Circus variety.
Other than that, its a question of why you would go so far to pick this movie apart when you have such tantalizing fruit hanging from the post-Burton, pre-Nolan Batman movies?
DK Rises isn't the best of the series, probably because Heath Ledger died and threw the whole thing into "Oh shit we gotta re-do this script" mode. But it isn't nearly as bad as Batman Forever, or Batman & Robin.
Oh and another thing: Harvey Dent was a lawyer, a prosecutor in fact. Prosecutors don't make arrests, they convict. So he wouldn't have got credit for the capture of that dude anyway, just a conviction win in the courtroom.


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May 14, 2011
Lol @ poll results (most people agreed less than zero percent?).

Anyway, probably about 40% of what you said I agree with, but the rest was crap. You know, there is such a thing as "human error" - practically all of your "Why didn't they do X?" complaints can be written off with "They dun goofed." Characters are allowed to make mistakes in movies, since unlike you they don't have 20/20 hindsight.

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Sep 10, 2008
You forgot the 'Bacon!' option in you poll.

Also: Welcome to the Escapist! Here are a few tips you should know.

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Don't press the red button unless you like effeminate males.

And most importantly, Blame [user]Kross[/user].

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Oct 11, 2012
You know, I want to say that you are ranting, that your nitpicking serves no purpose, but goddamnit, damn near everything you pointed out I noticed on the first run through of the movie. It is still a very good movie mind you, but it has all these inconsistencies that the other movies didn't have (or I didn't notice) that really make me think less of the movie.

It feels wrong to (somewhat) agree with someone with such a poor format. Please edit it up.


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Jun 3, 2009
drummodino said:
Also your poll is stupid. You can't objectively measure your level of agreement that specifically.
Actually you can in this case. You agree with 1 point out of 15 then you agree with 1/15=0.0667=6.67%. Still not a smart choice, but it is possible.

As for the rest, this belongs in off topic. This isn't a review, it's all about making fun of a movie. There are some valid points, while some seem to be a stretch.


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Apr 10, 2020
frizzlebyte said:
Most of these inconsistencies escaped me when I watched it because I was too busy trying to figure out why the movie was so pointlessly violent to the point of wallowing in it.

It made me sad that DKR turned into a testosterone-filled rage flick, after the masterpiece that is The Dark Knight effortlessly weaved a political storyline into an action-thriller movie.

Salon.com's Andrew O'Hehir called it a "fascist film," [http://www.salon.com/2012/07/18/the_dark_knight_rises_christopher_nolans_evil_masterpiece/] and I'm inclined to agree. It almost feels like Statist propaganda, in fact. Oddly enough, Nolan's brother developed CBS's Person of Interest, which is a fun little show about how state-sponsored surveillance isn't all bad, since the "good guys" can use it to prevent crime that the gub'ment deems "irrelevant."

I'm beginning to sense certain disturbing sympathies in the Brothers Nolan.
PoI isn't about pro-surveillance, it's about preventing it from falling into the wrong hands, specifically the government. The "good guys" do use the machine for good, but it's never sold as a realistic option for necessary evil even in the show. The main character constantly regrets having built it. I don't think your point about the Nolans is true at all.

OT: The OP could make an OK part of a Plinket review, but it got far too nitpicky about the little things that wouldn't affect the plot if the confusion got cleared up. There's a few good points in there, but nothing ground-breaking that makes the movie "incredible stupid." It was a weaker film that its predecessors, but it was far from bad.


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Mar 6, 2012
I aggree with most of what you said. Heck mybe all of it but I couldn't read the entire thing. I expected more from the guys who gave me The Dark Knight but what I got was a jumbled mess that constantly attacks the viewer's suspension of disbelief.

Oh and Bane was lame. Like incredibly lame. I don't know about you but I would have preferred Riddler for an unorthodox and slow moving finale. You couldn't top Joker eitherway. But you could at least go for the brains instead of the muscles.

Hear that Batman? More brains and less muscle.

I miss Adam West.


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Aug 8, 2010
Protip: If you can't be as funny as The Editing Room when you nitpick a film then you're basically wasting everyone's time; none more so than your own.

I always wonder about shit like this, though: Do you think you're smarter than all of us, and that after gracing us with your wisdom we'll all suddenly hate a film we previously enjoyed in spite of it's sillier aspects?

Or, as I rather suspect, do you just have far too much time on your hands, to scrutinise a work of fiction to this degree?
Aug 1, 2010
I admit the movie had some issues, but this is just goofy levels of nitpicking.

The movie was far too enjoyable for me to care about or even notice most of these problems.

A for effort, but hone your reviewing technique a bit.


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Apr 29, 2020
I loved the Dark Knight Rises. Though I seem to be the only person on the internet. :( Yeah it took some liberties with consistency and what would be realistically expected behavior. But its a movie about someone dressed like a bat, what do you expect? I do think people tend to 'read' too much into these kind of movies.

The only thing I didn't like was the anti-climatic final confrontation between Batman and Bane. Otherwise though it was really awesome.

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Apr 23, 2010
Yeah, it was a dumb film in a lot of ways. Also a fucking awesome one. The two aren't exclusive.

Now, I assume you'll be following this up with the same list for The Dark Knight, because much of the time that's even stupider.

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Apr 14, 2011
Gotta agree with a lot of points here. It seemed stupid enough to me that Gotham survived the bomb, let alone Bruce himself (really would have preferred for him to die. Would have had some emotional weight and made sense)

The first fight with Bane was ridiculous: Why does Bruce Wayne, a technological genius, decide the best thing to due fresh out of retirement and up against a powerful and skilled foe like Bane is to start throwing punches?

Police vs mercenary's: again, ridiculous: Most of those police officers were using pistols, and hell, a few were just using batons. Bane's mercs should of easily mowed them down with the weaponry they had.

Also, to nitpick a bit, if Bane isn't superhuman level strength, then how does he manage to punch and dent those pillars without breaking his hand? also, he managed to lift Bruce, who is most likely incredibly heavy considering both the Armour he was wearing and the amount of muscle he had, above his head and hold him there with ease? I'm not saying it's impossible, but the fact Bane did it with so little effort doesn't make sense.

At the end of the day, it my opinion, but to me this film was definitely over hyped.


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May 4, 2009
fenrizz said:
Was too busy enjoying the movie to notice.
You should try it.
I tried it - I made it to the first Bane v Batman fight and turned it off. It was so...dull. And I'm not even sure why.

No, I'll tell you why the film was incredibly stupid. It made Batman look stupid. Somehow, The Dark Knight managed to make a crimefighter dressed like a rubber bat look badass, and this film undid all that. Any scene in which Batman and Catwoman fight together manage to make Batman look like a total dick, and the strobe light incident in the sewer? It became very hard to take the film seriously, and Christian Bale even started to fight like Adam West, and that just got weird.


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Jul 24, 2012
OP, I agree there were quite a few nonsensical forced circumstances, events and logic just to progress the main themes that were quite flaky anyway. So much unnecessary commentary as well, wall street, french revolution symbolisim rubbish. Ended up being a poor man's Matrix

You mentioned popular complaints already made, made some new ones and missed out on some...I think there's a massive reddit thread, an imdb thread where someone lists 70 problems, cinema sins and honest trailers also have some gems.

Skyfall was worse then this film. And Man of steel was a new low for me. I would be interested to know your take on them if you appreciate logic and consistency in your films

boom! my SKyfall review

I'm preparing for all the downvotes that escapist users bring